Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted on the blog. The last few months have been extremely rocky for me on the personal front which have left me with almost no time to get my head together and work on the blog. Between dealing with a death in the family, recent contributions to print media and almost no staff in the house, whatever little time I get to myself the only thing I would want to do is shut my brain off and go underground.

Whilst social media posts a completely different picture of what goes on in someone's life, reality is usually something else. Obviously I can't post photos of me wanting to pull my hair out or discovering that I now have white hair popping out from all sides of my head (I would like to blame high stress levels for my sudden ageing!).

Anyways, I don't like disclosing every little thing I have going on in my life online, I just thought I would write a short post apologising for my recent disappearance, or sabbatical as I would prefer to call it.

Coming up in my next post is a shoot I finally did whatever I could to take out the time to do it. It was an important collaboration for me so I tried to block everything that was going on on the personal front and just went ahead and took the plunge.

Life isn't as easy as ABC. Sometimes situations pop up which you have no control over and you have to decide what your priorities are. Which also means that something's gotta give. In my case it was the blog that I had to put on hold. Whilst it bothered me every single day that there was no new content online, I still try and look at it in the glass half full kind of way. I am thankful of the recent magazine and newspaper stories I got to submit. I am thankful that I was able to support the husband through the toughest time of his life (his mother passed away suddenly a few months ago), I am thankful that despite almost zero help in the house, I was able to step up and manage my home whilst entertaining my two year old daughter all day long. It doesn't mean that it wasn't exhausting. All it means is that SHIT happens. Deal with it. Everything will sort itself out. Well, eventually at least.

Having said that, I hope you like the two new shoots that will be coming soon on the blog.

Until then,


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