Friday, 31 May 2013

SS 13 Top Trends in Swim

Peak of the uber hot Indian summer has me looking for excuses to dive in -- anytime. Then Hanadi's been badgering me to write a post in midst of a bad writer's block; so I thought, how about interpreting Spring-Summer 2013's biggest trends in some drool-worthy swimwear. Yeah I know (laughing).

B/W: The eternal clash of the opposites have dominated runways this year. Roger Vivier, Proenza Schouler, Celine, Chanel, Buran Uyak, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Lanvin, Valentino, Moschino and more have nailed stark -- almost absent palettes -- juxtaposing them with sexy silhouettes in this fabulous monotone revolution. Get your beach dose in this ruched and I must say, very classy one-shouldered number by Norma Kamali.

Floral: Blah florals went totally fab this season! I mean imagine, even Bottega Veneta did florals in their most original avatars. I am sure all of you must have feasted on the Prada black, white and red numbers, and the appliqued-on delights of Chanel. Marc Jacobs also stayed true to the quintessential flowery element by using a generous sprinkling of print. Be the flower girl in this two-piece ruffled bikini by Zimmermann.

Neon Pop: Alright, loud and quirky brash colours never did go out of style right? Would you guys agree? Neon was big as usual this year too. Besides just clothing, these delightful streaks of fun were seen on eyes, nails, and accessories. Louis Vuitton went yellow... Calvin Klein dived the red route... Tom Binns went full glorious rainbow-style... And Simone Rocha went Luxor highlighter green! Mix all of it up in this geometric cut-out swimsuit by Agent Provocateur.

Blue Splash: Cerulean, cobalt, aqua to indigo, fancy shades of blue were seen in creations by the houses of Burberry, Elie Saab, Cacharel, Michael Kors, Monique Lhuillier, Nicholas Kirkwood amongst others. Cool and soothing irrespective of metallic or mute undertones, this embellished bandeau-bikini by Tara Mathews has bling as an exciting add-on.  

Striped Vintage: More notably, a sixties revival was seen this year in the collections of Moschino, PPQ, Victoria Beckham, Jenny Packham and Giles. Another huge trend was stripes in a bold form seen in Acne, Balmain, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Saunders, MSGM, Vivenne Westwood, et cetera. Clubbing the two styles is this fabulous two-piece by Dolce & Gabbana in a juicy shade of mandarin.    

Other dominating trends were all-whites, metallics, sheers, all-blacks, and more. But that is a story for another lazy day! Much love! 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Haute News: Suzy Menkes wardrobe auction

The world of fashion journalism is cut-throat. A combination of right clout, networking, and an eye for success are a few of the essentials that go into moulding a fashion writer of iconic stature -- and not to forget, it all needs to be enveloped by a generous dosage of personal charisma translated into paper. One generally tends to associate a lot of glamour with the 'job'. And very few actually end up receiving global recognition for their work; we budding enthusiasts dream of being in that category some day in our lives.

However, one stereotype that is almost always associated with them is snobbishness. They are labelled as tough personalities who rein with an iron grip, who are extremely difficult to please, and who dictate and rule the trend scenario on their whim. I can bet a lot of names are popping into your heads that conform to the above said. I do not defy it though. It is a part of the job and toughness eliminates mediocrity, my dad always says. Then there's the second category of editors who have revolutionised fashion with their unorthodox approach, like Hanadi had elaborated on an earlier post here. Then there is the third genre; loved by all that have had an opportunity to work with them -- those who have an unparalleled sense of balance -- and to be more precise, the likes of Suzy Menkes.

Suzy Menkes
British born Menkes has served as head fashion editor and reporter for the International Herald Tribune since 1988. One of the most respected authorities on everything fashion till date, she is loved by all for her fairness and holistic strategy of working. Besides successfully launching many a careers in the industry with an impeccable eye for talent, having authored numerous books, and winning many hearts along the way with her spectacular impartiality, here is one woman who shatters the traditional take on the high-handedness of the fashion world.

Entering the fashion arena at a time when contemporary aesthetics were just in their initial stirrings, Menkes with her intuition and sense for nailing and encompassing everything at a global context lent her the reputation of a legend. She can make or break a career, yet coming from her, you would know that it was done with much thoughtfulness, sans outside influences and favouritism. One of the instigators of "not limited to famous mammoth fashion houses and names", Menkes indeed and much deservedly holds the Legion d'Honneur in France and a British OBE. Oh BTW, even though she's is an immortal figure in front rows of the world's most important showings, you can read about her tips on crashing fashion shows here.

Commemorating 20 years of Menkes' contribution to the fashion world with industry moguls in Paris last year

A homage to her in every appropriate way, fans of Menkes can now bid at an auction to be commenced by Christies starting July 11 until 22. A collection of around 80 very personal memorabilia in the form of fabulous Clarks, Puccis to Lacroixs, majority of the lot is expected to sell under GBP 1,000. The fraternity has already started speculating about a most covetable Saint Laurent jacket from his 1980 collection which would be a collector's dream come true at a fraction of private prices.

Menkes said in a statement, "I have never thrown anything out of my wardrobe since 1964. If I had a large open space in my home, I would dedicate it, like an art gallery, to my collection. But there is something sad about clothes laid in a tomb of trunks. They need to live again and this auction provides the opportunity for them to walk out in the sunshine, to dance the night away and to give someone else the joy that they gave to me."

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Holiday Essentials

Today I’m in an exceptionally fabulous mood as I leave tomorrow for my Dubai home for a few weeks and then off to a vacation with the husband! Of course this means me having to sit down and pack at some point during the day, however, knowing me I’ll probably be running around like a headless chicken tomorrow unable to decide what essentials to pack and probably end up taking everything I own! Despite the fact that I travel nearly every three weeks and have been doing so for the last two years, packing is something I’m just pathetic at.

You know sometimes it’s just so hard to decide what to take and what not to take. There are the day clothes, the evening clothes, the “I feel fat” clothes, the shoes that coordinate with the outfits, what if the weather is cold, what if it’s hot, oh god I’m already getting dizzy thinking about it! It doesn’t help that the husband’s voice is echoing in my ears “Hanadi make sure you pack light”, “Hanadi, I swear I’m going to go through your suitcase to check everything you've decided you need”, “Hanadi, you’re only allowed to take one handbag”! I just can’t catch a break!

Anyways since I've got my holiday mode turned on, I figured might as well start making a list of essentials I need to shop for as soon as i hit Dubai. Going on a vacation ALWAYS requires shopping (shopping on a holiday is a whole other concept). What you pack also depends on where you go, however, certain essentials are imperative to pack on any summer holiday!

Summer Holiday Packing

1.       Miu Miu Bow Bandeau Swimsuit – No matter where you are this summer (unless you love visiting cold countries) you are bound to hit the pool/beach and when you do, this retro swimsuit is just what you need. Click here to purchase.

2.       Micheal Kors Raffia Shopper – I love raffia bags for the summer and this one is just adorable. I love how its roomy enough to fit all my essentials and stylish at the same time. The price tag doesn't hurt either! Click here to purchase.

3.       Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief – I think the name says it all here! Check with the Select City Walk store for availability.

4.       Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector – A sunscreen is a must have for anywhere, however, if you’re playing tourist and are going to be out and about all day then this super light sunblock is a must have. Check with the Select City Walk store for availability.

5.       Zara Floral Printed Summer Dress – No summer vacation is complete without a floral dress. The best part about this dress is that it can work both day and night. Check the Zara boutiques in Delhi for availability.

6.       Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Passport Cover – I love this passport cover! The Mont Blanc one my husband wanted to get me was so boring. This on the other hand doubles my excitement of leaving on a jet plane!! Click here to purchase.

7.       Tory Burch Flamingo Cosmetic Case – The colourful flamingo is just SO cute. Click here to purchase.

8.       Lanvin Partition Camera Bag – Well, what can I say about this gorgeous wristlet? Use it to protect your digicam during the day and party with it at night. Oh by the way, it’s in scrumptious python skin. Sadly not available in India. But remember I talked about shopping whilst on a holiday? This is exactly what you need to buy.

9.       Karl Lagerfeld T-shirt – Cotton tees are a must have during a holiday. They're non fussy and easy to pack and this one especially is so fun. I love Karl’s illustration on it; gives a simple tee a stylish touch. Click here to purchase.

10.   Rag & Bone Frayed Denim Shorts – Perfect to pair with your Karl Lagerfeld tee! Click here to purchase.

11.   Casadei Patent Leather Sandals – You can’t be walking around all day on a vacation in heels. A pair of stylish yet comfortable flats are a must have, else you’ll be complaining of aching feet all day long and that’s not fun. These Casadei sandals are comfortable enough to walk around in and the green colour is bright and cheery. Click here to purchase.

12.   B Brian Atwood Fontanne Stacked Heel – Its advisable to carry only one pair of heels and these black Brian Atwood’s are just the right pair. The colour and its classic silhouette can be paired with virtually any outfit. Click here to purchase.

13.   Charlotte Olympia C’est La Vie Clutch – Sometimes you just don’t feel like carrying a tote with a million things in it. This stylish clutch is just the right size to carry all your essentials and you can also use it on a night out. Oh and it also comes with a comb! Click here to purchase.

14.   Missoni Beach Towel – I love the shades of blue on this towel. Instantly reminds me of the ocean! Click here to purchase.

15.   3.1 Philip Lim March Garfield Sunglasses – These retro inspired sunglasses are so chic and instantly glamorise any outfit. Click here to purchase.  

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Love in the Making of Luxury....

Growing up, I always heard my mom express her dislike for mass produced products. She was never one to buy shoes or bags that were manufactured in a cost cutting way (trying to be more diplomatic when I say this!). It was always “oh beta see these shoes, they are made in France or Italy or England, etc. Naturally, as I grew older, this dislike for mass production had somewhat been embedded in my system. I mean it wasn't just shoes, when I was about 13, we were holidaying in Spain, when my parents decided to head over to Valencia to check out some exquisite furniture. Lo and behold, they had decided to renovate our apartment in Dubai by ordering their furniture from a designer in Spain. Of course, it was all handmade, with opulent Alcantara upholstery, goose down cushions, and god knows what. A few months later, it was all shipped to our Dubai home. The rugs were also handmade and were bought from a French brand named Roche Bobois. By the way, sixteen years later, most of the furniture looks as good as new in my parent’s living room. Anyways, so this emphasis on where things are made and how they were made now is always in my head whenever I buy anything, be it furniture, clothes or accessories. Of course one does need to spend a lot of money when you buy products that are handmade in Europe and that counts as a major factor in the decision making process.

My parent's living room

My parent's dining room

What most people don’t fathom about the concept of luxury is that it’s really not about how much you spend. With the nouveau riche on the rise (especially in Delhi), people equate spending oodles of money to luxury and I find that idea abhorrent. Hardly anyone cares about the quality, stitching, finishing or craftsmanship. Its all about “oh this is expensive, lets buy it”. I was watching a Suzy Menkes interview the other day where she mentions how she hates the word luxury and that its not about flashy stuff. She says it’s a very personal concept and how to her, luxury is about the feel or the touch of something or how it is made and how a certain garment feels wonderful to wear and not something you have to chat about to other people.

And you know what, I agree with her totally. Why do I love designer handbags? Why have I not bought a high street bag in as long as I can remember? Well, handmade items are made with so much love, attention and skill. The leather that designers use is treated in the best possible way, the artistry is so beautiful and overall, these products are made to last. Take for an example a Dior bag that mum purchased about 20 years ago. Imagine, my sister uses that bag now and you know what, the gold hardware, I kid you not, is still the way it is. The gold has not tarnished more than 10 per cent in 20 years! Same goes for my vintage lizard skin Judith Leiber clutch. I know for a fact that I can pass down my Chanel 2.55 to my daughter (whenever I have kids!) in fantastic condition because it is so finely made. That is what luxury is to me.

Mum's twenty something year old Dior purse

A very blurry photo of my vintage Judith Leiber clutch 
The making of the Gucci Soft Stirrup Bag. Image Courtesy: Gucci

When I was 18, I always wondered why Hermes products were so expensive and what was the hullabaloo about the scarves and their bags, etc. I then started doing my research and read a lot of about what goes into the making of each of their products. Their artisans have been with them for decades and exhibit impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Everything from the leather, the colours, the stitching is a work of art. The scarves involve thousands of hours of work and likewise for their other merchandise. As times go by, many brands do resort to adopting modern technology, but Hermes is one brand that despite changing times, still sticks to its roots when it comes to production. Of course that doesn’t mean one doesn’t adopt some sort of new technology, but for the most part, Hermes is extremely traditional when it comes to the making of their luxury goods. That is REAL luxury.

For those who really care for what goes behind the making of Hermes goodies, check out their short film; Hearts and Crafts. Click here to be directed to the site. You can also view the teaser below.

Whilst you're at it, go ahead and the see the making of the Gucci Bamboo Bag too!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Pardon my French

Hello everyone!!

As a blogger, I am a huge Garance Dore fan. Her series of videos named "Pardon my French" are just so adorable and are such a fresh take on blogging. Today I wanted to share with you her video for the Lady Dior in Tokyo. Just watch the video and I'm sure you'll fall in love with her just like I did.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

On a hot summer day...

Oh god, Delhi temperatures seem to be sky rocketing by the minute and to think of going out during the day is just dreadful. But of course, all of you have busy schedules be it running to pick your kids from school, socializing, heading for meetings or whatever. What does one do to dress up in this heat?! On most occasions, I just feel like putting on a long cotton Pakistani style kurta paired with tights, but of course that can’t possibly work all the time.

Anyways, so the deal is it’s hot and we have to deal with it. Placing ourselves under house arrest till 7pm is not a solution and dressing like a garbage bag isn't either. So I figured why not have fun with what we wear despite the soaring temperatures. Summer is all about bright colours and cheerful prints even if it’s so hot you could melt. Here’s what I’m feeling to cheer me up from all this heat.

summer day dressing, delhi summer

1.       Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses – Click here to purchase.

2.       Dolce & Gabbana Printed Silk-Twill Top – The duo’s SS 13 collection was just so cheerful and SO Italian.One glance at this top and I feel like jet setting to Sicily and stay there forever. The printed lemons are so  happy and make me nostalgic about my Italian vacation a few years ago. Just perfect for one of those days  when you’re sulking about the weather and need something to brighten your day. Click here to purchase.

3.       Celine Case Bag – So you’ll notice a lot of Celine in my blog posts simply because I LOVE Phoebe’s  creations. This bag in delicious orange is a must have for any occasion.Check with Kitsch at DLF Emporio  for availability.

4.       Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print Headscarf – Wearing a headscarf is so retro.Makes me want to jump in a vintage car and go on a road trip with my girls.Click here to purchase.

5.       Tory Burch Straight Leg Pants – A pair of white cropped pants is a wardrobe staple and can be paired with everything. Click here to purchase.

6.       Hermès Calèche Enamel Bracelet – Check with the Oberoi boutique for availability.

7.       Stella McCartney Neon Trim Espadrilles – I think espadrilles are so summery. Be it flats or wedges they  really are perfect for the day especially in bright colours. Click here to purchase.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Stars Shine Down (title coutesy SS): Cannes Red Carpet 2013 Ladies

Amongst the most glamorous star-studded red-carpet affairs counts Cannes, status-elevated even more due to our large desi-brigade of glitterati attendance. Year 2013 rolled out for the 66th chapter in full glory once again replete with flair and panache and disasters. 

Vidya Balan: The muse has gone too far!
Beginning close to home, do you guys think Vidya Balan's gone a little too far in attempts to be non-streamlined with convention? We wonder if it is on purpose -- where in her alternate reality, outstanding in a negative manner is great too. I know she's one of the most brilliant actors of modern-day Bollywood with super-talent galore... Yet, damn me for saying this, but her stints are kind of a national embarrassment. Out of the plethora of spectacular heritage inspired fashion unlike any other in the world at her disposal, she chooses these! And I am absolutely disappointed to know that Sabyasachi could even create such abominations. Sabya I believe is one label that is losing it's signature's charm. The media is deeming Vidya's ensembles 'matronly', 'horror' and what not. I would like to say something is delusional and seriously wrong. If it was the regal sethani vibe Balan-Mukherjee duo were going for with an added dash of fervent Bengali style, the quintessential muse sadly dies a tragic death (My colleague Priyanka says Chandrakanta).

Vidya Balan sabyasachi Cannes 2013
In Sabyasachi, Opening Ceremony, May 15, 2013
Vidya Balan sabyasachi Cannes 2013
In Sabyasachi and jewellery by Amrapali
Vidya Balan sabyasachi Cannes 2013
Balan arrives at Hotel Martinez in Sabyasachi
Vidya Balan sabyasachi Cannes 2013
In Sabyasachi, Sujana pearls, and Salvatore Ferragamo handbag at the premier of Un Chateau en Italie

Vidya Balan sabyasachi Cannes 2013
In Sabyasachi at the Cannes Jury Photocall

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Splendour style
Coming on to Aishwarya, I remember back in the days when I had a very neutral opinion on her. I didn't notice much either way. Then came a day when I had the opportunity to meet her at a Longine's launch where I was representing our magazine -- all my non-chalance did a U-turn and how! Let me tell you this my dear readers, here is one woman who is surreal. She literally generates an aura of magical luminescence around her (and I am not exaggerating). The post-pregnancy weight... the ghastly Abu Jani/ Sandeep Khosla's... the teapot poses for the paparazzi of her former years -- all fly out the window. And from that day on, I am in extreme awe of Mrs Rai Bachchan, so much that who cares about red-carpet blunders when you are the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.

And blunder it was not for her this time at Cannes. The visions began with her looking ultra-stylish in an ensemble consisting of a crisp white shirt by Saint Laurent and a mermaid skirt by Zac Posen paired with an Armani belt as she cuddled baby Aaradhya.  Later, she embodied chic once again at the premiere of Inside Lewyn Davis in an Elie Saab noir gown. Radiance was her, as she sashayed down under camera glares working a wavy hairdo (alright, you must have realised by now that I am a fan girl here). Even a Sabyasachi gold and black number lent her a very resplendent charm which she wore on the evening gala celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema and the filming of Bombay Talkies. For photo-ops, she donned a black pant-suit with lace accents. The red lips were dazzling. And we are not quite complaining about the Jani/ Khosla floor-length anarkali she put on for the premiere of Blood Ties.

Aishwarya cannes 2013 sabyasachi
In Sabyasachi
Aishwarya in Cannes 2013, Zac Posen, Saint Laurent, Armani
In Zac Posen skirt, Saint Laurent shirt and Armani Belt
Aishwarya Cannes 2013 in Elie Saab couture
Elie Saab couture gown with beaded work
Black pant-suit for photo-ops
Aishwarya Cannes 2013 in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
In Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
Sonam Kapoor: Dash of freshness as usual
Quirky and breathless, Sonam is a universal red-carpet favourite. She once again enthralls in her outfits that span a wide variety of silhouettes and I love how each is such a surprise. From the black and white Shehla Khan lehenga paired with Chopard jewels to the voluminous Dolce & Gabanna number she wore to one of the premieres; Sonam did it all right so far. And even though critics panned her Anamika Khanna couture sari that she wore in The Great Gatsby screening, I beg to differ -- she looked flawless with the long jacket-styled encounter, and the nath (nose-ring) which I usually consider trashy looked fabulous on her.

Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2013 in Shehla Khan and Chopard
In Shehla Khan with Chopard jewels for the Trophee Chopard party
Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2013 in Anamika Khanna, Jimmy Choo and Sunita Kapoor
In Anamika Khanna, Jimmy Choo shoes (not seen here) and Sunita K Jewels

Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2013 in Dolce & Gabanna
In Dolce & Gabanna with Sunita K Jewels for the Jeune & Jolie premiere
And some more:
Sherlyn Chopra shocks with this sheer number for The Blind Detective screening. Attending this year for her film Kamasutra 3D, where's the fun and drama without such stints?

Some sheer black bodysuit-dress thingy with a bikini and neck jewels

I must say, Mallika Sherawat looked good in her Dolce & Gabanna although she should have donned an updo. Playing safe never fails, especially after her previous lehenga-choli fiasco.

Mallika Sherawat Cannes 2013 in Dolce & Gabanna
Mallika Sherawat in Dolce & Gabanna

Frieda Pinto put on a lusty, risque slitted twenties-style gown for the Jeune & Jolie premiere. She paired it with Jimmy Choo Lance sandals. On day one, she had worn a romantic Gucci gown.

Frieda Pinto at Cannes 2013

Frieda Pinto at Cannes 2013

Frieda Pinto at Cannes 2013 wearing Gucci
Day one in Gucci

Well that's all folks; I am too lazy to write about the men.

Equestrian Lovin'

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in a saddle" - Winston Churchill

I’m married into a family whose love for the equestrian sports runs deep in their veins. My father in law is a champion rider and was majorly into tent pegging. At the age of 76, touch-wood he still rides a few times a week. My husband at some point in his life wanted to join the Indian army’s horse regiment (61st cavalry) so he could play polo all day long, thankfully reality kicked in! Both his siblings are also great riders; in fact his sister recently acquired a horse that belonged to Sheikh Mohammed.

I've noticed, whenever my father in law goes riding, he is very particular about the way he dresses; his polo tees (virtually wrinkle free) tucked neatly into his well fitted breeches and his squeaky clean riding boots as opposed to my husband who dresses like a complete jhalla! I bought the pati an Hermes whip for his last birthday, it still lies unopened in the orange box it came in!

Anyways, so riding is a very regal sport and the emphasis on appropriately dressing is justified.  Be it tent pegging, show jumping, dressage, polo or any of the equestrian disciplines, one must always be well dressed before mounting a horse.

Of course for me whatever the sport, it all sums up to being stylish; be it the clothes or accessories! Check out some of the essentials I would “need” if I were ever to ride!

Riding Gear

1.       La Martina Standard Helmet – I've noticed that riding gear is usually in neutral colours which can sometimes be slightly bland, which is why this yellow and red helmet is just perfect to add that splash of colour. Anyways waking up at 5 am to go to the club is such a pain; one does need something bright to start the day at such a ghastly hour! Click here to purchase.

2.       Joules Balmoral Gold Sash Polo – Okay so my eyes are exhausted from seeing Ralph Lauren polo tees all over Delhi and in my house (the husband has the tees and shirts in every possible colour you can imagine), so when I came across this Joules polo I was in love. The embroidered gold crest is just so regal. And the best part about riding gear is that it’s not limited to the sport. I can totally wear this during a day out and about. Click here to purchase.

3.       Holland Cooper Herringbone Jacket – Uh Oh, I can vision the supplementary credit card being maxed out and me having to hear the monthly lectures about my spending habits from the husband. Well, what am I supposed to do when I see such a beautifully cut jacket (you all know I’m obsessed with jackets right?) with an ostrich skin collar and fox suede trim?! So maybe I’m not going hunting like they do in Downton Abbey and the blazer isn't really required in my wardrobe, but I’m sorry, it’s just too gorgeous not to have. Click here to purchase.

4.       Hermès Cavale Saddle – If you’re participating in a show-jumping competition, naturally you need to invest in a fine saddle. The saddles at Hermès are made from the finest leather and can be customized to fit your horse. Check with the Oberoi boutique on 011-43607780 for availability of saddles and other equestrian products.

5.       Ariat Pro Circuit Low Rise Slim Breeches – I think breeches are really cool and I can totally wear them with a pair of boots and not even be a rider. However, if you have been looking for a pair that make your thighs look slim then these are perfect. Breeches can be slightly tricky due to their tight fit and how morbid to be seen in a pair that accentuates your thighs and not in a good way. Anyways, this brand is not available in India, however most Delhiites will be flocking to the US so you can order them accordingly. Click here to purchase.

6.       Hermès Saumur Riding Gloves – OMG aren't these lambskin gloves just beautiful?! Who better than Hermès to protect your hands from the reins? And trust all that lovely leather to give you a better grip when riding. The way I see it, you can so wear them on a cold winter night too for a better return on investment.

7.       Hermès Riding Crop – So this was the whip I gifted to the pati last year which has never been used even once! Anyways, if I ever start taking lessons, I’m definitely using it even if he doesn't want to.

8.       La Martina Pro Zip Polo Boots – Hmm, so I don’t know much about playing polo, however if you or your man are players, then these made to order La Martina boots are a great investment. Click here to purchase

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Must Have Handbags!!

Carrie Bradhsaw once said, "I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it." I have to say, I totally agree with her. Sometimes I feel when I die, I want to be buried with my handbags. Okay I know that’s a bit far-fetched, but there’s something about a purse with that buttery soft leather (the smell of it too) and the delicious hardware, that just makes my heart beat faster.  Oh how I mentally calculate every penny I need to collect to buy a bag (currently I’m saving up for the Celine Trapeze or the Celine Phantom), and of course there are the strategic plans that are also in motion which involve convincing (more like whining everyday)my husband as to why I absolutely “NEED” the bag.

Men don’t understand that concept. I can’t keep explaining how I need a new tote because I've used my Celine shopper for a few months already and how I need a new clutch because five clutches really aren't enough. I’d sooner die than be seen wearing the same arm candy time and time again. Of course then I have to try and make him understand the whole “OMG this shape is so hot right now” or “OMG I so need that color blocked bag” or “I don’t have an embellished clutch! My old ones are so banal.” Okay fine, they weren’t banal when I “needed” them a year ago. Bite me. Anyways, whatever, the point is, I need it. And I DON’T have to justify it. So just hand me the credit card and I’ll be on my way.

Now I've noticed women in Delhi also love their purses. Usually, more than ready to wear, I see women buying bags and shoes. So I decided to compile a list of purses I currently “NEED” and trust me, so do you!

this season's must have handbags in delhi

1.       Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutch. I don’t think anyone can do bling better than Alexander McQueen. Just look at the gorgeous Swarovski studded apple and hummingbird clasp and the multi colored embroidery on the black satin! I rest my case. This is a must have for any glitzy night out. I suggest pairing with a minimalist outfit so that the clutch really stands out. Click here to purchase.

2.       Charlotte Olympia Marry Me Pandora clutch. I have been going absolutely crazy over Charlotte Olympia’s Perspex purses and her super fun designs. Isn't the engagement ring clasp just so adorable?! Oh and it comes with three removable fabric pouches, my favorite being the “just married” one. Click here to purchase

3.       Olympia Le Tan Jane Eyre book clutch. OLT’s signature book clutches are any season’s must have and have been the rage amongst celebs for a while now. So I’m not a literature loving girl, but hey, who needs to read the whole book if I've got an embroidered book clutch?! Click here to purchase

4.       Jason Wu Karlie clutch. This super pretty box clutch with pearl and crystal embellishments on black is a classic yet fun piece. Trust first lady, Michelle Obama’s favorite designer to always get it right! Click here to purchase

5.        Louis Vuitton Noefull MM. Ever since I saw their SS 13 video I was totally in love with this adorable floral printed canvas bag and it instantly wants to make me go on a holiday! Not to mention, floral prints are very hot this season. What I really like about this bag is that it’s roomy yet comfortable and stylish. Available at Louis Vuitton in DLF Emporio.

6.       Hermes Steeple bag. Okay this bag isn’t really new, but I just love the whimsical take on the brand’s equestrian roots. I was getting slightly bored of the usual grained leather Birkins and Kellys and the new briefcase and the bla bla bla. Please don’t hate me, I LOVE Hermes but sometimes you gotta give us something a little more fun and a little less auntyish. The last time I fell in love with an Hermes bag was when I saw the Evelyne and now its this bag. The Steeple is so cute with top handles that resemble their riding whips (goat skin and wood) and the printed horsey on it. Currently sold out at the Hermes Oberoi boutique however you can contact them for more information on availability on 011 43607780.

7.       Dolce & Gabbana Sicily bag. No bag page is ever complete without a timeless classic and that’s exactly what this top handle tote is. The textured leather and the gold hardware paired with its classic silhouette make sure that this bag isn't going to fade with passing trends. No bag wardrobe is complete without a collection of classics. Speak to Manasvani at Kitsch in DLF Emporio for more details (011 46098212).

8.       Lanvin Arpege clutch. Remember one thing, I love EVERYTHING Lanvin! Anyways, this perfume bottle shaped Arpege clutch is a tribute to the perfume bearing the same name created in 1927 and is this season’s rage. Slightly on the more expensive side, but trust me it’s worth every penny. Click here to purchase

9.       Sophie Hulme leather tote. Hello! Have you seen this delicious orange colored leather that is soft enough for you to fold this into an over-sized clutch and the contrasting gold hardware?! Need I say more? I NEED it! Click here to purchase.

10.      Proenza Schouler Journal Two-Tone Shiny Leather bag. Okay this bag is just fabulous. Firstly the shiny black and white (also available in red and black) and secondly the funky metal hardware. I can’t seem to figure out exactly what the metal stuff is but I know it looks really cool. Click here to purchase

11.     Celine Edge bag. At a glance you might think what a dull and boring looking bag. But if you look closer you’ll see that the zipper is actually not on the top of the bag but about a few inches below from the top! That is just really EDGY! I love how Phoebe Philo creates bags that achieve the IT bag status in no time. Sadly it’s not available in Delhi yet, but most of you travel during the summer so you can inquire about it on your fabulous summer vaca!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hot Indian Summer weddings, and some pocket-friendly desi online shopping

I am sure all of you would agree with me when I say Summer Indian weddings are terrible! On top of heavy stifling ethnic wear, the air-conditioning almost always seems to fail in huge gatherings, your makeup melts off your face, your hair goes frizz/ limp crazy and Lord save you if it is outdoors whether day and night. And that brilliant and polished look that we associate while playing dress-up -- for both men and women -- goes for a toss. I personally just attended one last week of a close friend's sister, and as soon as I entered the main arena, I got hit by a mist fan so bad that the hours of hardwork my stylist put together in doing my hair and face were history... and instantly!

Save for small blessings though, the least you can do is have it easy outfit-wise. I have put together these two looks, contemporary and ethnic since it is indeed wedding season in full swing:


AM:PM, Charles & Keith, Amrapali, Bharanys, Bansri

Black and white no doubt! The hottest trend of SS13 that brings the war of opposites to a delightful glory is versatile, no-fuss and breezy! This pyramid print satin vest paired with this flowy pair of silk-chiffon palazzos, both by Ankur and Priyanka Modi can easily switch from bruncheon-chic to glam moments on the night floor with superb flare. I love the label's minimalistic approach towards fabulous cuts -- and would definitely recommend you to check out their entire BW collection. A python print clutch with snake-shaped hardware (shop here) by Bansri, These stunning uncut diamond and pearl drop earrings by Bharanys Jewellery, this antique silver tribal-inspired cuff by Amrapali, and a sky-high pair of Charles & Keith heels that you can buy here completes the look. I have kept the look entirely monotone; some way want to add a loud pop colour.


9rasa, Steve Madden, DKNY, Masaba, Valliyan by Nitya, Gayatri chopra

I know you might groan that Masaba Gupta and prints go hand-in-hand but how about working one her plains -- this lusciously candy pink sari that you can pick here. This is teamed with this brocade blouse by 9rasa, super-chunky clutch by Gayatri Chopra available here, earrings with rose motifs from Valliyan by Nitya from here, and a pair of rock-studded surprise twist by Steve Madden that can be bought here. Put on a slim mixed-metal watch such as this DKNY, and nothing more.

As the 'Best Editor in the World' (mine) likes to say, Lets have some rounak shounak!