Friday, 29 July 2016

Embellished Bomber Jacket & A Pleated Dress

Ever since Varun Bahl's FW16 ready to wear show, I became obsessed with the embroidered bombers he sent down the runway. Gorgeous pieces, embellished with sparkly sequins or boasting floral, hand embroidered flowers, these babies stole the show and my heart. And I couldn't contain my excitement when I got my hands on one for India Couture Week. I just love how versatile the jacket was. I could have worn this with a pair of jeans, a maxi skirt or even a mini skirt and it would have looked amazing. I was, however very worried about damaging it since was all net and I didn't want to accidentally puncture any holes in it! All good though. I moved around with grace and poise and didn't make any sudden moves that could risk the life of this jacket. We got some pretty detailed shots of the sequins which you can see from the images above. Because this was the focal point of my outfit, I decided to go simple with everything else. A chic, dropped waist, red coloured pleated dress, muted grey Mise En Dior earrings, comfortable wedges and my black & red snakeskin tote completed my look. Once Varun's jackets hits the stores, come fall, I strongly recommend you get your hands on one, because trust me, it's a real MUST HAVE!

Embellished Bomber Jacket - Varun Bahl
Dress - Joseph
Shoes - Prada
Earrings, iPhone Case - Dior
Handbag - Alexander McQueen
Location - Blue Bar, Taj Palace
Photography - Surbhi Sethi

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Checks On Checks - Continuing My Obsession With Pantsuits

As you all may have noticed, pantsuits have been my new obsession. Be it a skinny suit with sneakers or a boss lady kinda look with pointy toe stilettos and flowy culottes; I can't seem to stop experimenting with them. Recently, whilst sourcing for fashion week outfits, I came across a label called The Revival Project stocked at an e-commerce shopping portal called Basically, this label creates outfits from by reinterpreting traditional, handwoven sarees and turning them into cool and fun contemporary silhouettes. The old world charm that the checks exude, immediately attracted me to the label and I ended up choosing not one, but two looks to shoot (second come is coming soon). Furthermore, I thought pairing colourful checks on checks would make quite a quirky pantsuit look, especially with the little elephants on the border of the culottes. It was a bit out there for me, as my style is very low key. But since personal style is all about taking a few risks every now and then, I thought why not?! What did you think of the look?

Jacket & Culottes - The Revival Project from
Shoes - Gucci
Earrings, Necklace, Sunglasses & Pink Leather Bracelet - Dior
Orange Leather Bracelet - Bulgari
Watch - Rolex 

Monday, 25 July 2016

To Sell Or Not To Sell - A Story About The Girl Who Always NEEDS New Purses

As always, I am on a never ending journey to save up for a new purse. As I sit here, counting pennies whilst having a conversation with myself about how I don't really need a new purse (the bursting bag closet speaks for itself), the phone rings. I then stop listening to the voices in my head and start talking to one of my BFF's about the Gucci Sylvie bag and a Les Petits Joueurs clutch I've got my eye on. My BFF (lets call her X) immediately embarks on an annoying lecture about how I have enough bags (ugh, some people just don't understand how a bag person can never have too many of them) and that I should start selling some of the old ones I don't use. At this time, my face is as white as a ghost. Just the thought of selling one of my precious babies is good enough to give me a stroke. I make up some excuse and tell X that my daughter is chewing on a handbag and I have to run to protect it and disconnect the call.

A few days later, the husband sees that I've been using my Gucci GG Marmont bag for the last three months non stop and decides to poke his nose in my business. "Hanadi, don't you think you should use the Celine that's lying at the back of your closet? I mean, when was the last time you used it. Or even that  weird YSL bag which apparently was a life and death situation when you got it?". To which I retort quickly and tell him, how I am so happy with this new Gucci and how it's the most comfortable bag I've ever used. Bla Bla. He gives me a strange look and goes back to doing whatever he was doing. Which was nothing really. How do I explain to him that the Celine mini luggage is from FW 2010 and that the front pocket is not the same anymore (this one has an envelope flap. And how the one i have isn't structured like the ones they now make. Or that the YSL cabas tote (stunning as it may be) was during the Stefano Pilati era and how Hedi Slimane changed the look when he took over. Even if I do manage to get my point across, he's simply going to tell me not to buy anymore purses. You see the conundrum here?

I then got to thinking. Should I sell my bags? Or should i give them away? Okay, no. No giveaways happening. I once went on a spring cleaning spree and suddenly decided to throw away all my Gucci flats that i bought in 2009 and 2010. It was a heart wrenching day. However, I don't think I'll do that with my bags. The sad part is, I get so excited when I rediscover them during spring cleaning and I make endless false promises to myself about how I'm definitely using the Alexander Wang Pelican clutch over the weekend or that lizard skin vintage Judith Leiber to an event next week. But like I said, false promises. You get my point?

I know there are tonnes of places selling pre-loved goodies, but after spending over a lac on each item, how do i even get a half decent price. I must add, that some of my bags have been used so much and ill treated by me, that the lining has stains inside them. Should i get it cleaned first before consider selling? Will anyone want a tote that has seen various updates in the past few seasons? I mean, all said and done, they are still beautiful pieces. Imagine, buttery soft, dark blue leather with a contrasting suede lining in mustard yellow. What a stunning colour combination. Or should i just leave them in my closet till they become a "vintage" item? Oh, maybe Rania might use them when she's older. Or maybe I should do the logical thing. Get it cleaned and list it on Confidential Couture (a site for pre-loved purses in India). This is so annoying. This blog post is turning out to be a Dear Diary situation.

What would you do in my situation? Will your desperation to get a new bag lead to you to selling your old ones which have been part of numerous memorable situations (honeymoon, holidays, parties, etc.) despite you not having touched them in over a year? Ideas and suggestions are welcome. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Denim on Denim

When doing denim on denim looks, I try to avoid being too matchy matchy with the shades of blue.  I usually prefer wearing a darker shade at the bottom to avoid gathering attention to my bulky thighs and pair with a lighter shirt. So either I'll wear black jeans under a fitted blue denim shirt, or in this case dark blue ripped jeans and a slightly loose blue shirt. I'm not a fan of wearing the same colour tone on the top and bottom, I think it looks a bit odd. I chose a pair of colourful espadrille wedges to add a bit of brightness, a stunning tan tote and as always chunky jewellery. We had a bit of a tough day shooting that day because it rained all afternoon, ruined my hair and make up, so I just tied it up in a messy bun like i normally do in between the shoot because it started drizzling again!

Shirt & Jeans - Zara
Purse - Saint Laurent Paris
Sandals - Jimmy Choo
Earrings & Necklace - Outhouse Jewellery
Watch - Breitling
Photography - Surbhi Sethi

Friday, 8 July 2016

Candy Striped Shirt & White Culottes

I love dressing up on a holiday. I can't do the whole touristy look with sweat pants, t-shirt and a backpack thing. I prefer sorting out my looks in advance so I'm not clueless when I get to my destination. I look up looks online depending on the country I'm visiting to plan in advance. So for this shoot, I thought I would do a resort-ish theme in case any of you are heading somewhere. The decor at Olive Bar & Kitchen reminds me of towns near the Mediterranean so i wanted to do something along those lines. I chose this red and white striped shirt to pair with the culottes from my previous look. And instead of tucking the shirt in, I just knotted it up to make it midriff baring. You can wear this outfit with wedges and a straw purse for a casual day out and about town or jazz it up with statement accessories and a more structured handbag like I did if you're headed to a nice dinner or a club. Overall, an easy outfit to put together with clothes that are already in your wardrobe.

Shirt & Trousers - Zara
Earrings & Cuff - Outhouse Jewellery
Handbag - Bulgari
Shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood
Photography - Surbhi Sethi
Location - Olive Bar & Kitchen

Friday, 1 July 2016

Power Pantsuit

Pantsuits are back and they're big. And what's even better is that they're not restricted to the boardroom anymore. Cara Delevigne wore hers with sneakers to the Burberry SS 15 show, Priyanka Chopra wore one to the TIME 100 Gala this year and some celebrities have even worn them on the red carpet. There are so many ways to style the pantsuit. If you want to be casual, pair the jacket with a cool, printed tee (Disney characters are my favourite). To add a bit of sex appeal, wear nothing but a contrasting coloured bra underneath or try a cropped top. Even with the bottoms, no one says you have to wear simple straight pants anymore. Slouchy, skinny or flared pants and even culottes can look stunning as part of a suit. Blazers too come in a variety of styles to suit your mood; oversized, fitted and double breasted.

For my look, I chose to go all white. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an unhealthy obsession with white. Come see my house to believe it. Plus, it's really a great colour option for the summer. I chose this lovely fitted white blazer and flowy culottes that I bought on a recent shopping spree at Zara and paired with a black tank. I wanted to do the whole monochromatic look, so I thought some black and white accessories would look really cool. But I also added a slightly blingy brooch to glam it up a bit. I wanted it to be a powerful look, so I stuck to pointy toe pumps. If you want to turn it down a notch, wear espadrille wedges instead. This gorgeous caramel coloured Givenchy Antigona clutch completed my look.

But the best part about shooting this look was the location. Olive Bar & Kitchen has been one of my favourite restaurants for as long as I can remember. The husband an I almost always come here for date nights and I even celebrated my daughter's first birthday there. The cool, calming ambience and the beautiful décor make it such an ideal location for a fashion shoot. Oh, and of course their food, which has always been exceptional and innovative. If you happen to go there soon, check out their new summer menu. There's some major yumminess in there.

Jacket & Culottes - Zara
Clutch - Givenchy
Earrings, Ring & Brooch - Outhouse Jewellery
Shoes - Yves Saint Laurent
Sunglasses - Dior
Photography - Surbhi Sethi
Location Courtesy - Olive Bar & Kitchen