Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Summer Breeze

What does Delhi feel like to you guys right now? Let me tell you this, I went out to grab an iced latte, and within five minutes, I felt like a human roast. Now I am holding the latte against my face and it feels so goooood... Well idle banter apart, I have put together this look that incorporates ivory, a tad of deeper pink, a hint of mint and a calming slate. I am absolutely in love with these pants by Michale Kors with deep flares on the bottom, and that "over-sized logo buckle belts on pants" is just isn't possible on this particular number -- how fabulous is that. You can pick them here.

This breezy sateen and silk jersey shirt by Balmain doesn't quite adhere to Olivier Rousteing's structural finesse, but yet it screams class. There, I said the word. I have always been a huge fan of his collections, and I recommend that if you love geometric play taking on a regal avatar, do check out previous seasons of Balmain.

Then is the necklace. You know every now and then, along come avant garde designers on the scene who do not cease to exist after two-show curiosities. The above define EK Thongprasert and Noon Passama's take on jewellery and I never did know silicon can be used to create such wonders. In fact, I have saturated my designer splurge budget for the last two months on this very label. This necklace shown here by Thongprasert is created in collaboration with Natasha Goldberg (Amen madame, noone does Boho better than you).

Top the goodness of with pretty SS 13 slingbacks by Dior and this lizard print clutch from 10 Crosby Derek Lam.

Boyfriend Jeans....

As you may have figured out by now, I am a very effortless chic kinda gal. Sometimes I simply hate standing in front of my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear. You know, some days you just want to put something fabulous on minus the drama of trying a million different outfits! Its time like these I thank the fashion gods for bringing back the boyfriend jeans (and NO, I don’t mean doing the “walk of shame” in your boyfriend’s jeans!).
Not only are they super comfortable for the hot Indian summer, they are also extremely versatile and stylish (kind of remind of the whole a model off duty look). Dressy shirt, tank tops, blazer, high heels, funky trainers or casual flat sandals; these babies can be paired with literally everything. By the way, this trend has taken Hollywood by a storm. Every other celebrity including Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted in boyfriend jeans! I know I’m going to have to cheat on my favorite pair of 7 for All Mankind skinny’s but a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do! Check out the look I’m feeling today.

Lanvin, Chloe, JBrand, Lulu Frost, Maison Michel, Dolce & Gabbana, Chritian Louboutin

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Grasp on: Serpui Marie clutches

Would you guys agree with the statement that minaudieres make for an array of super fun keepsakes in your wardrobe? I think somewhere down the line, I sort of have a very reserved opinion on them – I think this stems from the saturation level of the item in question. I own quite a few myself, preferring to buy them in neutral tones mostly – they make for great ‘quick-go-grabs’ you know for night-outs in a hurry. Occasional stunning releases now and then entice me too. Yet, there’s only that many McQueens on fashionable knuckles, and that many Leibers grasped with delicate grips one could settle for. I also did enjoy the clear cases from Gucci, Valentino and Chanel this Summer, and I think their redefined take on clarity elements is something everyone would appreciate. 

Now I do not wish to sound like I have a mixed agenda against minaudieres so here you are. These clutches by Serpui Marie – with love from Brazil – do not really have any spectacularly manifesting specialties. Yet I am a firm believer about the fact that good design need not be exaggerated. I also love how she limits herself in downplaying everything else when choosing a dominating colour tone. Next is her use of natural materials and traditional artisanal textures juxtaposed against a contemporary outline that lends her bags a very dainty yet playful chic. You can pick your own here.

The street style saga

What I love about fashion week especially Paris (a little late in the day to post about fashion week but that’s okay) is going through endless images of street style photography by Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman and let’s not forget Billl Cunningham, the man who literally invented the concept. Whilst designers may showcase what is going to be the next hottest trend inside highly guarded venues, it’s equally amazing to see people outside the shows exhibiting pure sartorial elegance.

Some may be fame whores or as Suzy Menkes quoted in her controversial article The Circus of Fashion “the celebrity circus of people who are famous for just being famous” and pretty much dress up only to be photographed, I for one think the circus is fun. I enjoy watching the likes of Anna Dello Russo (despite rumours of her changing four times a day for the shows), Giovanna Battaglia and numerous others dressed up in their beautiful clothes. It doesn’t matter to me that they do it to be photographed or whatever, for me it’s just about seeing how people put together their outfits; it’s purely a work of art. While most people show up wearing the current season, there are those that even come wearing something that may even be 10 years old. Old or new, the sheer beauty is the way they wear it.

There’s no denying that you see people in the wackiest of outfits hoping to turn heads and get clicked by a famous photographer but there are also those who are simply being themselves and demonstrate impeccable taste, style and class because that’s just who they are. And that’s what street style to me is all about. 

Here are some of my favorite Tommy Ton shots for style.com during the Fall shows. 

Tommy Ton for Style.com

Tommy Ton for Style.com

Tommy Ton for Style.com

Colour Splash

Is it me or is it just getting hotter in Delhi? As of now, I can’t even think of putting on a pair of jeans, they’ll probably just stick to me and start getting me all cranky. Its bad enough I've put on some weight, I don’t need to be reminded about it in a pair of jeans. A pretty maxi dress, paired with some fun accessories and a pair of color blocked heels is what I’m feeling today. Check out the look i have in mind for a Saturday luncheon.

Chanel Lego Bag

Friday, 26 April 2013

Artsy Encounters: Anya Hindmarch, Nina Ricci, Lilly Pulitzer, Louve de Nordneg and Charlotte Olympia

Hannu's post on the art-fashion merger, reminded me of some very cool spreads that I had come across recently. Traditionally, art goes down in a parallel manner with fashion -- for functional creativity is what designers try to incorporate when they create (I am not talking neo-revolutions here). Illustrations, prints and artwork have long been spanning the handbooks of fashion lovers like ourselves and gracing the first editions of Vogues, Harpers, and even the catalogs of then couture masters. Sadly, they sort of lost their prime and glory as photography increasingly replaced these labours of fashion love. The license of recognition only remained with prominent names of the day, and I wonder how many artists got buried under the mammoth-sized revolution of real life captures. Nevertheless, the fashion fraternity never does disappoint and we are lucky to be able to feast our eyes on minimalistic iconic prints such as Flora from the house of Gucci, and Madame Gottleib's Daisies; the very gorgeous sketches of Valentino, Viktor and Rolf and even the swooning figurines of Laura Laine, to essentially complicated but fantastically harmonic works of Westwood and Cavalli.

Here's what I love from the latest:

Anya Hindmarch

Anya's welcome board at the London Fashion Week SS 13. Whats not to love about Anya with her quirkiness? The previous Earl Bottom Print totes had my vote, and now plus one to this curious welcome board!

GIF art by Nina Ricci in collaboration with English artist Jo Ratcliffe for the 'La Rue' bag launch. Is this amazing or what? I don't know about a lot of you but usually, I am very defined by black and white, as in the spaces. So either I instantly fall in love with something non-fussy and clean, or I dive on the path of sensory overload. Hence these... I think very 'fresh' GIF art+photos+animations essentially capturing Parisian chic at it's best became an instant fave as soon as I saw them.

Lilly Pulitzer

 The wonderful world of Lilly Pulitzer, which you can shop from here. Pulitzer's prints actually are a slice straight out of your childhood -- carefree and so vibrant.

These stunning ONIRISM SS 13 scarf prints by Louve de Nordneg that combine digital artistry with sketch-work and real life inspiration.

And finally, maps! -- British eccentricity defined to the point with Charlotte Olympia's Brazil print on this shopper which you can buy here.

Lanvin Lovin'

Those who know me know my love for Lanvin, or better yet, Alber Elbaz. So when I came across these adorable printed accessories with quirky sketches on them, I knew I had to order them. My favorite was the hardcover notebook (I ordered it instantly and have already started using it for my notes!). Next up on my “to order” list is the ipad cover and the exquisite wooden Russian dolls to further beautify my work desk and my beloved ipad. With a hectic summer that includes a LOT of travelling, (courtesy the husband and all that damn cricket) I definitely NEED the luggage tags too; how else will I identify my luggage from that of others?!

P.s you can order them from net-a-porter.

Lanvin Accessories
Lanvin Accessories

Fringe Affair: Mawi, Venna

Dated as some may consider fringe, I still think they look fabulous if you are looking at perking up a very subtle outfit. Picking from the FW 13 selections, I think both Mawi and Venna have done a fab job of upping the ante of fringes. I especially love the very factory-grunge-turned-high-jewel take on Mawi's design inspiration. As for the Venna pick, do browse through their entire season collection as they have loads more of such beauties.

Between a very hectic work week filled with production schedules, interviews and sweet little dates {;)}, I rejoice for all that the bling-Gods bring us!

Flapper-style fringe necklace with rose-gold plating by Mawi, Fall-Winter 2013

Metal fringe necklace with crystal accents by Venna, Fall-Winter 2013

Monogrammed Away

What I love so much about Delhi is how everyone loves to dress up here. Be it going to the mall, a luncheon, partying, etc. I just love how people put in that extra effort to get dolled up because I do too. But the only issue here with most delhiites is that their idea of style is slightly warped.

I don’t mean this in an offensive way but what has been happening in the last few years is there that everyone and I mean everyone has to be monogrammed from top to bottom. Sometimes I feel that people here are pretty much walking talking brand dispensers. Put in a coin, chose from Burberry, Louis Vuitton or Gucci and of course the huge H for Hermes belt and there you have it; every monogram you can possibly think of.

I understand that recently, the rich have become richer and it’s their way of telling the world I have made it. But people, there are so many other ways to show you've made it. Your Burberry checked shirt, paired with that H belt, Dolce & Gabbana jeans (with the gold plate on the rear pocket), of course monogrammed Fendi shoes and finally a Louis Vuitton bag is hardly a proof you've made it in life. That’s just bad dressing. 

By the way, I'm not kidding, I've seen people dress like that on numerous occasions. Walk into DLF Emporio and you'll know what I'm talking about!

The situation is so dreary here that I am actually embarrassed to use my cherished Louis Vuitton bags now. I have loved Louis Vuitton since I was 16. At some point in my life, I knew every bag from every season off by heart and their names too! In fact their Speedy was the first designer bag I had ever used. Now she just lies in my wardrobe along with my precious Ferragamo belt (I bought that with my own money which is a big deal since I usually mooch off my parents and now my husband) and some other monogrammed items which I am too mortified to use.

Haven’t you notice the latest trend? Less is more. Truly it is. Trust me people when you’re wearing designer clothes, a sheer glance at the fabric is good enough to tell that this aint high street stuff. What do you think makes designer clothes and accessories different from high street products? The quality of fabric, the cut of the garment, the hardware, leather and the shape of a handbag or shoes; all these are usually of a much superior quality and trust me people will know its expensive.

Remember what Yves Saint Laurent said, “Dressing is a way of life”. It’s certainly not  a battle of the brands. You have it in you. And if you feel you don’t, well, that’s what this blog is for!   

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Good morning dilliwallas! Today I feel extremely arty. Maybe it's because I attended an art exhibition yesterday and all of sudden felt like talking a little bit about how art and fashion go hand in hand. For decades now we have witnessed designers being inspired by artists, resulting in some of the most iconic creations. At some point, I was obsessed with the FW 1965/66 dress Yves Saint Laurent made as a tribute to the renowned Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. I don’t know why, but till today, I still feel that was one of the most beautiful A-line dresses I have ever seen.

Anyways, cutting to the chase (more on designer artist collaborations and influences later), so as you all may (or may not - no one's judging) have noticed, there have been a lot of Andy Warhol inspired collections lately. For those of you who have no clue who the dude is, well, he is (or was, may his soul rest in peace) one of the most influential pop culture artists of our time. We saw his flowers on the white SS 13 Prada coat, the Saint Laurent Paris SS 13 hats were inspired from his “Witch” painting, and of course all of Dior’s FW 2013 is a tribute to Andy.  

This year get ready for your dose of fashion inspired by the “pope of pop”! 

P.S. when Dior’s FW 13 collection hits the stores, it would be a crime to not buy the Lady Dior bag with Warhol’s wildly famous shoe print on them.

Christian Dior FW 2013
Christian Dior FW 2013

Saint Laurent Paris
Saint Laurent Paris SS 13

Prada SS 13
Yves Saint Laurent Piet Mondrian Dress
For your reference, i thought i should show you the Piet Mondrian inspired YSL dress :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Belle de Vivier

Remember when Blair gives Prince Louis her Roger Vivier shoe in Gossip Girl? All I can remember is I couldn't get my eyes off those beauties and instantly felt that if I didn't have a Vivier in my shoe closet then my life is incomplete! So I was going through their Spring Summer collection, and have just added the latest item to my wish list; a pair of beautiful turquoise court shoes called “Belle De Nuit Chain”. Featuring supple calfskin, a gold buckle and the very “in” curved heel, they are so beautiful I could just die staring at them!
Roger Vivier
Belle De Nuit Chain 

Blazer Power

There are days, when you face the ultimate dilemma of what to wear or as Carrie Bradshaw famously quoted, “a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear”. It is days like those, that my numerous tailored blazers come in handy. The power of the perfect blazer is truly amazing. From drab to fabulous in a matter of seconds, a girl’s closet should always have that one flawless blazer. Pair it with a simple tee, a statement necklace, skinny jeans and a pair of super high heels (I’m  a huge Saint Laurent Paris fan) and you’re good to go in under ten minutes (not calculating hair and makeup of course). Could it get more effortless than that? We think not. P.S. lose the statement neck-piece if you opt for a funky blazer. Check out some of the blazers that i have been lusting after.
Balmain Blazer
Balmain Jaquard Blazer

Peter Pilotto Jacket
Peter Pilotto Printed Twill Jacket

Proenza Schouler Jacket
Proenza Schouler Perforated Leather and Snakeskin  Jacket

Saint Laurent Paris Blazer
Saint Laurent Paris Blazer With White Grosgrain Piping

Carven Blazer
Carven Blazer


I've been obsessed with luxury handbags for as long as I can remember and am constantly on the lookout for the next IT bag to buy or, well, add to my overly long wish list. So when I saw the M2Malletier bags, it was love at first sight.  All that beautiful leather combined with a minimalist and surrealist design, I was sold! The real pièce de resistance is the signature hardware i.e. “the needle”. Designers Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez turned to medieval medical instruments, armour and Spanish architecture for inspiration thus creating a real masterpiece. Ladies, these bags are so hot that they are actually SOLD OUT on net-a-porter!




Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Necklaces - Lele Sadoughi and Giorgio Armani

Coalescing a celestial connect to fantastic neck-candy, I am presently busy adoring the absolute 'perfect-ness' of these two trinkets. First up is the Sputnik necklace by Lele Sadhougi -- might I rather call it the mine from Windows Minesweeper? Or maybe a part of a flail? And then the Armani necklace is what I deserve, a luscious realm of star-burst rays emanating from a central chunky core. Both so overt, yet both in element.

Sculpt fever: Fleet Ilya FW 13

I have always sort of been fascinated by subtle references of BDSM into mainstream fashion. Well subtle is what you would not expect in Fleet Ilya with bondage being the label's signature statement. Having said that, here's what I think of a few FW 13 picks.

Cut out corset -- I would envision black on black for this ditching staple contrast pairing

I love sculpts. Last season was the Dior bijou. This season's favourite has to be this box bag.

Can we get rid of the trapeze shape pretty please? From everything?

Cute and I want!