Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Layering With A Light Sweater & An Overcoat

It's official. Winter is here. And so it the time to pull out your fabulous coats, or better yet, buy new ones! Winter dressing can be tricky sometimes. There are times when you bundle up on a really cold day, but then before you know it you're sweating buckets because you're sitting in a heated restaurant wearing thick layers. What I've learnt is, the key to layering is to keep it light. Wearing a big sweater under a jacket never makes sense to me. I've realised it's important to invest in some thin, woollen sweaters that aren't super bulky. Recently, I've been obsessed with Cos Stores. They're one level up from Zara in terms of their pricing, but what I love about their winter clothes is that they have so many amazing light pieces to brave the cold weather. This pink merino wool sweater I'm wearing is ideal for layering. Its boxy silhouette is chic and the fabric has a lovely fall to it. And I adore the simple high neck. I threw on a camel coloured overcoat to add a bit of a contrast. It's a really easy look to put together and transitions easily from day to night. A pair of heels under the cropped jeans will do the trick if you want to wear this on a night out.

Top - Cos Stores (click here)
Jacket - Zara
Shoes & Purse - Gucci (Click here and here to check them out)

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