Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bag Review - Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Medium Flap Bag With Two Gussets

For the last few months I was determined. Determined NOT to buy anything but another Chanel 2.55 that I've been attempting to save up for since the summer. I was more than halfway with my savings till I walked into Harvey Nichols in Dubai a few days ago and there it was, the serpent's head, staring right at me. Remember Kaa the snake from jungle book who goes around hypnotising everyone? Well, that's exactly what this bag did to me! Okay I know I'm being a little dramatic, but the truth was that I had admired the Serpenti Forever bag for a few months now, but for some reason never checked it out at a Bulgari boutique.  This time we just happened to cross paths when strolling through the department store and I'm ever so thankful for that interaction. I played around with it a bit then spent the rest of the evening followed by a sleepless night contemplating emptying all my Chanel savings on this purse.

As a bag lover, I often fall in love with a lot of bags, but every now and then there's that one special piece, that takes your breath away and sweeps you off your feet. Almost like finding THE ONE (except in the bag world, there are multiple the one's). 4pm the next day, I was inside the Bvlgari boutique at Dubai Mall, husband and BFF in tow, paying for a classic black in a medium size. I couldn't have been happier. I was in love. I had after all found the one. Well, for the rest of this year at least!

Moving on to the actual review after all the incessant blabbing! Inspired by the iconic wraparound watch, the bag features a stunning serpent's head closure made from enamel (black & white in my case) with either malachite or jade eyes. The shoulder straps or chain handles are gold and made to resemble a snake's body. I love the purse's minimalist silhouette and the gorgeous detailing of the lines of top stitching on the body. Because of its formal nature, I chose to buy this in a medium size simply because if I'm spending 180,000 INR, I need it to have enough space for me to carry it around during the day as well. The dimensions are 12"width x8.7" height and it can comfortably fit my wallet, sunglasses along with other basic essentials. The double gussets on this model gives it a little more room to expand.

Various internal pockets make it easy to organise your things and the middle zip compartment also has a serpent's head closure. It comes with a cute Bvlgari mirror and even a raincoat that fits the bag like a glove. Honestly, the raincoat is such a smart accessory. I cant tell you how frustrating it is when it starts pouring on that expensive leather. Now the only thing missing is an external pocket for added convenience. Finally, the leather scratches really easily, so please avoid using it roughly (I need to tell myself that more often).

If you happen to be interested in buying this model, the closest country you can purchase it from is Dubai. Unless someone can order it from the states from the Bvlgari website itself. There is merely a 100 dollar difference between the price in Dubai and the US (the American price doesn't include taxes). Click here to check out various models, prices and availability and click here to check out the making.

And on that note, I shall go back to staring at my new love (see photos below). Till the next time..

Crazy bag lady

My Baby!

The back of the bag

Double Gussets

Serpent's head on the zip closure

Raincoat and Mirror :)



  1. Hi.. Thank you so much for your review. I am planning to get St Germain of LV which is similar to bulgari and chanel (flap & chain) would you recommend Bulgari over LV?
    Thank you again.

    1. Hi! So glad you like the review. Personally, I prefer the Bulgari over the Louis Vuitton St. Germain bag. I find that the LV is too mature for my liking. The Bulgari on the other hand has the Serpent's head which not only is iconic, but also looks absolutely stunning. In addition, it has a very minimalist design so it looks very fuss free. If you get the bigger version, it comes with two gussets which gives you a little more room for storing your immediate essentials. However, don't go for the black colour. I also have it in a forest green colour which is gorgeous. As a bag addict, I would say go with the Bulgari over the Louis Vuitton. Finally, LV has so many fakes floating around, it would come as no surprise if you spot a whole bunch of these floating around and they're probably not even real! I hope I have helped you :)