Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Must Have Handbags

It’s been a while since I’ve documented a post on “must have handbags” and I have now decided to make this a monthly post if not every fortnight. Us girls are always on the lookout for the perfect purse, despite numerous “perfect” purses taking up most of the closet space. IT bags, seasonal bags, clutches, funky bags, exotic skin bags; they’re all there in our closets, yet the search for bags continues. At least for me it’s on a daily basis. Here are some of the clutches and bags that are currently on my mind.

Designer Clutches, Must have handbags, DLF Emporio

1. Balmain Embroidered Silk Clutch - I'm usually not a big fan of the bling, but somehow this one caught my eye and my heart. I love the intricate embroidery and the leather lining is an added bonus. This clutch is perfect for upcoming wedding season come Fall. Click here to purchase.

2. Kotur Mr Miaudiere Clutch - Off late, I have seen myself getting more and more attracted to playful clutches, especially this one. The whimsical surrealist style mustache really makes this baby a head turner oh and it also comes with an optional chain strap. Click here to purchase.

3. Charlotte Olympia Royal Pandora Clutch - What better way to celebrate the new prince's birth than with this fairy tale inspired Pandora clutch! It comes with three satin pouches; a mushroom like print, an enchanted forest and another forest like print with our favorite fairy tale animals on it. I love how every season she comes up with more fun arm candy to give to us. Click here to purchase.

4. Alexander McQueen Embroidered Silk Knuckle Box Clutch - I can never have a bag post without including an over the top McQueen knuckle clutch. This applique work is just exquisite and the angels on the clasp reminds me of Florentine Renaissance art (my favorite!). All in all, a real beauty and again, just perfect for the shaadi season. Click here to purchase. Or you can check Kitsch in DLF Emporio.

5. Valentino Rockstud Nappa Leather Clutch - The Valentino Rockstud series have been the rage for the last few seasons and continues to do so. Simple yet edgy with a cool detachable wrist strap, this clutch is a must have. Click here to purchase.

6. Urania Gazelli Queen of Hearts Clutch - Ladies, please meet the hottest new clutch designer on the block, Urania Giourmetaki. Her plexiglass clutches are made in her homeland of Greece using the finest materials and craftsmen. The Queen of Hearts clutch is really perfect for for the Diwali season which isn't too far away. How cool to show up at a cards party with this fabulous clutch. Sadly it's not available online right now, however keep checking online for availability and of course, if you do manage to find out where it can be purchased please let me know too! 

7. Oscar De La Renta Embellished Satin Clutch - The color on this clutch is just so delicious and the embellished clasp is so pretty and feminine. Perfect for a lovely garden party during the day, or a cocktail at night, this piece is a classic and will be in style for years to come. Click here to purchase.

8. Saint Laurent Paris Cassandre Tassel Leather Clutch - Currently I am going through a serious YSL obsession. I've got a Belle De Jour wallet, a Cabas Chyc Tote and a Chyc clutch, yet I cant stop but be in awe of this clutch. The YSL logo and the tassels are just so chic and the classic silhouette means it can be used season after season. Click here to purchase. Or you can check Kitsch in DLF Emporio

Must have handbags, DLF Emporio

1. Chloe Baylee Tote - I've been wanting to buy a Chloe bag for a while but thought that there were already too many Marcie and Paratay bags all around. Enter the Baylee tote! I love the color blocked leather (the back of the bag is black), the slouchy structure and especially the gold hardware. The chain detailing on the zip can also be used a bracelet (double bonus!) and the optional shoulder strap is perfect for those days when you just cant be bothered to carry the bag on the nook of your arm. Ah, the perfect day bag. Click here to purchase.

2. Marni Vinyl and Leather Shopper - Every monsoon season in Delhi I live in the fear that my precious handbags might get rained on and pretty much stop using them which is not the ideal scenario for me. Therefore, just a few weeks ago I went on and ordered a Lanvin nylon shopper so that I need not worry about ruining the leather on my bags anymore. This Marni shopper is just brilliant for the current monsoons. The vinyl wont get all messed up yet you have a stylish black and white shopper to go out with too (the black and white trend is continuing into the fall ). Sometimes I'm amazed at how brilliant I am. Click here to purchase.

3. Nina Ricci Marche Suede Paneled Leather Tote - I've never been a fan of Nina Ricci bags, but that's not the case this time. I'm really digging this paneled leather tote especially the non fussy and simple structure of the bag. The texture seems buttery soft and the contrasting chocolate brown suede is yummy. It comes with a detachable pouch and the bag is adjustable from the sides too. Click here to purchase.

4. Roger Vivier Medium Prismick Suede Shoulder Bag - If there was one way I could describe love at first sight, this bag would be it. Vivier's Prismick bags have been spotted on numerous celebrities since the collection was launched and are extremely coveted. The bag has the potential of becoming a real icon. Click here to purchase.

5. Victoria Beckham Liberty Shopper - By now you all must have known my love for Victoria Beckham as a designer. Her clothes are just fabulous and you know what, so are her bags! The Liberty shopper is definitely on my list of bags to buy. I love it's minimalistic silhouette and that it's virtually logo free. Click here to purchase. Or you can check Kitsch in DLF Emporio, 

6. Sophie Hulme Envelope Mini Floral Print Leather Shoulder Bag - I've been eyeing this British designer's bags for a few months now and I must say, her bags are really impressive. This floral printed bag is great for the day and even at night (once you remove the shoulder strap, the bag is now a clutch!). Couldn't ask for more. Click here to purchase.

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Rodnik Band - Fashion... with a dash of insanity!

When it comes to outlandish and edgy designs, I have to say, British designers really do have a knack for it. Maleeka and I are always looking for some funky designers to feature on our blog and this time I’ve been eyeing Philip Colbert of The Rodnik Band (Giles Deacon is next on my list!).

The Rodnik Band

Described as “the godson of Andy Warhol” by Andre Leon Talley, Philip’s art, music and fashion inspired designs have led to some super quirky and fun creations. One of my favourites from the brand was an Andy Warhol artwork inspired dress; it really gave a fun new meaning to his Campbell’s tomato soup painting! I also love the fact that the designer doesn’t compromise on fabric (who wants to wear polyester!).
Of course any avant-garde creation is incomplete without a hint of insanity. A dress that looks like a urinal or even a banana; that’s eccentric on another level!

The Rodnik Band
The urinal dress!

The Rodnik Band

The Rodnik Band

If any of you want to purchase the brand's clothes, check out the cartoon inspired FW 13 collection; bombs that are about to explode and skeletons on dresses carved out of cotton, silk and jersey. The accessories are really cool too and the hats looked adorable with sequences on them (the bomb on the hats being the real focal point). stocks The Rodnik Band, however with limited stock. You can keep checking the website to see what's available.

The Rodnik Band
FW 2013

The Rodnik Band
FW 2013

The Rodnik Band
FW 2013

How cool would it be to attend the Wills Fashion Week in Delhi wearing one of these creations? That person is definitely getting photographed non-stop!

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Little Black Book Of Vintage

I just realised that in all my posts, I haven’t written a single piece about vintage products. I am a big vintage fan and am constantly on the prowl to find unique purses, jackets or jewellery that one doesn’t get to see often. I don’t necessarily hunt for designer goodies; just anything that exudes character and individuality. One of my favourite sites for affordable vintage is, they have a lovely collection of charming purses and jewellery (they’ve got clothes and shoes too, but I don’t usually buy vintage clothes unless they’re either fur jackets or designer blazers). Oh and they deliver internationally too.

What attracts me most to vintage bags is how each era has a different shape which is very unique and it’s very rare to spot someone with the exact same bag. Even embroidery and hardware differ from decade to decade making the accessory really stand out. Personally, I stick to purchasing clutches as most of them can be pulled off with ease without looking out of style. 

If you’re looking to invest in vintage designer bags, I must warn you not to buy from the first website you come across. A plethora of websites claim to sell pre-owned designer goods, especially Chanel purses which more often than not are counterfeit. One of the key things I keep a lookout for is if that site has had any press coverage; if so, then you know the website is credible. Vintage designer bags come cheaper than most of the purses you buy straight from the boutiques, but once again, try and stick to classic silhouettes.

Say for example you find a Gucci bag from the 60’s for about 250 dollars, please inspect the shape of the bag as you don’t want to end up with a Gucci bag that looks outdated which will be of no use to you. Another instance would be if you happen to get a great price for a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, compare that price to the current market rate and if it’s a good bargain, from a trusted source then go ahead and buy it as the Speedy is a classic.

Now, if you’re looking for a pre-owned Chanel bag, most of them, especially the 2.55 sell out as soon as they are listed on the website (YES, everybody wants a Chanel!), however, there are some currently available on so you can check them out. This e-commerce vintage site has a fantastic collection of Chanel purses, Chanel jewellery and an exquisite range of Hermes bags including numerous Birkins.

An Hermes Birkin currently listed on

A Chanel Quilted Flap Bag currently listed on

On another note, I do suggest you view this informational video posted by on how to identify a fake Chanel 2.55.

When it comes to exotic skin and fur jackets, and the hefty price tags don’t suit you, then once again, non-branded vintage or pre-loved is the way to go. Designer items will come pricier than others of course, but it’s still cheaper than current prices. sometimes has non branded exotics for a price that will leave anyone drooling (snakeskin clutch from the 60’s for 18 dollars!). Check out as they sometimes have listings for some pre-owned fur stoles and jackets. Just type in fur in their search engine and the list will pop up. You can also register on to shop for some fabulous recycled luxury goods from various people’s closets.

A 1930's fur coat on

A 1950's lizard skin bag on

A vintage mink stole listed on

A Red Valentino fur jacket on

Also, keep a lookout on for some great designer exotic skin bags for a reasonable price. At the moment they don’t seem to have much stock, but they keep adding new stock so the trick is to keep checking. Currently, they have a few gorgeous vintage blazers online, so if you are keen on purchasing one, I suggest you order soon as they get snapped up fast.

An Ungaro jacket on

A stunning Yves Saint Laurent jacket on

The same rules above apply to jewellery and/or clothes. So to summarize the tips; shape, era, functionality, authenticity of the website and price are all factors to consider before purchasing vintage goodies, designer or non-designer.

Vintage Chanel earrings on

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Whimsical Jewelry & Accessories by Yaz Bukey

The other day whilst browsing through the street style photos on, I came across an image of a woman wearing a pretty funky necklace and I couldn’t for the love of god figure out where that necklace was from. Today, as I opened, that very designer (Yaz Bukey) was featured on their website (yaay for me!!). Instantly, I delved into more research about her and I am now absolutely in love with her designs. I can never bring myself to wear the usual thin chains or cute type necklaces. For me, when I buy a neck piece; it has to be the focal point of my silhouette.  I don’t have a single necklace that doesn’t make a statement which is why, I always take my time in purchasing one. Now, I need not look any further!

A woman photographed by Tommy Ton for wearing a Yazbukey necklace

Anyways so back to this cool designer I’ve just discovered, Yaz Bukey; she fits the criteria of statement jewellery and accessories to the T. Well, all her neck pieces aren’t super chunky or anything, they’re just extremely funky with an element of pop art in them and really stand out. Brooches, handbags, scarves, earrings, necklaces; all of them are so whimsical it’s hard not to be lusting after every single piece.

Yazbukey SS 13

Yazbukey SS 13

Who is she you say? Well in the literal sense, she’s an Ottoman princess whose family reigned over Egypt and one of her ancestors is a former king of Egypt, Mehemet Ali Pasha. Royalty aside, her past employers have been Maison Martin Margiela and Givenchy, however she set sail to launch her own line, Yazbukey in 2000.

Her Plexiglas necklaces take you to a fantasy land and can be anything from lipsticks to bare legs with red shoes or even your favourite idol (Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Boy George, Naomi Campbell and Michael Jackson). One of my favourite pieces from her SS 2011 collection was a necklace comprising of 5 manicured middle fingers, and I am trying super hard to find that somewhere online, even though chances are very slim! Oh god, I went through the same dilemma when I discovered the Prada banana earrings two seasons too late. Anyways, if anyone can manage to figure out where I can purchase it from, please send me a message on our Facebook page.

However, I am also in love with her FW 13 collection, “Murder She Wrote”, inspired by Agatha Christie novels and a famous television show. A mirror that looks like a magnifying glass with a cartoon eye on it, a pouch with a picture of a bottle of poison and a teacup to open the zipper, a heart and dagger head piece, a purse with multiple mysterious elements on them (makes me feel like a detective!); Uh Oh, I’m this close to placing my order online!

A page from the FW 13 lookbook

Click here to purchase the detective bag and here to purchase the poisonous tea pouch.Check out her fabulous collection of other goodies online whilst you’re at it! I have managed to figure out where you can order some of her stuff online.. The sad part is, it’s not the entire collection. Oh well, I guess I now somehow need to plan a trip to Paris so I can get my hands on some YAZBUKEY goodies!! For now, I am eyeing some necklaces and brooches that are available to order online. 

Click here to purchase the Anna Wintour necklace, here for the Karl Lagerfeld brooch and here for the blow dry mirror. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The MIA factor and my favorite shots from Tommy Ton for

Hello everyone! Yes, I know I have again been MIA, and with good reason. As I had mentioned in one of my older posts, I would be touring with the husband for one of his cricket productions which honestly left me with no time! The tour began with London, where I got busy with partying and shopping, moving on to Scotland, where I managed to squeeze some time to post, then Amsterdam and finally we decided to holiday for a few days in my most favourite city ever, Florence!

So now that the insane summer travel is over, I’m back in Dubai for a few days before I head back to Delhi (so excited!) and I’m also back in action.

Anyways, as you all may have known by now, the Paris couture shows and menswear shows have recently wrapped up leaving us with some dreamy collections, and of course some crazy street style photography. I have always been a huge Tommy Ton fan, so here are some of my favourite shots from Tommy Ton for





Monday, 15 July 2013

Five Things of Fancy

Alright guys we know we have been kind of MOA from the blog for a week, but sometimes things just get so busy for both of us and it is difficult to post -- we do not like to do half-arsed jobs, it takes a lot of effort. This whole week has been kind of a mess for me -- bad experiences galore including being very very sick as I write this, three chipped nails, and a weight-disc slipping bam on my feet (ouch) and me doubling over in pain -- okay, I am a major clutz! But now I have bounced back in total action with the start of a new week.  Pray it lasts. I wanted to update you guys on 'five things of fancy' that's been at the back of my mind alongside writing something about my own style (I will ask Hanadi to post one on her style which by the way I think screams refined non-fussy chic). Here's your dose:

Five Things of Fancy

1. I was browsing Modaoperandi and Ostwald-Helgason Resort 2014 hems caught my eye! You like? Piped and perfected, I loved the contrast detail -- nothing new you may say but look at that finish!

Ostwald Helgason Resort 2014
2. This pink-animal print merchandise from Katie Grand Love Hogan that you can shop from here. The have super-cute phone covers and things as well, and the print is available in standard black and white. You may consider them a bit too pricey for faux material, but what can I say? Hello! Collectibles!

Katie Grand Loves Hogan Pouch and Flats
3. The photo diary of Anna Sui on her Tanzania trip showcased on capturing candid and livid images of the designer's escapade to the the wilds.

Designer Anna Sui on Tanzanian adventures
4. This very pretty spread we had prepared at work showcasing country-specific designer goodies. Shown here are the American masters and British eccentricities at their best.

American and British Designers
5. The magnificent result of the most awe-som-est collaboration -- these hyper-cute mascaras designed by Alber Elbaz of Lanvin for Lancome (which Hanadi is already a proud owner of and I am soon to be!).
Alber Elbaz for Lancome
Now after these, let me introduce our dear readers to my sense of personal style. Regular followers already know that I often tend to contradict myself -- I swing to extremes such as a day of super bling to a downcast approach. Here's some more regarding my closet, dressing and beauty habits.

1. I am loaded on blouses of all kinds -- sheers, ruffles, pussy-bows -- you name it I have it in every colour of the rainbow minus prints. I pair them with solid pants, ballet pumps, a sling bang -- overload on the mascara and coral lipstick -- and I am set for a casual evening out.
2. At one point of time, my shoe collection touched 200 pairs -- no labels except some but mostly stuff I picked off from everywhere I went -- and stuff that I never would dare wear in public. Now I have to smuggle shoes inside my house after removing the tags as my folks kind of throw a fit.
3. I only wear red or orange nail-paint. I have done this for 4+ years now. When I get too sick, I do a French manicure.
4. I have recently developed this obsession for trying out different facials. Now today I sit with a burnt upper-lip because of a reaction.
5. I loathe jeans. I only wear them to work or in situations where I dont care about dressing well. I guess I never found the pair made for me.
6. I love anti-fit silhouettes when it comes to my dresses -- cocoon and trapeze being the most common. These total upto about 31in my closet.
7. I buy new outfits and forget about them, often (you can guess my wardrobe is a nightmare).
8. I plan on my dressing about a day in advance if I have to go out. It would otherwise be a disaster in my room from too many trials.
9. All my prized ensembles are tailored -- never ready-brought. Nothing exudes the classic fit of made to order garments. These include jumpsuits and palazzos too which I think most people get a wrong fit out of.
10. Essentials I think every woman should have -- pearl or solitaire studs, sleeve-free leotards with fitted bras instead of stupid 'spaghetti tops or tubes' to layer under sheer shirts (black/ white/ skin), signature day and night perfumes, a sizeable collection of delicious lip balms and glosses, sweats that make you look sexy in black or navy (I cannot stress enough on the versatility of these), label flip flops and I don't mean Puma, a high-quality lace-up corset that would change the way you look at yourself in a mirror, pumps in peep-toe, round-toed and pointy (my signature shade is red), and lastly, black pants that fit you like a second-skin without the slightest hint of a camel-toe!