Thursday, 26 December 2013

SALE - ing Away: Blazers & Coats

December is one of my favourite months in the whole year. Not only does it bring this amazing weather in Delhi (and Dubai) but it brings with it Christmas cheer, holiday spirit, a million New Year plans and the SALES! Since I was bombarded with emails from all my favourite e-commerce sites about their end of season sales, I have gone through them all and will be blogging about my top picks. Today’s topic is jackets. I have mentioned previously that I never end up paying full retail for jackets simply because they all go on sale in December and fortunately for us winter just doesn’t end this month. The cold really seeps into Delhi in January as well so plenty of time to wear all the newly purchased goodies. And honestly, I find winter jackets just so sexy every year I wait for November to start pulling out all my sexy winter goodies.

So today’s post I will feature some fabulous jackets and coats. You must be wondering why I chose to feature blazers for winter. Well the thing is, in India we are lucky to have the most amazing daytime temperatures (on a good day it’ll be 20 degrees in Delhi) so we are able to show off our wool blend blazers without freezing our backsides off, hence the blazers for this product page. I have featured jackets in 4 different categories: Classic, Functional, Trendy & Statement. Also, this time around, I have factored in the affordability factor as winter wear can get quite expensive.

1. Theory Lanai leather-trimmed stretch-ponte blazer – A black blazer is an extremely crucial part of a girl’s closet. I myself have three of them. Two for casual wear and one beautifully tailored blazer for formal wear. This Theory jacket has an exceptional cut and the leather panels on the collar and sleeves make a strong style statement along with the padded shoulders. I love how it has an open front which means I don’t need to struggle with it trying to button it up and is versatile enough to pair with jeans, leather pants and maybe even a dress. Click here to purchase.
2. Diane Von Furstenberg Martha bouclé-tweed and faux leather jacket – This boxy jacket has a very relaxed silhouette and has this ease of wear. You know usually structured and fitted jackets don’t always have room to move but in this one maybe I can flail my arms around without the risk of ripping my lining. You probably think I’m nuts but in all seriousness, it is really hard to move around in fitted jackets. I kind of have to maintain my poise at all times! Moving on, it’s a cotton and wool blend so you can easily wear it on a slightly nippy day without feeling too hot or too cold. Close it or leave it open, wear it with jeans or a skirt; it really is a versatile piece. Click here to purchase.
3. MCQ Alexander McQueen zipped tartan wool blazer – Aaah, tartan, how I LOVE you! I’ve loved tartan since I was a kid. I remember my mom used to dress me up in these gorgeous Scottish kilts when I was a little girl. Anyways, so I had been looking for an affordable yet stylish tartan jacket and now I’ve found one. Also, ever since the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit, punk clothing is back with a bang, so this jacket is just in line with the current trend. The best part is that its 100 per cent wool and at the current sale price it’s a great deal. I remember once, I bought this stunning white jacket from ZARA for like ten thousand rupees and it wasn’t even wool! Again this jacket has a lovely cut and is very slimming. Click here to purchase or check with Kitsch at Defence Colony.

4. Just Cavalli printed satin jacket – Just as important as a black jacket is to a girl’s closet, a statement one is also a must have. This Just Cavalli runway jacket features beautiful bright floral motifs inspired by Tibetan textiles and will be the focal point of your outfit. Just remember to balance out the accessories as you don’t want the jacket to lose its charm. I just love it when runway pieces become affordable! Click here to purchase.

Coats to keep you warm!

Winter Coats

1. Sophie Hulme brushed wool blend coat – Ever since I discovered Sophie Hulme a few months ago, I have become a huge fan. I’m head over heels about her bags especially the orange one I featured in a previous post and after seeing this gorgeous jacket I took a trip to heaven and back. First up is the colour then the minimalist look and finally the very affordable sale price. At 230 pounds on sale without compromising on the fabric (its 70 per cent wool), I don’t think anyone can go wrong. Click here to purchase.
2. Burberry London quilted ruched shell coat – I had never been a big fan of bomber jackets until I got one stuffed with goose down last year. I bought one with such an amazing cut and fit that it was stylish enough to wear on a night out as well. That’s exactly what I like about this Burberry jacket. Its in a lovely purple colour and the belt is quite nice as well. Don’t you just love it when fashion meets functionality? This jacket will keep you warm on those extremely cold Delhi nights when you’re out at a farmhouse party in Chattarpur. Unlike your friends who will be brrrr ing away, you on the other hand will be quite cosy and stylish in this one! Click here to purchase or check with the Burberry boutique at DLF Emporio.

3. Isabel Marant, Etoile Isiah coat – I’m a big fan of Isabel Marant’s relaxed design aesthetic and this coat is just that. I love the cut on this one and the subtle black and white combination. It’s a very classic style coat which means that it will still be stylish for a few years to come. Click here to purchase.

4. Miu Miu wool coat – Okay so this jacket is leaning towards the steep end of the price spectrum but I swear to you the minute I saw it I was in love. Just look at the A-line silhouette and the girly skirt on the jacket. What’s there not to love?! Such a chic jacket. In fact it could turn out to be a real investment piece. Click here to purchase.



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Making Of Gucci FW 13 Python Boots

As you all know, I am a huge fan in exploring the process of how luxury goods are made. It's never just about the final shoe, bag, etc that is purchased from the boutique for me. I need to know more. I have this innate love for craftsmanship which is why when Gucci shared with me the images of the making of these luxurious python boots from their FW 13 collection I was super excited. I remember I was totally lusting after them as soon as I saw them strut down the Milan runway a few months ago.

I can't wait for you to scroll down and discover the step by step process in how these gorgeous boots were made. It is truly delightful and a stunning display of exquisite craftsmanship by Gucci artisans. From the sketch, to the final packaging, please enjoy a sneak peak into what goes behind the making of these boots.


1. Design begins with the paper model and careful study of materials, colours and proportions.


2. The artisans make a careful selection of the precious python, taking care to consider the correct placement of the characteristic markings of the skin according to the desired design effect. In this case, the material is a python that comes from South-East Asia. The main features of this material are its glossy shine and soft feel. During the tanning phase, special products (oils and fats) are used to make the skins extremely soft.

The peculiarity of Pitone Soft Superlux is its brilliant shine. The skins are glazed (an agate is repeatedly run over the leather) to obtain this characteristic glossy shine. At the end, the leather is softened and then ironed again.

3. The next operation consists in perfecting the outline required of the previously shaped leather by carefully cutting the border of the leather according to the pattern. This requires much attention and experience of the artisan who must consider again how the specific markings of the python need to appear on the finished product.

4. After the python skin has been cut out according to the paper model, the edges are carefully reduced to maintain the same thickness once the individual pieces are attached together and sewn.

5. Once the pieces of python have been prepared, the artisan proceeds to apply an adhesive in order to attach successively the inside lining.

6. The upper is carefully reinforced with a special lining in order to prevent breakage and ensure the resistance of the delicate python skin.

7. Then, the various parts of the upper are prepared to be sewn together. In this step the artisan must carefully match up the design of the python.

8. The various pieces are sewn together.

9. The artisan prepares the edges of the partially prepared upper for attachment of the zipper.

10. The assembly of the zipper is carefully followed in the smallest details. It is applied to the upper together with a border (to protect against abrasion on the client’s leg or clothing) with particular attention to the finishing and smooth functioning of the zipper pull.

11. Once the upper has been prepared and sewn, the form is inserted and the upper is further pulled and shaped according the shape of the last around the bottom of the foot bed.

12. The leather is then also shaped around the heel and attached to the midsole.

13. Once the python has been shaped and fixed to the midsole the artisan uses a special abrasive tool to reduce and even out the thickness of the leather that has been gathered. This will ensure that no wrinkles create discomfort under the foot.

14. The artisan places and positions the small metal Gucci plaque onto the sole.

15. Based on the particular shape of the heel, it is constructed of reinforced steel with an ABS cup-shaped crown. The “leg” of the heel is necessarily formed of reinforced steel to guarantee the required strength of the shape considering the extremely reduced dimensions at the bottom of the heel – 5mm.

16. To realize the covering of the heel, an adhesive is applied and then the artisan carefully applies the leather by hand onto the structure of the heel paying careful attention to obtain a smooth covering of the heel.

17. The finished heel.

18. The heel is then attached and fixed to the outer sole.

19. To complete the special colouring, the artisan proceeds with an extra step of hand-shading to further enhance the play of shading according the natural characteristics of the python.

20. The finished boot is then finished with the application of a hot ironing tool.

The Finished Boot

Image Courtesy: Gucci

Friday, 13 December 2013

Online Shopping Tips From International E-Commerce Sites For Shopaholics Living In India

As Christmas sales are just around the corner, I thought I should  pass on a few tips on online shopping tips from my favourite international e-commerce sites for those living in India. As you all may have seen by now, I am a huge online shopper. There are a whole bunch of fabulous e-commerce sites out there and I have experienced shopping with almost all of them. The best part about online shopping from these websites is that it gives you access to the most amazing products at your fingertips. You never know what delights you may stumble upon when you enter an online boutique. Also, sale times are the best times to order you end up saving a decent amount of money.

Now the issue with ordering goods to India from international sites is that the duties kill you. I remember once I calculated the duties from Saks, it was roughly about 20 to 25 per cent. I cant recall the exact number. But the benefit is that you can order all these gorgeous things which might not be available back home. Despite having many international brands available in our country, there are still many many more that aren't available, therefore online shopping is the way to go. So if you have really liked lets say a bag, what you can do to get a rough idea of the price differences is choose a bag from any international e-commerce site that is available in India. So hypothetically a Bottega bag. Call the boutique in Delhi to see if its available and at what price. If the price online and in the boutique are roughly the same then it's time to start shopping! And if whatever you liked is at 50 per cent off, that's just the cherry on top!

Every one of these sites deliver internationally, so you can have something so fabulous minus the whole "I'll buy it when I go to London or the US". So I suggest that you register at Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-A-PorterMyTheresa, Matches Fashion just so that you can be informed when they have their big sales. Also there are always promotional offers like for example Saks sometimes has express shipping for 10 to 20 dollars, net-a-porter does free shipping from time to time so its really good to take advantage of these times and shop because shipping to India on a normal day is usually pricey. For example MyTheresa charges around 69 Euros to ship to our country however currently they have a free shipping offer.

My final tip my fellow Dilliwalls who are reading this is that if you have friends or family in Dubai, it's really simple to order stuff there and duty is about 5-7 percent. So you get everything you want and more and so close to home if not home. If I didn't partially live here myself, I would be ordering stuff non-stop to either my massi, mama or sis in law!

With that being said, hope this Christmas brings in every new bag/shoe/necklace/wallet you've been lusting after. Also if you ever need help in one of your online shopping sprees in terms of duties this that, don't hesitate to contact me on I am always happy to help.

Happy Shopping!!


Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Goodies - A Tale Of Online Shopping

Now that I'm done going on and on about how I love my Gucci's I'll start yapping about the other goodies that were delivered to my doorstep a few days ago!

You see, the last time I bought a bag was in the summer. Post which, greedy little me had no new bags or clutches to show off. The insatiable person that I am, didn't feel that a Saint Laurent Paris Chyc clutch, a Celine Trapeze bag or the Lanvin Les 10 Ans Grosgrain Tote was enough for one summer. So as you all know, I have been saving hard for another new Chanel, which means I have to cut back on a few other expenses, which means less money to buy any other bag. However, I was determined. I needed a new clutch.

So I started the hunt. The hunt for a clutch that would suit my budget, yet bears the "Made In Italy" or "Made In France" tag (I'm a little rigid in my ways) and of course is gorgeous at the same time. After a whole day of looking at every e-commerce site there is, I discovered it and it was right under my nose the whole time!!

The Alexander McQueen Demanta Clutch. I had always liked that clutch but somehow never ended up buying it because I was too obsessed with the skull box clutches. So the thing about the Demanta clutch is that it comes in many variations. Satin, leather (with or without embellishments), calf hair: which means you can choose how much you want to pay for it. Obviously not in the literal sense but prices vary according to the material it is manufactured in and if there are any embellishments on it.

As of right now, the satin Demanta suited my budget perfectly. I found a specific one on with a beautiful stained glass print on it and it cost me about 325 euros including duty and shipping. You can check out other Demanta clutches here. I am currently in my Dubai home (the husband and I live here for a month and Delhi for a month), so I have the added advantage of paying a lower duty than India and lower shipping costs. So in two business days my package arrives and I am over the moon with my new clutch. I love the size of this specific model too. Its very roomy and it can also be used during the day. The colorful print can spruce up every outfit especially if you wear mainly solid colors like I do. The best part about this clutch is the unusual shape. The other variations especially this specific one with gold embellishments (click here) had me totally floored, but my priority is the Chanel, so I had to stop myself.


The label is embossed in leather

The day after I placed my order with, I was as usual checking out net-a-porter. You know, just "checking" when there it was, that luring header on their website "free shipping for a limited time period" when my search for something else began (budget of course).

Remember I had talked about those Karl Lagerfeld fingerless gloves in a previous post? Well, I thought what better time than now to order. The logical part of my brain told me to hold my horses till the website has a Christmas sale which is right around the corner. But then I got to thinking, the gloves were only like 60 pounds. If there was a sale, they would go down to what, 50 percent off, costing 30 pounds. But during the sale, there probably will be no free shipping which costs 20 pounds from net-a-porter, so I would only be saving 10 pounds which isn't much. It seemed best to give in to my greed and click add to cart. Which I did, but I still felt I needed more. So then I start looking at books where I saw the Karl Lagerfeld one I had been meaning to order. The World According To Karl was indeed an important addition to my growing collection of hard cover fashion books. I clicked add to cart again and quickly completed my order before I started adding more stuff to buy! I guess Christmas did come early this year. :)

Always choose the black box packaging when you order from net-a-porter <3
Box of Goodies
Studded Gloves

Can't wait to read the crazy quotes!

With that being said, HAPPY SHOPPING!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Love Of A Lifetime - Gucci Flats

Hello my lovelies!!

Okay so it's been a pretty exciting two weeks for me (minus the Chanel drama I blogged about ) shopping wise. December time is usually when I get super excited for the holidays and dish out some of my savings towards some exciting shopping.

First up was a pair of my annual Gucci flats which is what I'm going to talk about in this post. So the thing is, since I discovered the Gucci Brit flats in 2009, there's been no turning back for me. I realized I found the perfect pair of flats to live in all day long. Despite being an avid fashion lover, I cannot wear heels all day long, unless of course I have an event or a day time party to attend. But more often than not, I have to wear flats during the day. So when i found those Brit flats in their Florence boutique, that lovely Summer of 2009, I was instantly in love. I wore them all year long to the point where the lovely brown canvas turned grey. Thereafter, every year, I made sure I purchased at least one pair annually to wear on a daily basis. Gucci's superior quality can make a single pair of shoes last for years to come. If I want, I can actually wear all my old Gucci flats for another year at least, but because I'm a bit of a cow, I just buy a new pair every year.

My first pair of Gucci Brits with pink leather

So usually, they come out with different variations of the interlocking G's, but for this resort collection, they came out with something different which I was head over heels in love with. They have horse bits on them!! It was literally a 15 minute trip to the Gucci boutique. From walking in, to trying them and paying for them. That's how quick it was because I'm telling you ladies, I have never seen hotter casual flats.


I remember last year, before I went off for my holiday to Jordan, I thought let me venture outside of Gucci to buy flats. Since I have the benefit of partially living in Dubai (I spend about a month here every alternate month), I had access to a lot more brands than what we have in Delhi. I went to Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue, Galleries Lafayette, Bloomingdales and the flagship boutiques, but somehow couldn't find a simple pair of sturdy flats. There were a plethora of fancy ones (currently crushing on a Chanel pair), but I can't walk around all day long in a pair that's delicate. I need something solid, sturdy yet fashionable. So I made a full U-turn and came back to Gucci and bought yet another pair of interlocking G's for my feet.

Still have two more pairs lying somewhere!

One of best durability tests my black brits with gold G's on them went through was when I was going to a water park the summer of 2011. I recall not having any other flat sandals so I wore these! Since I had spent so much money on them my heart was in my throat throughout the day because I was convinced that by the time I am done with my "adventurous" day going from water slide to water slide my sandals would be ruined. I don't mean I wore them on to the slides, but i was walking around the park with the sandals on and my feet were soaking wet throughout. Despite what I put them through at the water park and numerous other occasions, I wore them for another year and they are still wearable. But please don't wear them to a water park like I did, opt for Gucci's rubber sandals instead!

You know, I'm not the only one who swears by them. One of my BFF's is actually one step ahead of me. She doesn't just buy one, she buys them in all the different colors! This year itself, she got 3 pairs of interlocking G's and has some from previous seasons that she still wears today. My husband, brother and father have their own pairs of the men's versions. My brother in fact has been wearing his for the last 4 years! The husband practically lives in them too.

The men's flats! The more worn out ones are circa 2009.

Basically the lesson of this particular post is that if you're looking to buy a pair of everyday flat sandals that are also pretty, it HAS to be Gucci. Their durability comes of course from using superior quality materials combined with excellent craftsmanship and can last you for years to come. As you can see, I heart Gucci.

Check out their flats from the Cruise collection.




Official Product Image Courtesy: Gucci

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bag Review: Cruising With Dior Addict Bags

I love entering a new season in the fashion calender, especially resort which provides some sort of respite from the harshness of the winter and if you live in Delhi then of course the fog. Cruise collections bring in so much color and joy and in the case of Christian Dior, a brand new bag aka, the Dior Addict.

This gorgeous new bag is made out of smooth and buttery soft calfskin and has an everyday appeal to it. Dior's latest baby comes without the stiff structure which means there's extra room to expand in case you're running a little low on space (which is almost always the case when it comes to me). The handles are great as it can easily be worn over the shoulder which saves the drama of carrying a heavy bag at the nook of your arm. It's a very easy, get set go kind of bag.

However, don't be fooled with it's simplicity. It is expertly crafted and of course handmade by highly skilled artisans and you can click here to watch the video on how it's made. The hardware is minimal which makes it light and the Dior charms come in different colors adding an element of fun. All in all, a perfect everyday companion. Oh and by the way, its a runway bag :)

Dior Addict Large Shopping Bag In Glycine Smooth Calfskin With Flesh Details & Orange Metalized Jewelry

Dior Addict Small Shopping Bag In Black Smooth Calfskin With Roccia Python Details & Fuchsia Metalized Jewelry

Dior Addict Small Shopping Bag In Crema Smooth Calfskin With Roccia Python Details & Fuchsia Metalized Jewelry

Dior Addict Small Shopping Bag In Orange Riviera Smooth Calfskin With Fuchsia Cosmopolitan Details & Silver Tone Jewelry

Dior Addict Shopping Bag In Crema Smooth Calfskin With Roccia Python Details & Fuchsia Metalized Jewelry

Dior Addict Shopping Bag In Black Smooth Calfskin With Rose Dragee Details & Fuchsia Metalized Jewelry

Image Courtesy: Christian Dior