Monday, 1 August 2016

Bag Review - JW Anderson's Pierce Bag

It's been a while since I did a bag review on the blog. I hadn't come across a bag that drove me absolutely nuts and made me feel like I absolutely had to have it. However, with J.W.Anderson's Pierce bag, I have found 'the one' for now! I'm a huge fan of him and love his work not only for his own label but for LOEWE as well and when he released the Puzzle bag for LOEWE, I knew that J.W.Anderson knows how to make an IT bag. So, no surprises there when I fell hard for the Pierce bag from his namesake label and it's crazy cool detailing.

Simple, chic and classic by design, the bag is crafted from supple and luxurious calfskin and comes in three different sizes; Small, medium and large. Whilst the small one is good for people who don't carry much around on any given day, I'm more attracted to the latter two sizes. The medium is more of a shoulder bag, whereas the large is more utilitarian chic as it can be worn as a satchel.  However, both these come with detachable shoulder straps so you can hold them like an oversized clutch thereby transitioning easily from day to night. The three gussets ensure there's enough room to hold all your daily essentials. The real cherry on top is the punk inspired gold ring on the front flap in between two cut out circles reminiscent of a piercing. It gives a classic bag a real cool and cultural twist. Some versions come with suede on the front and calfskin on the back and I'm drooling over the large version in military green.

Finally, the price is also extremely attractive. Whilst most luxury bags now start at a minimum of USD 2,000, this one is relatively more affordable with the large one starting at USD 1390 on Matchesfashion (shipping to Dubai of course since the duty is on 5 per cent ).

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