Sunday, 31 August 2014

Monisha Jaising - India Couture Week 2014

Whilst I know India Couture Week finished over a month ago, I still want to talk about my second favourite show. As I mentioned in the Anju Modi post, I attended only three days out of which I thoroughly enjoyed only two shows. Anju Modi and Monisha Jaising.

The show started with some interesting Indo-Western style full skirted gowns made out of silk at the bottom half. The bodices were either leather, or had rococo style embroidery on a burgundy fabric or gold stripes entwined into the bodice. I've been obsessed with leather clothing, so naturally the gown with the leather bodice really got me excited. Another favourite silhouette was the pale pink saree with the embroidered cropped jacket on top. Pairing a cropped jacket over a saree isn't a new concept, but the look was still lust worthy. It had an air of nonchalance to it.

Now for the real piece de resistance, it was the sherwanis that really stole the limelight in my opinion. Meticulous garment construction paired with luxurious fabrics like heavy wool crepe and intricate embroidery inspired by the peacock gate of the City Palace courtyard, I am yet to see a better shervani in the last few seasons. Personally I am a huge fan of the bandh gala jacket/shervani or whatever you may like to call it and swear by my JJ Valaya couture jacket. I have no doubt that the Monisha Jaising ones are going to be an instant hit with a long client list waiting to order them. When paired with contrasting embroidered leggings, the look is a little blingy, but good bling. Not tacky but just really fresh and playful. The colours used such as pale pink and powder blue were just perfect.

When it came to the saris, whilst most of them were great, one in particular caught my eye. An ivory coloured saree, with mukaish work and silk embroidery on it. The edge was decorated with ostrich feathers. Ostrich feathers are so graceful and I love how they waft when you walk and it is exciting to see Indian designers incorporating them into their designs these days.

Finally, it was Lisa Haydon. Oh what a bride she made. In a leather lehenga with traditional gold embroidery paired with a fitted shirt. How can anyone forget that look. Even though the stunning Lisa wore it, the beauty of the lehenga outshone Lisa. The whole black leather lehenga was sheer genius.

Although, in all honesty, I wonder how well this piece will do commercially. Sorry I wasn't trying to kill the mood, but I just thought, most brides end up being so traditional because parents and grand parents are equally involved in wedding planning. How many would actually be able to wear this to their wedding? Just a fleeting thought.

For the longest time, just like Anju Modi, I never really checked out Monisha's clothes before. I am so thankful for attending India Couture Week because it truly changed my perspective on the Indian couture scene. A collection that was globally inspired, yet steeped in Indian tradition in every possible way; Monisha managed to get a perfect blend of Indo-Western. Here's to many more successful collections for this fabulous designer!

Image Courtesy: The Fashion Design Council Of India

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bag Review: Dior FW 14 Clutch - The Fashionable Vs. Functionality Debate

There comes a time when one must make the ultimate choice in handbags (same goes for shoes and clothes). Fashionable Vs. Functionality. That is exactly the case for this latest Dior offering for the Fall. I'll be honest with you, I have a biased opinion when it comes to Dior. I pretty much love everything Dior but since it is a bag review I am going to try and leave some of the bias at home.

So this bag/clutch hybrid as I like to call it is really cool and quintessentially Raf. With the colour blocking and the edgy loop handle; Raf's detailing is always beautiful.The bag comes in two colour variations. One in white, bright green and black (runway model), the other in pink, black and bright yellow. I've always been a fan of Raf's love for bright colours. Crafted out of supple lambskin, the bag is squishy so if you do happen to purchase it, please ensure it remains stuffed to retain the shape when you're not using it. I like the hardware in particular on this. First it's the big rivets that are used to attach the loop strap. And secondly, its the clasp to close it. Finally, the bag doesn't open straight out. It kind of opens up to form a rectangle.

But, for the first time I'll use a but with a Dior bag, I have to admit, I don't think it is very functional. It's neither here nor there in terms of size. I think it is a little too big to be used a clutch and the loop handle isn't functional enough to make this a day bag. Even if you move the loop to the side and put your hand on top of the metal hardware, the clasp sort of digs in to your skin and your wrist will hurt after a while because of the odd angle.

With that being said, a lot of us forgo the functionality factor when it comes to a killer style quotient. We put on uncomfortable heels that look mind blowing but were made to kill feet. We wear dresses that can be so fitted that one wrong move and the sleeve will rip. It is no different for bags. I have over the years collected a few bags that wouldn't be rated the highest in terms of functionality, but man they're gorgeous to look at.

The clutch/bag hybrid is beautiful no doubt. If you're willing to let go of a few shortcomings here and there, I say you go check it out at DLF Emporio. In the meantime, I photographed the bag for fun. Hope you like the photos.

Notice how it opens up



Official Product Image Courtesy: Christian Dior

Bag Review: Salvatore Ferragamo FW 14 Handbags - Thank God For Reinventions

Please don't mind me saying this, but for the longest time, if there was one brand I would avoid checking out for handbags it was Salvatore Ferragamo. I always felt they were just either too mature or plain bland. Also, seeing a million of those bows around Delhi gave me a bit of an eye sore so I stopped entering the store all together. I remember the last time I was madly in love with a Ferragamo bag it was the Faberge egg shaped clutch. Now that was really cool and so were those astrakhan boots. After that it was a bit of a downer. At least when it came to handbags. However, things seem to be looking up this Fall. As I was checking out their Fall handbags, I have to say, I am impressed with Massimilano Giornetti's new designs for the brand. Here are the two bags that I really like.

Micole Leather Bag

Take the Micole Leather Messenger Bag (also seen on the runway) for example. The detailing and clever use of hardware has got me quite excited. The exaggerated signature Gancio hardware has been so coolly placed on the leather flap closure. So when you open the bag, the flap is in the shape of the Gancio. Fun right? The optional shoulder strap means you can wear it has a messenger bag or take it off and hold it as a clutch. I love bags that can be so easily switched from day to night. Click here to check out the bag or pop over to their boutique at DLF Emporio. It is also available is gorgeous calf hair on their website.

Foldover Tote

Foldover used as a clutch

The second bag from the Fall I have taken a liking to is the foldover tote. The Gancio has been used as a top handle which inserts into a rectangular shaped gold hardware to close the bag. More than anything, I like the minimalist shape. It's extremely understated and very slick. Also, if you look closely, the edges on top are slightly turned up which add to the detailing. Despite being a square, the bottom is rounded giving it a soft as opposed to a rigid look. Finally, the cherry on top is the whole foldover thing it has going on. Use it as a day bag, or fold the buttery soft leather to carry as an oversized clutch. Personally, I would rather use this as a clutch. Despite the leather coating on the handle, I really can't use bags without shoulder straps anymore. And carrying it at the nook of my arm isn't even an option. Plus it looks really edgy as a clutch. Click here to get a closer look at the bag.


The Dearth Of Maternity Clothes In Delhi

For the last few days, I have gone through some ups and downs as I enter my 16th week of pregnancy. I don't really blog about my personal life or anything apart from luxury fashion, but sometimes I need to talk about things that are important to me. Even if it may be slightly personal.

As someone who has maintained a certain level of fitness in the last 5 years or so, it has been a little challenging accepting the weight gain that comes with pregnancy. I have had a bit of a downer the past week because I went through my closet to find clothes that fit, and, well, there were probably three items I could put on. Jeans are tight, fat jeans (one size bigger ) are tight, dresses which were also a size bigger are tight. Nothing fits, which is inevitable. So I told myself very reluctantly it is time to buy maternity clothes. Period.

Now, I wouldn't have been all hyper about going maternity shopping if I wasn't heading off for a babymoon with the husband on Monday. As someone who generally likes to dress well, when I go on a holiday, I have to look good too. I love dressing up (even if its casual dressing) to head out to explore a new city. I love looking back at those photos and telling myself "damn, I looked good". However, this time things seemed a little bleak. I didn't have any clothes! I could manage a few frumpy tops here and there but what about my jeans. There was nothing for my bottoms other than tights. And lets face it, I cant wear tights everyday!

So I decided I had to go maternity shopping. I googled some stuff online, but in vain. I then decided to take a round of Select City Walk and the DLF mall next to it to find some maternity shops. I came home extremely sad and disheartened. In a city where malls are springing up at the speed of light, with all sorts of international brands (high street and luxury) it is extremely dreary that there isn't a single decent maternity shop. There is Mothercare. Yes, with probably 5 pairs of jeans, 3 ugly as hell tops, sac like culottes and some maternity bras here and there. I kept looking out for a shop called Mom & Me which I heard might have decent stuff. Turns out, that store has shut down forever in Select City Walk. The other branches were way off the map for me to look out for. Can you imagine, with the number of malls we have in this city, I couldn't find half decent clothes to wear during pregnancy.

Another aspect I would like to add is that Delhi gets fairly cold in the winter.  Where do women get maternity winter jackets from? By December I would be 7 months and pretty big. Exactly what do I wear to shield myself from the cold? Should I start shopping at Zara Man? Considering the fall lines are all inspired my masculine clothing, it doesn't sound so bad. Still, I'd like to have some options. Should I freeze my backside off? Should I wear those old ugly woollen sweaters that would not only make me look like a cow, but also feel hideous?

Is there a message the city is giving out to me that I'm not being able to decipher? Are pregnant women supposed to dress like sacs and garbage bags? Thank you GOD for Zara where I found those stretchy skinny pants with the elastic waist band that I can finally wear till I get a little bigger. Speaking of Zara, you will not believe what I did at Zara yesterday. I was browsing some clothes there, when a pregnant woman (about 6 months or so) came in and started browsing too. I, with all my frustration ran up to her and asked her "please dear god tell me where I can buy maternity clothes" and she looks at me and tilts her head and says "nowhere in Delhi!". Apparently one has to travel abroad to be able to buy decent clothes. Is it that hard to find a decent pair of jeans, a nice silk blouse or a cute dress to wear??? The only other place I managed to find some solace was They had some Dorothy Perkins jeggings which I ordered.

I am lucky enough that I travel to Dubai on a monthly and can shop from there. But what If I didn't travel so much? What if I, like most others travelled every six months or so? I can't tell you how frustrated I was to not find anything remotely nice to wear right now. Thankfully I have a day in Dubai before heading for my holiday. I have discovered plenty of maternity shops there. What's more is that there's a fancy shop selling 7 For All Mankind and Citizens Of Humanity maternity jeans too along with some lovely dresses made from non synthetic fabrics that I can wear on a night out.

Seriously, this is just really sad. I wish people here felt that we pregnant women were worthy of wearing nice clothes and someone opens a classy boutique with fun stuff for us.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pure! Brutal! Glamour!.. - Fendi's Latest Fashion Film By Loic Prigent

From Karl Lagerfeld walking around holding the ever so sought after Karlito bag charm to Cara Delevingne jumping around during rehearsals, to a round table discussion with the team to prep before the show, Fendi's latest film teaser will have any fashion buff lusting for more. A super cool flick directed by the renowned Loic Prigent (known for his famous The Day Before series) will showcase all the frenzy before the Fendi FW 14/15 show. Watch how Karl talks about the inspiration behind pinning orchids on fur coats as Loic gives you an as real as it can get preview of what exactly goes on behind the scenes. Watch how the drones, in collaboration with Google flew over the show to give you an aerial view of the show like you've never seen before. Check out snippets of Charlotte Stockdale styling the models before the show. All of this packed in one fabulous fashion film; Pure! Brutal! Glamour!

Have a look at the teaser trailer below. Starting 3rd September the 2' film will go live on whilst the full version ( 16' ) will be showcased on

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bag Review: Fendi By The Way Bag - Good Things Come In Small Packages

Fendi Tri-Colour By The Way Bag

Season after season it gets more and more evident that Fendi has derived some secret formula when it comes to handbags. From their iconic Baguette to the 2Jours, 3Jours and their Peek-a-Boo; each one of these bags have become instant hits and developed some sort of a cult following. For the Fall, it is no different. The By The Way bag has become an immediate must have.

As I sit here, with the tri-colour runway version in front of me, and the heat pressed Fendi Roma logo staring at me, I secretly plan a strategy on how to convince the husband to get me one. I can't get over its compact size and its unique shape. I really like the extended zipper (which comes in the from of a crocodile tail too sometimes) and the rivets that add a bit of detailing. Even the optional shoulder strap isn't the usual kinds. It has these nice round old fashioned metal buttons that you can easily pull apart or push it shut to adjust it. And the ID tag that dangles off the top handle just makes the bag more fun.

In terms of size, 7'x12.5'x6 (HxWxD), I think this is one of the few bags that is small enough to be held as an oversized clutch yet big enough to hold your daily requirements. No, not the big ipad, but an ipad mini perhaps, along with the usual wallet, keys etc. I've realised I've suffered enough shoulder aches from lugging around all my big bags and just don't need that kind of pain anymore. Honestly, the bigger the day bag, the harder it is to edit what goes into it! You just sort of think you NEED everything and keep dumping it all in there. Not with this one you won't.

The coolest part is that there are three ways to carry it. Sling it as a purse or cross body if you want, or hold it with the petite top handles or even take the shoulder strap off and slide your hand into the top handles and hold it as a big clutch.

A mini bag that packs plenty and looks AWESOME; the By The Way is hands down one of my most favourite bags from the Fall. Check it out at the Fendi boutique in DLF Emporio if you haven't already done so!



Tri-Colour on the runway held as a clutch (Image via

Image Courtesy: Fendi

Friday, 22 August 2014

Anju Modi - India Couture Week 2014

Out of the three days of India Couture Week, Anju Modi was one show that I was truly bowled over. I heard Manish Arora's show was spectacular but that was invite only so I couldn't attend it. Anyways, for the longest time, I always felt her clothes leaned more towards the mature side. I wouldn't even step into the boutique to check out her clothes! Pretty silly of me to stereotype her creations because after seeing her couture week collection, whenever I am in need of new Indian clothes, I will probably go to her.

Whilst the traditional silhouettes with exquisite embroidery were great, it was really the outfits with dhotis that stole my attention. I loved how dhotis had lovely gold borders and  were cropped to a couple of inches above the calf. Paired with either a bandh gala, or flowy jacket style tunics, it is interesting to see how androgyny has made its way into Indian couture. The best part is that both the garments can be worn separately giving you more value for money spent on buying couture which is a concept I talked about in a previous post and swear by.

With respect to the colour palette, the blues were just outstanding. Be it a dark blue silk lehenga with white thread embroidery on it or a grey blue bandh gala jacket style choli worn over an ivory sari. Furthermore, there were a few slightly edgy blouses that caught my eye. Case in point being the very armour like looking pyazi coloured blouse paired with a matching lehenga and a maroon shawl or the very heavily embellished V-neck, full sleeved blouse worn over the grey blue lehenga. Speaking of embroidery, with this being couture, there was plenty of it. Inspired by the Ajanta-Ellora caves, there was a lot of beautiful white thread work and zardozi on almost every silhouette.

Whenever I thought couture, I thought Sabyasachi or Anamika Khanna. Anju Modi has either turned things around by thinking out of the box the last few years or I've just been a blind bat all these years. Either ways, I'm impressed.

Dhotis Galore

Magnificent Blues

Image Courtesy: The Fashion Design Council Of India

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How To Style A Dhoti

During the India Bridal Fashion Week, as always I was going through the dilemma of what to wear. Especially now, since a lot of clothes are quite snug on me, it was a bit of a challenge. Going through my closet I discovered my beloved pair of dhotis and decided to style them a little differently this time. Now I know most of you have already seen me wear my Nehru jacket and dhoti ensemble and my friend Rasna insisted that it had been seen and I should avoid it, I genuinely didn't have a choice as it was one of the few things that still fit. So what do you do if you've already pulled off the Indian politician? Try a little Indo-Western perhaps? That is exactly what I did and the results were great. I put on a silk tank and tried pairing it with two jackets. A short denim jacket and a formal black blazer. Unfortunately the black blazer was just too snug. As in snug to the point where if I move my arms too much there would be a nice rip in the lining!

Another reason for this quick post was to also tell you that for the rest of this awful Delhi summer, you too should invest in a pair of dhotis. I've realised they are so versatile and can be paired with such fun tops and footwear. Tank top, tube top, a fitted shirt or blingy flats, mojris, and high heels; there are numerous combinations. I bought this one from Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla because I just love the way it is draped. It's perfection. So please ensure that your pair is also draped well, else it'll just look like too much fabric hanging!

Here are some random photos of me. Unfortunately they are just pictures I take from my iPhone because I would feel too conscious getting someone to photograph me with a professional camera.

Look 1 - With a snug black blazer
Look 2 - With a fun, short denim jacket

Look 3 - The original neta jee combination! With my deadly Nehru jacket


Friday, 15 August 2014

Bag Review - Gucci Bright Diamante Top Handle Leather Tote

My last review from the pre-fall Gucci Bright Diamante bags is this top handle tote. This model boasts a very classic shape and a sleek design guaranteed to last you many seasons to come. The bag's silhouette brings the image of a power broker or a super chic investment banker to mind for some reason. I get all girl powered up when I see this tote!

Moving on, the bag is virtually hardware free making it very lightweight and easy to carry. Believe me, hardware can make all the difference. My Gucci hobo weighs 2.5 kilos because of all the gold stuff on it and sometimes it makes my back hurt. This only hardware on this tote is the zipper. It is also a very organised kind of bag with numerous internal zippers and pockets to keep all your belongings safe. One aspect I found extremely appealing was the magnetic closure that is also covered in leather. What immaculate attention to detail. Besides, who doesn't love a little extra leather here and there.

With respect to space, it is pretty roomy and can pack plenty. However, because it is a structured tote, try and not fill it with super bulky items because they will jut out and poke you or, well, just make the bag look unattractive! It comes with protective metal feet so feel free to let it rest on the floor without worrying about getting the leather dirty.

The only drawback with the bag was that there isn't an optional shoulder strap. It's just a nice option to have because rolled handles don't always sit well on the shoulder. However, that is just my personal take. Most people don't really care about a shoulder strap if the bag is that pretty! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan certainly doesn't care about a shoulder strap whilst travelling with it in Nice! I have to admit, it really looks good out and about.

The bag is also available in white at Gucci boutiques in India for INR 151,500.

Product Image Courtesy: Gucci
Aishwarya Rai Image Courtesy: Gucci/Getty Images

Bag Review: Gucci Bright Diamante Bucket Bag - Shine Bright Like A Diamond

As I plan my babymoon with the husband at some point next month, I seem to be struggling to find the right bags from my bag closet to take with me. All of them just seem too big (well they are actually really big) or too small. Considering I will be touching my fifth month on my babymoon I don't want to have the extra baggage of a giant handbag in tow.

Enter this Gucci Bright Diamante Bucket Bag. I could not have discovered this bag at a better time. Its 9.2"W X 11"H makes it a great size for everyday use and for travelling. I love the fact that it's roomy enough for all the basic essentials yet slightly compact to prevent over packing (guilty as charged!). Leave the drawstrings open if you have too much stuff or close it, it will still retain its pretty bucket shape. The shoulder strap (with a 20" drop) comes with five holes which means there's plenty of room for adjustment.

I also like how versatile the design is. I can pair it with a mini dress for a girly look, or a bohemian maxi to go all boho chic or maybe even a biker jacket to add a bit of punk. In addition, the compact size means the bag can easily accompany me to dinner. I am sadly one of those who actually changes my bags to go out at night even if it's a casual dinner.

The beautiful and iconic diamante pattern on the dark blue leather dates all the way back to the 1930's and is a welcoming change from the house's other motifs we are so accustomed to. The bag has a natural linen Gucci jacquard lining and comes with an interior zip and two extra pockets. Of course the hand painted edges just add to the luxury factor.

Finally, the price, at INR 101,000 I think it's excellent value for money. Considering nowadays it is next to impossible to find a luxury handbag for under 2000 dollars! I am genuinely considering this bag to take on my upcoming getaway. After all, a mommy-to-be does need her comfort (and luxury!). Also available in black, teal, white, yellow and fuchsia.

Image Courtesy: Gucci

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Currently Trending: Clutches With A Bit Of A Funny Bone!

In the last few months, I've seen myself evolve with my fashion sense. For the longest time, I was the classic chic kind of girl. You know, the usual silk blouse with skinny jeans or pencil skirt, paired with a classic handbag. But off late, I've become a little bored of that, I constantly find the need to think outside the box when it comes to dressing up for an event. Of course that doesn't mean I only worry about the clothes I wear. It also means looking for some cool accessories, especially handbags. Whilst I love all my clutches dearly, I've discovered some super cool and funny clutches that I would like to share with you. Inspired by pop art, American comic books or fairy tales, the following clutches are real conversation starters and a very playful addition to your bag closet.

1. Charlotte Olympia Archie Comic Embroidered Crepe De Chine Clutch - I have always been a big fan of the designer's embroidered crepe de chine clutches and when she looks towards 1950's American comics for inspiration even more so! If you're an Archie comics lover, then this clutch is a must have. This one has Archie & Veronica both embroidered on to it. Click on the link for more images. Unfortunately, it isn't available on net-a-porter to ship to India, but you can order it to UAE if you have friends or family there. Plus it's only 5 per cent duty to order it to Dubai so you also save some money! Click here to purchase.

2. Yazbukey Pamela Belle Patent Nailpolish Clutch - Ever since I discovered Yaz Bukey jewellery last year due to Paris street style photos, I have adored her quirky designs. From her model legs and Anna Wintour necklaces to her Karl Lagerfeld brooch, the designer is always up to something funky every season (this fall is about mysterious Turkish Delights). The whimsical giant nail polish clutch featured above needs to be the focal point of your outfit. Featuring a gold tone logo plate and a patent leather back side, this is an instant head turner. Click here to purchase.

3. Anya Hindmarch Coco Pops Imperial Ayers Clutch - Alright, so this whole Anya Hindmarch X Kellog's cereal collection; you either hate it or love it. I'll be honest with you, I think it's really cool. Tongue in cheek kellog's cereal motifs on ayers snakeskin; What's there not to love? For me it has to be this coco pops clutch since I pretty much eat it everyday! Make sure you pair it with a simple outfit so the clutch pops. Click here to purchase.

4. Red Valentino Snow White Printed Red Leather Maxi Clutch - Ah, good old Snow White. Growing up, Disney's Snow White was one of my favourite cartoons and also the inspiration for Red Valentino's FW 14 collection. Fairy tale meets fashion, the ultimate fun combo (only if done right, else it can look pretty stupid). I love the patent leather applique on the headband, apple and lips. Gives it a bet of a texture. I would however, stick to the clutch as opposed to the tote as I don't want it to become too overwhelming. Click here to purchase.


Friday, 8 August 2014

BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 - Gauri & Nainika X Alexander McQueen?

As you all may be aware, the BMW India Bridal Fashion week kick-started last night with Tarun Tahiliani followed by Gauri & Nainika. Whilst I was leaving Emporio, I had a brief discussion with a certain someone regarding the Gauri & Nainika collection and how there were some references to international designers. In my head the discussion didn't end there. I was determined to figure out who and was in fact a little disappointed in myself that I didn't see it at the show (I blame my pregnancy hormones because in all honesty, I was a little sleepy and wasn't paying attention).

With a little bit of research and frantic early morning whatsapp messages from my blogger in crime Maleeka sending me images of previous McQueen collections, we figured out that certain looks indeed had some level of resemblance. Now I almost never talk about nasty things on my blog simply because I find it unnecessary and juvenile. However, I also find it hard to believe that with all the creativity we have in our Indian designers, some find it necessary to seek inspiration from international designers!

Not that it matters here because the clothes sell regardless, but the reason I choose to write this post is simply to make people aware that there are journalists/bloggers sitting at the show who are familiar with both Indian and international collections and whilst most choose not to say anything, there are a select few who will speak up and point it out. The sad part is that this isn't the first time I'm discussing their inspiration. The last time their collection looked like that of Dolce & Gabbana! Anyway, I am posting some images from both the designers. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Apart from the McQueen inspiration, I also felt that the clothes were most suitable to size 0 or size 2 women. I am a US size 6 and the sheath dresses in the collection would by no means look even remotely flattering on me. I am not against wearing beautiful cocktail gowns on wedding functions, but as someone who invests in luxury garments from various Indian designers, I do look for something that would flatter my body. Most of the clothes in this collection wouldn't do that for anyone unless they were skinny or were okay to have bulges of fat sticking out from the super tight dresses. Even if you do get a size bigger, it just wouldn't look nice. You could actually see the models' bones jut out so one can imagine the tight fit of these gowns.

On the brighter side, all said and done, the sisters do make gowns comparable to international standards. Their finishing and workmanship is great and whoever I have seen wearing a Gauri & Nainika creation (albeit mainly skinny women) do look good.

Image Courtesy: Alexander McQueen via and Gauri & Nainika via


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bag Review: Be Dior Bag - A Star Is Born

Boy oh boy am I excited to review this little lady. I set my eyes on this bag a few months ago during the fall show, and since then I've asked my Dior girls a million times about when the sample is coming to India. It finally has, and is currently in my arms as I play with it tirelessly! The Diorissimo has always been one of my favourite bags from the brand. Its silhouette is very fresh and young and the colours it comes in are absolutely divine. However, this new bag from the Diorissimo family, the Be Dior is just amazing. It actually makes me sigh and flutter my eyelashes. Yes, it's that pretty.

For starters, it has the beautiful Raf-esque streamlined and minimalist shape with no added drama here and there. The single handle reduces the overall weight of the bag and the optional shoulder strap adds to the convenience factor. Sorry, but I cannot use a bag without a strap anymore! The focal point of this bag is without a doubt the leather coated Dior charms in a contrasting colour (same colour in some cases like the yellow crocodile).

As opposed to the Diorissimo, this bag is a little more structured however, still not as stiff as the Lady Dior. Two closures on the side means you can expand or cinch your bag so you have a bit of extra room to add some last minute stuff. Speaking of space, I put in my ipad, wallet, keys, daily planner and a little bit of make up and all these fit quite comfortably without ruining the shape. So I think it's great for your basic essentials. However, please don't try to overload it, because the flap wont close and it would be a crime to mistreat the bag by struggling with the flap!

Moving on to the size, it is versatile enough for an easy transition from day to night. Also, personally, I've found myself growing slightly tired of carrying really big bags. It's just physically exhausting! A bag that is compact in size, yet fits everything you need is exactly what a girl needs.

Finally, I'm saving the best for the last, is the colour combination. Being a huge fan of the colour block, the cool blue top handle paired with the lipstick red on the Dior charms and the back of the bag make it so playful and so modern. Apart from this it comes in some other gorgeous colours as well. Be sure to check out the bag at the Dior boutique in DLF Emporio. This new bag is a STAR!

I took some photos of the bag at home just for fun, however scroll down to see official product images.



Image Courtesy: Christian Dior