About Us

Who are we?
M: I am, well as you must have figured by now, 'Maleeka'... and I sincerely thrive on writing
H: Just a girl with an undying love for fashion
Why do we blog? 
H: The blog is a fun way to talk about my never ending wish list! 
M: On a serious note, Hanadi and I both really do have an intense love for everything fashion related. This blog was a dream project of ours discussed over many sessions of divine Italian luncheons. Then we finally decided to execute the idea, aiming to have a keen eye for a plethora of labels and fancies which aren't that common in the country. This of course does not mean that we do not love the popular and the classics. We try to do the above and more, and we are still learning about the art of blogging. Critique is most generously welcome!
What do we do besides blogging?
M: Well I have a background in fashion design, and luxury marketing, and the mortal hours of my life are consumed by playing the role of assistant editor of a premier luxury magazine in India
H: I freelance for a luxury lifestyle and fashion magazine. However, I'm constantly researching on trends and reading up on fashion history.
Where are we from? 
M: New Delhi (though I am always 'wanderlusting' here, there, everywhere)
H: Where do I begin?! Born in India, raised in Dubai, university in Toronto, constantly on cricket tours with my husband (he's in the sports business!) oh and both of us live in Delhi for a month and Dubai for a month.
How do we get in touch with you directly?
M: You can of course stalk us on social media. Technology is KING! 
Your top five fashion crimes?
M: I have donned crocs, bleached my hair at home, absentmindedly gone to work in bathroom slippers half chewed-on by my puppy, put on obvious lingerie that shows through my clothes, and yes, I still wear scrunchies every single day
H: Juicy tracksuits (yes yes I know they're so passe, but they are just so comfy to lounge in!), put on different colored socks a few times, don't take care of my designer bags and YES that is a crime in my opinion, I don't like wearing heels all the time and I dress like a cow when I go to the gym. There I said it!


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