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Style Tips by Ines de la Fressange

When you see Parisians, they exude an air of “je ne sais quoi” as they’re out and about. Dressed up or dressed down, they have this nonchalant attitude paired with an effortless chic style which is envied by most. Whenever you see the streetstyle photos outside the Paris shows, it’s like WOW, how do they do it? Do they spend ages getting dressed, do they have stylists dictating what to wear, how do they do it?

So, a little while ago, as I was browsing some fashion related books online, I came across Parisian Chic, a book by long time model and a former Chanel muse, Ines de la Fressange which is a guide to the ultra-chic Parisian lifestyle (it came out in 2011, sadly I only recently discovered it). Of course without batting an eyelid, I clicked “add to cart” on Flipkart and I am currently blogging about it.

Parisian Chic
my very own Parisian Chic

the gorgeous Ines 

The Parisian culture isn’t simply about dressing up, it’s an entire lifestyle and that’s what this guide is all about. From style & beauty tips, to where to shop (luxury, vintage and everything in between), dine and even how to decorate your home (Parisian style of course!) this book is truly Parisian. Its not one of those boring books which simply go on and on about what to wear with what and what not to wear which after a certain point you’re so bored of you never want to see it again. This book on the other hand is far from boring; chirpy language paired with fun pictures of her daughter and Ines’s illustrations, it’s a fantastic guide for all those who want to attain the Parisian style.  Oh by the way, it even has a little section for notes at the end of the book. Sigh, J’adore.

Here are some tips by the woman who is the epitome of Parisian chic.

Dress like a Parisian

Logos and bling are despised by a true Parisian and they never like to look rich( I wish people in Delhi would grasp this concept!). Choose brands that provide good taste and quality.

The Parisian wardrobe is a mix of cheap and chic buys. So the next time you decide to pair that Hermes scarf with a monogrammed designer bag and in your face Louis Vuitton shoes and a belt, think. Think very long and hard.

Try and discover new labels, there are plenty of new designers around. In our case, check out Hauz Khas village as there are a lot of funky new designers there.

Keep abreast of all the trends but don’t blindly follow them. For example, colored jeans have been the rage here the last few seasons, I’ve seen girls with thighs on the heavier side wear them and it doesn’t look good.

You're better off buying a genuine straw bag than a fake designer bag. I couldn't agree more with this tip. It's okay if you can't splurge on a designer bag, there are so many non-branded stylish bags out there. NEVER buy counterfeit bags because trust me, because people can tell. And once you become "the girl with the fake bags" no one will believe you even if you have a real one! BTW, I know a few who parade around with their fake Louis Vuittons in Delhi thinking no one notices, too bad for them everyone knows everything they wear is 100% fake.

Parisian Chic - Ines de la Fressange

For an offbeat look:

Wear a diamond necklace with a denim shirt instead of a black dress.

Pair a pearl necklace with a rock’n’roll t-shirt (I cant wait to try this one out) and not a shift dress.

A chiffon print dress with biker boots.

Tuxedo jacket with sneakers (I recently saw a picture of Leandra Medine wearing a similar combination, its DEADLY!)

An evening dress with a straw handbag and not a gold clutch (trust me, in Delhi, people will LOOK, and then copy you).

For an effortless chic look:

Pair an old denim blazer with a silk shirt (I’ve done it and it’s FAB).

Wear two scarves, one on top of the other.

Wear a black velvet riding jacket a few sizes too small (just make sure you don’t rip the jacket whilst trying to put it on!)

One BOLD accessory with your ultra-simple silhouette.

power blogger Leandra Medine in a masculine jacket and converse shoes

Ines’s magnificent 7 wardrobe essentials:

Parisian Chic - Ines de la Fressange
Add caption

The blazer

The trenchcoat – DON’T buckle the belt, tie it in the front or behind with the buckle hanging loose and also DON’T wear it with a long skirt.

The navy sweater (in CASHMERE of course!). Pair with white jeans, high heels and a leather jacket et voila.

The tank top – keep it simple, don’t go for prints or loud colors, just black, gray, white, navy or khaki.

The little black dress

The perfect jeans – ill fitted jeans are just not a pleasant sight, keep hunting for days, weeks, months till you find that perfect pair even if you have to pay a little extra for them. Keep a pair of classic straight cuts as they never go out of style and get 3 colors, black, blue and white

The leather jacket – pair it with a chiffon dress or even with a string of pearls for an offbeat look.

Nine - Parisian Chic
her stunning daughter Nine in a cashmere sweater

Major fashion faux pas!

fashion faux pas

Bras with transparent plastic straps – I’ve see this happen in Delhi a lot. Ladies, just go to Marks & Spencer and simply pick up a well fitted strapless bra. Transparent straps are just plain ugly!

Never wear a necklace and earrings at the same time. The worst is looking like an ornamental Christmas tree when people wear necklace, earrings, watch, bracelet and numerous rings all at once. Owwww, my eyes, my eyes!!!

Chipped nail polish – this one’s my personal tip. I’ve often seen women neglect their nails and walk around comfortably with chipped nail paint on their hands and feet and its not attractive. It takes all of two minutes to take it off, so be a dear and do it please!

Hair scrunchies – choose a small almost invisible hair tie to tie your hair.

Leopard -skin dresses with plunging necklines – I’ve seen this at nightclubs here when leopard prints were the rage in Delhi.

Fishnet t-shirts – YUCK!

Shirts that are too tight .

Parisian Chic - Ines de la Fressange
Ines with a Roger Vivier bag and shoes

These are only snippets of small yet powerful tips to incorporate into your daily style files that can go a long way. If you want to know more click here to order it from Flipkart. They also have a Parisian Chic daily planner available. C'est vraiment chic!

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