Wednesday, 31 December 2014

January 2015 Covers: Who Did It Best From Vogue India, Elle India, Harper's Bazaar India,?

And the best cover for the first issue of 2015 goes to..... *drumroll* ...... Not to fast people! Let's break it down a bit shall we?

Vogue India: Anushka Sharma wearing a trench coat from Burberry Resort 2015 (look 15). Other than the pretty outerwear, nothing exciting happening there. An excessively smiley Anushka sits on what looks like a tree trunk against a blurred background. Her face is used to spell the G in VOGUE. What fun! Apparently, she's going to tell us everything in this issue. Yaaaay for us. I guess Sonam Kapoor ran out of stuff to say or covers to grace.

Elle India: I have recently become a devout Elle India fan. They changed things around a while ago, and quite frankly I prefer Elle India over Vogue India any day. Sadly though, this cover really didn't impress me. The results were the same for the pilot test I conducted. My examinees were my sister and a boy BFF in the fashion industry (two sources I rely on heavily) in case you were wondering. A very bland cover with Kalki wearing Burberry Resort 2015 (look 10) against a not so nice purple background. Hmm, a second magazine cover with Burberry on it.... Dull. I was kind of hoping for a JW Anderson for Loewe cover. Oh well, next time I hope. Till then I'll just reminisce about their Dries Van Noten issue.

Harper's Bazaar India: Ah, finally I get to the best of the lot. A model... yes, a MODEL!! Hallelujah. It's becoming somewhat of a rarity to see fashion models on magazine covers in India. Sonam Kapoor covers on the other hand are dime a dozen. Moving on, Archana Akil Kumar looks fierce in look 36 from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 collection. This will probably be the last of the resort clothes you'll see as SS15 has started hitting stores. The white background, the cover girl, the catty expression, the hair and the outfit all make this cover the best January 2015 cover from the three contestants.

And with that being said, I wish you all a very happy and fashionable new year!

Crazy Bag Lady

Images via the magazines' official instagram accounts

Net-a-Porter Sale - Grab Em Whilst They're Hot!!

There are so many reasons to rejoice at this time of the year; amazing weather, cheerful holiday spirit, the end of the year and of course, the end of season sales. For me, it's a time to shop for accessories/jewellery and bags that I wouldn't ever pay full retail price for. Here are a few things I've got my eye on from the net-a-porter sale!

 1. Dolce & Gabbana Bianca Sandals - Forget Cinderella's glass shoes, these Dolce & Gabbana shoes are what you need! Featuring a block heel covered in leather and shiny crystals, you've got yourself the perfect pair of dancing shoes. Click here to purchase.

2. Etro + V&A Clip Earrings - If you've been waiting for earrings from the limited edition/online exclusive V&A collection to celebrate the Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 exhibition now's your chance! These super pretty Etro earrings with lots of mini gold tone hoops and baby blue stones are so chic and can work from day to night. Click here to purchase.

3. Maison Martin Margiela Sunglasses Necklace - Trust Maison Martin Margiela to create such a cool accessory. The second I saw it, I was in love. It's so quirky and it would be a crime not to own it! Wear it with a strapless silhouette or over a crisp, white shirt for maximum impact. Click here to purchase.

4. Stella McCartney Beckett Holographic Tote - As much as I love Stella's designs, (bags and clothes) , I still can't justify paying full price for her bags since they're all faux leather. I think it's great she's doing the whole anti animal skin thing, but I feel her bag should be priced a little lower. Anyways, the Beckett shoulder bags have been spotted around town quite a bit, but I really like the holographic version of this model and more so because it's a tote. Imagine walking around town that changes colour. How fun right? Click here to purchase.

5. Shourouk Wimbledee Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Stretch Terry Wristband - Don't you think this one of the most playful takes on the tennis wristband? What a fun combination of sporty glam and hello, look at the price!! For 134 USD, I would buy this in every colour! Click here to purchase.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bag Review - Alexander McQueen Legend Bag

It's been a while since I saw a new bag shape at Alexander McQueen. I already own a DeManta and a Padlock tote, but never got on board with the Heroine. However, here's presenting their newest and coolest Legend bag from their Pre-SS 15 collection and I'm totally on board! The shape is quite fun and I love the it's winged silhouette. Plus, just check out the detailing on the bag, especially the bottom corners, the little holes for the shoulder strap and the adorable bow shaped brass hardware where the top handles are. It's amazing how small details like these can really change the way a bag looks. Furthermore, this bag can easily go from play to work which makes it multi-functional! The tote is roomy enough to carry around all your essentials and of course it comes with an optional shoulder strap. If the large size is too big for you, they also have the most adorable mini version on the website and a medium size too. And finally, the colours they have for the Legend are just delicious! Barbie pink, sea green and blue; I can't wait to get my hands on this bag. Currently, I've only seen it on the Alexander McQueen website, but I strongly recommend you start harassing the sales staff over at Kitsch (Delhi & Mumbai) to keep you in the loop as to when they're going to get it. Click here to check it out.


Friday, 26 December 2014

Posh People: Inside Tatler - Episode 1

Image Via BBC

One of the most interesting documentaries I've seen so far has got to be Posh People: Inside Tatler. BBC 2 camera crews followed the staff at TATLER for nearly six months to show you guys what life behind the scenes was like at one of the poshest (and oldest) publication in a three part series. As you may or may not know, TATLER features anything and everything to do with the British aristocracy/upper class. Polo matches, most important parties of the season, guide to the best boarding schools, luxury fashion, homes belonging to lords and earls, nannies - you name it and TATLER has got it covered. The readership, albeit small (160,000 people) consists of some of the wealthiest people in the United Kingdom. Below are some fun and interesting pointers from the first episode. Enjoy!

  • If you're new in London, you'll probably own a Labradoodle. Whereas if you're old country, you'll probably have a Labrador that's most likely 500 years old and who you'll love more than your own kids.
  • The wrong choice of tweed or the wrong blue on a Tuesday afternoon - that is epically terrible.
  • One of their best selling covers had a Corgi on it!
  • Anyone who joins TATLER gets their very own copy of  Debrett's New Guide to Etiquette & Modern Manners by John Morgan. Here's what you can expect to learn (in case you decide to buy your own copy)
          i. The smart way to eat a pear is with a spoon.
          ii. Compliments are to be delicately given (Delhi girls need to read this paragraph!)
          iii. Social kissing: Unless you know someone reasonably well, one kiss is usually enough.
          iv. Under no circumstances should there be any mention of saliva.
          v. A gentleman is never rude unintentionally.
  • Society summer season is the busiest time for the magazine.
  • " You have to understand classes in England. Classes indicate how people behave" - Jackie Collins
  • If you know a fantastic art director, you can get he or she to make a fabulous copy of the invitation to the Queen's garden party (after you google the invite). Try it, it's a perfect way to go.. TO JAIL!
  • The magazine never ignores the countryside.
  • Currently, a lot of aristocratic families can't afford their own staff and to maintain their stately homes.
  • People can do crazy things to be able to pay for their huge homes. Graffiti art on one castle is an interesting example.
  • There may be a revival of side saddle racing. Think Lady Mary in Downton Abbey.
  • TATLER is the perfect magazine for the nouveau riche wanting to adopt the more civilized aspect of the upper classes.
  • The Bullingdon Club at Oxford University is England's oldest and secret dining club.
  • The tailcoats for the club are made by Savile Row tailors, Ede & Ravenscroft. They cost about 3,500 pounds!
That's all for now folks. If you want to know more, watch the documentary!
Until the next time,
Stay Posh!!



Friday, 19 December 2014

Bag Review - Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Bag

Another one of the new Gucci bags is this beautiful top handle piece. Now this is a perfect daily purse. Crafted from buttery soft leather, it's just the right shape and size for regular use. I can totally see myself taking it out whilst running errands, travelling, attending day time events, meeting the girls and what not! The shape is slightly mature, but the softness of the leather adds an easy going feel to it. It comes in different colours(check with your local Gucci boutique), but this grey one and a pastel blue version I saw online are my favourite. The best part about it is it's utmost simplicity with the detailing speaking for itself. Such a minimalist design and fuss free.

There is minimal hardware, except for the black lacquered bamboo detailing on the flap closure making it really light. Furthermore, I like how it opens so easily. Just lift the flap and you're in (don't worry, even though there's no zip closure, the flap is sturdy enough to keep your essentials in place).  Trust me, I've had my share of bags with annoying closures. I mean as much as I love my Celine Trapeze, it's a real pain to open it when I'm in a rush!

Moving on, the sides have two gussets with magnetic detailing which allow room for expansion if you have too much stuff (which I almost always do). Also, I think this can work as a weekend bag if needed since it's so nice and roomy. Although, don't try and overload it with your laptop, and other super heavy items, it might just ruin the leather. It comes with one internal zip pocket and two side pockets for your phones, but I still say use a purse organiser with it. Hey, maybe Gucci should start making those too, I promise to buy one right away!!  Hold it on the nook of your arm, or use the optional shoulder strap, it looks great both ways. All in all, a perfect Daily companion.

Now, who wants to give me a Christmas present?

Till the next time!
Crazy Bag Lady


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bag Review - Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Tote

Resort season is officially here and for those of you who are about to be whisked away to warmer climates it's time to shop! Here's revealing one of the Resort 2015 bags from Gucci, the Bamboo Daily Leather Tote.

Apart from it's unique shape, I absolutely adore the off white colour on this piece along with the very supple and grained leather. The leather is so nice and soft (but not too soft) that you can actually fold the entire bag to make it look like a giant fold over bag! What I really love are the top handles. The bamboo is black as opposed to the traditional brown which can sometimes look slightly mature. Furthermore, as opposed to the usual round shape, the handles are straight. I feel it's a fun take on the iconic bamboo. In addition, check out how subtle the logo is which is a breath of fresh air with this whole logomania phase going on in the fashion world. The bag comes with a colourful cotton-linen lining and one interior zip pocket. I suggest using a purse organiser because if you dump all your stuff in it, you might just end up fumbling for your essentials.

Now, my only issue is with the size, I wish it were a little smaller. I attached the shoulder strap and walked around with it and felt it might be a little too big for a daily bag. The length is 40 cm, and with the strap on it comes up to my knees which can get a bit annoying if I'm running errands.

Check out the bag at your local Gucci boutique.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Espirit Dior Tokyo Collection

Raf Simons had a lot of us wondering why he chose Tokyo to stage the brand's first ever Pre-Fall show. Christian Dior's past relationship with Japan ( he designed Princess Michiko's civil wedding ceremony dresses and had a strong penchant for Japanese art) along with the fact  Raf Simons himself has catered to many Japanese clients in the nineties for his namesake brand made the connection between Dior and Japan crystal clear. Furthermore, according to the press notes, Tokyo has served has a constant inspiration to him. "Particularly in terms of the liberty people take
for themselves in how they dress, there is nowhere else like it; the freedom of styles, the new architecture of clothing that you can see forming in the street as well as in city’s fashion design history… It’s a place that is both extreme and exhilarating," adds the designer.

Adding to that, there is also the business perspective. In an article published by The Business Of Fashion, Sidney Toledano (CEO of Christian Dior) states "Japanese are still wealthy. Despite the current recession and the high national debt, the Japanese have accumulated great savings and like to invest in luxury and high quality products.” He also says "Women in Japan are getting less conservative and the spenders are definitely younger. They are more savvy about quality and products, and that’s where we want to position Dior: a more dynamic, futuristic, high quality brand.” All these factors combined made Japan the ideal destination for the show.

The collection was one that displayed sheer brilliance as always. Forget the glitzy red carpet gowns. Here, it was glamour meets utilitarian meets a little bit of manga. The BAR coat was revisited in various fabrics like waxed cotton, distressed leather and wool with a slightly oversized silhouette, but nipped at the waist showcasing a modernised version of the New Look. The sleeveless mink fur vests would create a void in the hearts of many as would the coat in metallic silver leather and brown Astrakhan. Zip up dresses with a bit of a flare were glamorous but had an everyday appeal at the same time. Mini dresses in plaid and Fair Isle sweaters proved an undeniable English/Scottish influence on the collection. My favourites were without a doubt the sequin covered, skin tight polo neck tops that were seen in almost every look. They not only added sparkle but had this space age feel to them. You can add the paillettes covered Fair Isle sweater dress and the relaxed sleeveless sweaters, to the favourites list too. Finally, there were some seriously covetable accessories here too - Sculptural platform boots, futuristic sunglasses, chunky jewellery and some to die for handbags that are bound to be on every diva's wish list.

Trust Raf  to continue liberating women and now girls (yes, girls!) too season after season. So few do utilitarian glamour the way he does it. J'adore.

Please enjoy some photos from the show below or click here to see the entire collection.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wills India Fashion Week Round Up - Kavita Bhartia

Kavita Bhartia's show was all about adding a contemporary feel to traditional Indian silhouettes.  In addition, I also enjoyed were how breezy some of the clothes were. Examples include a pale pink poncho, a tulle skirt, various flowy pants and some high-low tunics. None of her designs for SS15 seemed too restricting which I think is very important when it comes to Indian clothes. Not to mention, there was a lot of layering (especially those pretty, embroidered vests/gilets) which means separates can be worn individually as well giving more value for money.

Moving somewhat away from the traditional bandh gala, which is known for it's stiff silhouette, Kavita Bhartia managed to create more relaxed pieces by using softer fabrics. Her coat dresses as she called them, were all zip  front featuring a slightly looser fit and were worn over trousers, draped skirt, a tulle skirt and one with a handkerchief hem was even seen on its own. A choli was given the contemporary treatment by making it look like an embroidered, cropped shirt which I thought was very fun and kurtas were modernized through the use of waist high slits. In terms of decoration, floral thread embroidery was seen on most of the clothes with sequins and gold zari work making an appearance every now and then. 


Monday, 1 December 2014

Top Six Must Have Backpacks - Bringing Sexy Back!

Whoever said backpacks are for school going kids can now easily take a hike! As you may have witnessed from street style photos, these babies are now equally essential to those who aren't in school anymore. Okay so I'm not talking about Chanel's 3,400 USD canvas graffiti backpack that was seen on every bigwig blogger, model and pretty much most of the fashion flock. For this fall, these bags come in various price ranges, materials and funky designs. Furthermore, as I gear up for motherhood (10 weeks to go!!) I constantly find myself worrying about how I'm going to manage a stroller, baby bag and my own handbag whilst staying fabulous at the same time. Enter backpacks! I can safely say, I now have the most trendy solution to my "getting around town with a new born" problems. I can hold the bag on both my shoulders, or casually sling it on one arm - whatever the case, here are some of the coolest rucksacks you need to invest in.

1. Alexander Wang Dumbo Textured Leather Backpack - I've always been a fan of the brand's Rocco handbag with the studded base and now to see the same on a backpack. It's like I'm smitten all over again. I absolutely adore the textured leather and the colour, well, we all know how much I love blue. Click here to purchase or check with Le Mill India for availability.

2.  Saint Laurent Paris Backpack - Whilst this may be from the label's men's collection, I didn't see any reason why girls cant wear it too. I like the black and white take on the classic leopard print along with how lightweight it is. Made from nylon with splashes of leather here and there and of course a price tag of only 895 USD, this bag is too good to give up! Click here to check it out or check at your local Kitsch boutique for availability.

3. Karl Lagerfeld K Kuilted Leather Backpack - King of narcissism, Karl Lagerfeld's quilted bag features numerous Ks (I did mention he's a narcissist) on the quilting along with a squarish shape made from soft leather. The flap closure over the drawstring ensures all your essentials are safe and I really like how the black is contrasted with a colourful interior. Although, it could do without the hefty price tag. My suggestion, as cool as the bag is, is to buy it on sale. Click here to purchase.

4. Perrin Paris Flap Backpack - Ever since I discovered Perrin Paris, I have been a huge fan. Their glove clutches are to die for! Anyways, this bag is another hit from the brand. The chocolate brown leather is soft but not slouchy and if you're a winged bag fan then the two side pockets will bode well for you. Not to mention a little extra storage space for convenience never really hurts. I also like the old school buckle used as a closure. Aren't you a fan already? Click here to purchase.

5. Elizabeth & James Cynnie Sling Leather Tassel Backpack - Don't you just love it when there's more than one way to wear a bag? I know I do! I love how you can hold it on your shoulder as a bucket bag (they're so HOT right now) or simply take the detachable strap off and use it at as a rucksack if you change your mood. The khaki green leather is perfect for the winter and the fringed tassel is so playful. Finally, at INR 37,000 you really can't go wrong. Click here to purchase.

6. Jerome Dreyfuss Leopard Print Calf Hair Backpack - This baby is just so chic with it's luxurious calf hair, the suede and chain shoulder strap and sexy leopard print. The bag features a drawstring closure and black canvas lining. Furthermore, it comes with it's own flashlight so you never need to use your iPhone light anymore! I love clever bag accessories (like the Bulgari bag raincoat that came with the bag). Oh and the shoulder straps are detachable so you can change the way you wear the bag too. Yay, more than one way to wear it! Isn't it such a cool bag? Click here to purchase.