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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Handbag Review - Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring Bag

Although the Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring isn't a brand spanking new model, I recently got my hands on it and have been dying to talk about it ever since. A fun reinterpretation of their iconic Ricky bag, the Drawstring is luxurious, utilitarian, fabulous and just plain gorgeous. I've used numerous bucket bags in the past, and I have to say, none of them come close to being as comfortable as the Ralph Lauren one. 

I used it for two days back to back at fashion week and I was amazed at how easy it was to get stuff out of the bag. It comes with a very easy to use and NON-FUSSY drawstring closure (my Kenzo bag's drawstring is the most annoying one till date) so it doesn't take forever to open it and dig into it whenever your need to. And interestingly enough, the closure is at the back of the bag giving the front a very clean look.  I've experienced my share of inconvenient and hard purse zippers. If not the zipper then the weight of the bag is good enough to give me a shoulder ache. Whilst the purse comes in various leathers including calfskin, alligator and python, my favourite has been the Nappa leather version because of the leather's buttery soft texture and lightweight properties which makes the purse really light to carry.  Plus, I love how nappa leather rarely creases. 

In addition, both, the top handle and the cross body strap are removable giving you more than one way to carry the bag without the added weight of the handle/ strap when not in use. Unless you want to leave them both on like I did! Of the two internal pockets, one of them is specifically designed for your mobile phone giving you easy access to it when you're in a rush. At fashion week, whilst Surbhi and were shooting each other, I needed to be as hands free as possible but I also needed to be able to get to my phone without digging all the way into the bag. This pocket made organising my phone really convenient. And finally, it's the signature Ricky push lock that I am totally smitten with on the external front pocket which comes in various finishes like antique brass, silver tone or gold depending on which model of the bag you choose. 

Overall, it fits the bill for the perfect everyday handbag. Minimalist, light and easy to move around with, the Ricky Drawstring is a bag every girl needs in her closet. 

Official bag images via
My Images  - Surbhi Sethi

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bag Review - Prada Cahier Bag

For reasons that are unknown to me, I have never been a fan of Prada handbags. Clothes and shoes, yes yes yes. Purses, not so much. Since they came out with their limited edition Fairy bag all the way back in 2008, I never came across another bag from the fashion label that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me faint with desire. That was until I saw their Cahier bag on the FW 16 runway show. I am back to counting pennies in my bank account and thinking of how to move my money around so I can get my hands on it. No. I am not a money launderer. Just a desperate bag hag.

What's so special about this bag? Honestly, if you have to even ask me that question, it means you don't deserve it! Reminiscent of antique, gilded hardcover books, (hence it's name, which translates to notebook in French), the Cahier is a structured purse and comes with the most exquisite detailing which really make it stand out despite it's overall simplicity. Featuring lots of bronze hardware, especially the design on the bottom of the front flap and at the rear of the bag and the embellishment on the shoulder strap, this baby is definitely going to be the IT bag of the Fall. What I find really cool is if you flip the bag, where the top part is now on your left, the bag looks like an actual book with ornate corners. And where the flap that goes inside the buckle, it reminds you of those old school diaries with a flap closure. Such interesting details right?

The double gussets make it roomy and it comes with two internal pockets. Its boxy shape is in line with the current box bags trend and the size makes it versatile enough for you to carry it from day to night. Finally, it comes in leather and velvet versions giving you more choice. Click here to see more details on availability, price, etc.

Honestly, this isn't the only bag from their FW16 collection that I have been going crazy over. Even their Pionniere bag is just beautiful. You have to check it out on their website. I'm so glad Prada has finally upped their handbag game. I'm so bored of seeing those classic Prada purses everywhere. Even their flower tote from a few seasons ago didn't hit the spot. It could really do them some good by adding more shapes to their collection. I have big expectations from the label after seeing the two new launches.

Now, back to counting pennies it is.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Bag Review - JW Anderson's Pierce Bag

It's been a while since I did a bag review on the blog. I hadn't come across a bag that drove me absolutely nuts and made me feel like I absolutely had to have it. However, with J.W.Anderson's Pierce bag, I have found 'the one' for now! I'm a huge fan of him and love his work not only for his own label but for LOEWE as well and when he released the Puzzle bag for LOEWE, I knew that J.W.Anderson knows how to make an IT bag. So, no surprises there when I fell hard for the Pierce bag from his namesake label and it's crazy cool detailing.

Simple, chic and classic by design, the bag is crafted from supple and luxurious calfskin and comes in three different sizes; Small, medium and large. Whilst the small one is good for people who don't carry much around on any given day, I'm more attracted to the latter two sizes. The medium is more of a shoulder bag, whereas the large is more utilitarian chic as it can be worn as a satchel.  However, both these come with detachable shoulder straps so you can hold them like an oversized clutch thereby transitioning easily from day to night. The three gussets ensure there's enough room to hold all your daily essentials. The real cherry on top is the punk inspired gold ring on the front flap in between two cut out circles reminiscent of a piercing. It gives a classic bag a real cool and cultural twist. Some versions come with suede on the front and calfskin on the back and I'm drooling over the large version in military green.

Finally, the price is also extremely attractive. Whilst most luxury bags now start at a minimum of USD 2,000, this one is relatively more affordable with the large one starting at USD 1390 on Matchesfashion (shipping to Dubai of course since the duty is on 5 per cent ).

Friday, 6 May 2016

Minimalist Handbags You Need Right Now

There's something about minimalist handbags that never goes out of style. Clean cut and simple designs, paired with classic shapes and masterful craftsmanship make these purses eye catching without screaming 'look at me' in an obvious way. Here are my current favourites.

1. Mansur Gavriel Circle Leather Tote - Rachel and Floriana are always ahead of the minimalist game. Their design aesthetic has been highly successful resulting in sold out bags since they started their brand. Currently, I am absolutely in love with this circular bag. This piece is so contemporary but also takes you back in time reminding you of those hat boxes ladies would travel with. I remember, growing up I was crazy about the Louis Vuitton hat boxes and always wondered how I could carry one as a purse! Click here to purchase.

2. Victoria Beckham Half Moon Bag - First seen in a giant version on her SS16 runway, this baby is chic as hell. Be gone with you teeny tiny bags that can only hold my credit card and keys! Just kidding, there's a time and place for every purse. Moving on, the name itself makes me want to click 'purchase now' because it sounds so mystical. Virtually hardware free, this baby is nice and light to carry and also comes with a detachable suede pouch (BONUS!!). The best part is its shape which means you can carry it for a long time to come. Click here to purchase.

3. Celine Trotteur Bag In Calfskin - Ah, can one ever go wrong with a Celine? I was just about to start saving for a Mini Belt, but since I've discovered this, looks like my priorities might change. Sleek, slightly structured and lightweight, this timeless bag can transition easily from day to night. It comes with a unique, geometrically shaped clasp that stands out beautifully. And being a sucker for grained leather, it's texture really gets my heart racing. A zipper on the back of the bag make it easy to organise your immediate essentials. Click here to purchase.

4. Vitasta Mini Backpack In Tan - I've never featured an Indian handbag designer on my blog, but after seeing Aditi Dhar's designs, I have every reason to! This backpack really caught my attention due to its super slick design and the detailing. Both the geometrical flaps exude a futuristic vibe whereas the braided drawstring and woven grommets add a warm touch. Entirely handmade, this back is what understated luxury really is all about. Click here to purchase.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Dolce & Gabbana's Ugly Raffia & Straw Purses

I'm not one to talk about stuff I don't like on my blog, but then every now and then something just irritates the crap out of me and I just cant help myself but vent it out on a blog post. This time, it's Dolce & Gabbana's raffia and straw purses. Purses, baskets, whatever. Now I'm a die hard fan of their ready to wear (that sundress with printed lemons is still lurking in my mind) and their Miss Sicily handbags. But off late, some of their accessories are just plain ridiculous. Furthermore, their pricing is just absurd. The duo has worked with raffia many times in the past and have had lots of hits too, but not with these bags.

Take the straw basket bag (if you can even call it a bag) for example. Agreed it looked charming on the runway. But unless you're lemon picking in a farm in Sicily, a basket bag serves no real purpose. Also, I don't buy the whole handmade shenanigans this time around. I could get the same thing, with the pompoms and mirror work 'handmade' in Rajasthan for as little as 30 dollars if not less. The croc leather iPhone 6 case and another exotic leather pouch it comes with still don't justify the basket's obnoxious price. At almost 3 Lacs INR, I would rather get me a Chanel.

The raffia clutch and bucket bag aren't any better. Priced at over 4 Lacs INR for the former and approximately 2 Lacs for the bucket bag, I wouldn't give these pieces a second glance. Nor would I carry them even if someone paid me to do so. They're not pretty at all. It just looks like someone put some random riff raff they found lying around and stuck a hefty price tag on them! If you're spending that kind of money on a handbag, it better be worth it and none of these are.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Bag Review - Gucci Dionysus Top Handle Bag

Named as one of Fall 2015's hottest bags, the Dionysus took the fashion flock by a storm. In various versions like full suede, suede and canvas or heavily embellished, this has been one of the most coveted bags since its release. For the coming season, the Dionysus has been given an update making it even cooler. The new version comes with the iconic bamboo top handle which was a brilliant way to incorporate more of the house's codes into the purse. It adds a very classic touch.

Instead of chain shoulder straps, this variation comes with two interchangeable straps; one in leather and one in nylon featuring the signature Gucci stripes. Both have two stars on them adding a bit of an edge. I like this option. If you feel like it's a classic and formal kind of day, put on the leather one, if you're in a fun mood, change it to the nylon one. Wear it cross body, sling on the shoulder or take of the straps off and hold it by the top handle. So many ways to carry it make it a very versatile piece.

The Dionysus top handle comes in two variations: In black with red and green stripes or full red. My heart beats faster with the striped one though. It's just so fresh and playful. P.S. Beyoncé has this one too. In terms of space, the bag is in a large size (W34 x H23.5 x D12) so it's pretty spacious. Other features like the hand-stitching, hand painted edges and the push lock closure remain the same.

I have a feeling this year is going to be all about Gucci for me. I haven't seen one bag that I didn't like since Alessandro Michele took over.


Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bag Review - Dior Diorver Tote

The beginning of a new season in the fashion calendar is always my favourite time of the year. It not only brings in new clothes but lots of new purses for me to play around with and review. This time, I have finally got my hands on the highly coveted and absolute must have for the season (and forever if I may say so), the Diorever bag.

Expertly crafted from bullcalf leather, the bag is lightweight and easy to carry. It boasts a minimalist design with a classic yet modern and structured shape which means you can use it for years to come. The most defining feature is that there are two ways to carry the bag. The reversible magnetic flap closure can be worn over the top handles or you can sort of fold it over to the back (where there are two more magnetic buttons) for a more relaxed look. An internal closure ensures that your belongings are safe however you choose to style it. The double gussets come with side buttons which you can snap shut for a more compact feel if you don't mind reducing the space size.

What I really like is how easily the purse can be opened and closed. I've had a lot of experience with luxury bags that are just not that comfortable to get in and out of. This inside is just as clean cut as the outside and comes with two main compartments and some internal pockets. My only issue was that the top handles don't attach to the sides but at the back. So when I used the bag, it was kind of leaning forward. But honestly, this is a small price to pay for such a beautiful purse. Oh, and the colours it comes in are equally delicious especially the crinkled metallic lambskin and the one in bright pink bullcalf.

I've been a huge fan of Dior handbags for as long as I can remember (those saddle bags from over a decade ago are still fresh in my memory) and from the looks of it, will continue to do so. Very few brands have the ability always keep it fresh and classic at the same time and Dior has done it season after season. J'adore.


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bag Review - Gucci GG Marmont Leather Shoulder Bag

Oh boy, have I been dying to discuss this bag on the blog since I bought it a few weeks ago. From the second I saw it online, I knew it was something really special. However, I wasn't sure till I checked it out at the boutique. After which I had my bag fund ready for the purchase!

Featuring a saddle shape, the bag is light, effortless and easy to wear. Since having a baby, practicality has become my number one priority. Last month, I started using my Givenchy Antigona bag again whilst taking Rania out and it turned out to be more of a nuisance than anything else. Imagine trying to juggle a toddler, a pram, a baby bag and then a giant purse! The Gucci on the other hand is much more comfortable. I swapped it for the Givenchy and the Bulgari for the rest of my stay and even used it at the airport on my way back to Delhi.

Crafted from the most luxurious, soft and grained leather, the bag's charm lies in all the  detailing it comes with. My favourite part is the antique gold hardware. The oversized GG, the tiger head and the rings that hold the shoulder strap make a strong statement. Whereas the subtle top stitching exudes understated luxury. Space wise, I have successfully filled it with an ipad mini (for Rania to watch nursery rhymes on the flight!), wallet, keys, passport and a little bit of make up. On another occasion I managed to fit my sunglasses case too. So I would say it's good enough to hold your immediate essentials which is great. That way one doesn't feel the need to keep dumping extra nonsense (guilty as charged). It features a flap closure with a push-lock system so it's relatively easy to open and close. It comes with one internal zip pocket and two small phone pockets. The belt like shoulder strap is adjustable so you can wear it in various lengths. This model comes in three different colours: Black, brown and red. Whilst the former two colours are classic, the red is just stunning to look at and is the one I bought.

Speaking of buying, I did a lot of research as to where the bag was the cheapest. After making a bunch of international calls, turns out, the London Heathrow boutique has the best price. And I have to add, the staff there was so helpful. They reserved the bag for me a week before my friend was due to fly out. All I had to do was give them her contact information and flight time. Here is a list of prices to save you all the hassle!

India - INR 161,000
United States - USD 2,590 (brown colour is cheaper I think)
London - GBP 1510 (you can claim your VAT at the airport)
London Heathrow - GBP 1250
France - EUR 1980 (you can claim your tax refund)
Dubai - AED 9,100

Friday, 29 January 2016

Bag Review - Fendi Dotcom Bag

The peeps over at Fendi seriously know what it takes to make IT bags and handbag accessories. Churning out hit after hit with their 2jours, Peek-a-Boos, By The Way, bag bugs, Karlito and bulb bag charms, the Dotcom is another one that is going to quickly attain the IT bag status.

I got to play around with it and shoot with it and it is absolutely beautiful. The second I pulled it out of the dust bag, I was in love. The shape is so modern and streamlined yet timeless, meaning you can wear it for a few years at least. The size is perfect for a day bag and it has two zipped compartments which is so clever as it makes it much easier to organise your belongings. Crafted out of thick leather, it's quite sturdy and structured which means the bag is slightly heavy but not too heavy that it hurts your shoulders. What makes this bag truly eye catching and unique is one small detail. A little hole that plays peek-a-boo with a detachable flat pouch in a contrasting colour featuring a gunmetal conical stud that holds the pouch into place. An added can use the pouch as a clutch! The Dotcom comes in various colours but my absolutely favourite is the one in light blue with a dark blue pouch and the dove grey with red.

Although it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, I strongly recommend you buy one of their super cool interchangeable straps which come in various colour options to play dress up! Their "Strap You" straps are so fun and you can get so much use out of them as they can be attached to any other bag too. This bag is very high on my 2016 wish list and honestly, the price isn't all that bad either. With most bags costing over 2,000 dollars, the Dotcom is for 2,400 USD on which is pretty neat considering you'll be using it for a years. Check it out at the DLF Emporio boutique.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Bag Review - Gucci Padlock Shoulder Bag

For a while now I had been off Gucci handbags because I just couldn't find anything I was head over heels in love with. To me, when it comes to handbags, I have to either love it at first sight or nothing at all. There are no grey areas. And then suddenly there's Alessandro Michele and everything changes. Apart from the insanely covetable ready to wear, there are all these new bags popping out. And just like that, you're spoilt for choice. Should I buy the GG Marmont with the tiger head on top or the Dionysus with bead embroidery and it's signature tiger spur closure, or this box like padlock shoulder bag from the Gucci Tian collection? It's like bag heaven!!

However, for now, let's discuss the Tian padlock. First up, in case you haven't noticed, box bags have become quite the rage off late. And the best part is that they are no longer reserved for evening wear. Now, you can pair a structured box bag with virtually everything. Sneakers and jeans, day dresses, leather pants and so on.

The padlock shoulder bag series come with the signature Gucci key lock closure as seen on the brand's trunks which makes it a lovely combination of the past and the present The chunky chain strap can be worn in multiple ways making it very versatile. I like that the lock and chain strap are bulky and slightly blingy. There's something about a little bit of bling that gets me all excited. But what I really adore about this specific model is the cheerful floral prints inspired by Chinese landscapes seen on 18th century tapestries. The colourful prints on a neutral base mean you can pair the bag with any colour. The bag also comes in various other colour options and some with embroidery too, so check it out at the nearest Gucci boutique.

P.S. if you're planning on waiting for a sale to buy this bag, you can forget it. None of the Alessandro Michele stuff is going on sale for a while. Dammit, that means I need to start saving up to pay full retail for the cross over sandals from their cruise collection! #heartbreak


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bag Review - Dior's Diorama

I know an IT bag when I see one. It's an instant connection. Like finding THE ONE in the bag world. That's what I felt when I saw the Diorama during the SS15 show. I instantly messaged my girls at Dior to know more. Of course I couldn't talk about till I was given the go ahead once the season kicked in. Now, I sit here playing with this fabulous arm candy and writing a review on it.

Unlike the very curvy Miss Dior, the Diorama boasts a boxy shape, structured silhouette and very architectural details. However, what really attracted me to the bag was the crest-shaped clasp. It adds a very contemporary vibe to it. The iconic cannage top stitching on some of the Dioramas is three dimensional which I thought was really cool. Don't you just love it when icons are reinterpreted? Moving on, the adjustable shoulder strap (you can wear it on your shoulder or cross-body) is part leather, part chunky chain links. Very edgy. Space wise, the large model can accommodate your basic daily essentials like a big wallet, keys, phone, etc., whereas the small one can fit your credit cards,  and perhaps a few small make up items. It also comes in a medium size. Because the purse isn't very big to begin with, it can easily transition from day to night.

In terms of design, there are plenty to choose from. Oversized 3-D cannage in various colours and skins, quilted with embroidered flowers and badges or smooth calfskin with fun decorations. Classic bags can sometimes border on being boring, but these playful elements ensure that the Diorama is far from that. Finally, as always, the purse is handmade in France by meticulous craftsmen that are nothing short of artists. Please ensure you see the "know how" video posted below.

All in all, the Diorama is a beautiful combination of the old and the new making it a bag you will cherish for years to come. It's no wonder Vogue named it one of the IT bags of 2015!


Monday, 16 March 2015

The Fendi Micro Bag Theory!!

This is my first official post since I've given birth and I'm so happy that it is about this season's coolest must haves, the Fendi Micro Bags. As always, Karl has a way of driving the fashion flock into a frenzy with Fendi collectibles. So much so, that there was actually a wait list for the Karlito bag charm. This time around, the latest offering from the couture house (this July, Karl will present the house's first ever haute couture collection) are these super fun micro bags. Just when bags started getting smaller, Fendi took it to the next level by making them teeny tiny and we are loving it. In miniature versions of iconic Baguette and Peek-a-Boo's these tiny babies can be used as either a bag charm (my favourite), as a clutch or even worn cross-body for those who like to carry just the basic necessities.

2 Ways To Wear Your Micro Bag!

What's the theory behind these Micro beings you ask? Today, the brand will be releasing a quirky 40 second video titled "7 Theories About The Origin Of Micro Bags" exclusive to However I will be sharing with you a 15 second clip of theory 7: The Racket Theory. Check it out below and get in touch with your local Fendi boutique to get your hands on this season's IT bags!



Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Currently Trending: Anya Hindmarch Georgiana Stickers Printed Leather Clutch

The last few days have had me spending a lot of time on my favourite online shopping sites. Why you ask? Well, lets see, I give birth in about 22 days and I spend sleepless nights freaking out about the whole labour process! Online window shopping offers some sort of respite. Who doesn't love being in fantasy land filled with gorgeous handbags?!!

Anyways, as I was browsing LuisaViaRoma, I came across the coolest Anya Hindmarch piece. This quirky Georgiana Stickers clutch. The first thing that came to mind was my sticker album when I was a little girl! In white leather, with a burst of colours from the luxurious, leather stickers and a suede lining, I have a feeling this is going to be seen on every IT girl's arm come fashion week. This new creation comes as a result of a collaboration between Charlotte Stockdale of Chaos Fashion. You can go on to the website and order whatever you like from the super fun, interactive sticker shop. My favourites were the egg, the wink and the band aids. Use them to personalise your bag, phone or even your notebook. They even have letters so you can spell out your name if you want too. I love both, the clutch and the stickers! Hubby are you reading this?


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bag Review - Alexander McQueen Legend Bag

It's been a while since I saw a new bag shape at Alexander McQueen. I already own a DeManta and a Padlock tote, but never got on board with the Heroine. However, here's presenting their newest and coolest Legend bag from their Pre-SS 15 collection and I'm totally on board! The shape is quite fun and I love the it's winged silhouette. Plus, just check out the detailing on the bag, especially the bottom corners, the little holes for the shoulder strap and the adorable bow shaped brass hardware where the top handles are. It's amazing how small details like these can really change the way a bag looks. Furthermore, this bag can easily go from play to work which makes it multi-functional! The tote is roomy enough to carry around all your essentials and of course it comes with an optional shoulder strap. If the large size is too big for you, they also have the most adorable mini version on the website and a medium size too. And finally, the colours they have for the Legend are just delicious! Barbie pink, sea green and blue; I can't wait to get my hands on this bag. Currently, I've only seen it on the Alexander McQueen website, but I strongly recommend you start harassing the sales staff over at Kitsch (Delhi & Mumbai) to keep you in the loop as to when they're going to get it. Click here to check it out.


Friday, 19 December 2014

Bag Review - Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Bag

Another one of the new Gucci bags is this beautiful top handle piece. Now this is a perfect daily purse. Crafted from buttery soft leather, it's just the right shape and size for regular use. I can totally see myself taking it out whilst running errands, travelling, attending day time events, meeting the girls and what not! The shape is slightly mature, but the softness of the leather adds an easy going feel to it. It comes in different colours(check with your local Gucci boutique), but this grey one and a pastel blue version I saw online are my favourite. The best part about it is it's utmost simplicity with the detailing speaking for itself. Such a minimalist design and fuss free.

There is minimal hardware, except for the black lacquered bamboo detailing on the flap closure making it really light. Furthermore, I like how it opens so easily. Just lift the flap and you're in (don't worry, even though there's no zip closure, the flap is sturdy enough to keep your essentials in place).  Trust me, I've had my share of bags with annoying closures. I mean as much as I love my Celine Trapeze, it's a real pain to open it when I'm in a rush!

Moving on, the sides have two gussets with magnetic detailing which allow room for expansion if you have too much stuff (which I almost always do). Also, I think this can work as a weekend bag if needed since it's so nice and roomy. Although, don't try and overload it with your laptop, and other super heavy items, it might just ruin the leather. It comes with one internal zip pocket and two side pockets for your phones, but I still say use a purse organiser with it. Hey, maybe Gucci should start making those too, I promise to buy one right away!!  Hold it on the nook of your arm, or use the optional shoulder strap, it looks great both ways. All in all, a perfect Daily companion.

Now, who wants to give me a Christmas present?

Till the next time!
Crazy Bag Lady


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bag Review - Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Tote

Resort season is officially here and for those of you who are about to be whisked away to warmer climates it's time to shop! Here's revealing one of the Resort 2015 bags from Gucci, the Bamboo Daily Leather Tote.

Apart from it's unique shape, I absolutely adore the off white colour on this piece along with the very supple and grained leather. The leather is so nice and soft (but not too soft) that you can actually fold the entire bag to make it look like a giant fold over bag! What I really love are the top handles. The bamboo is black as opposed to the traditional brown which can sometimes look slightly mature. Furthermore, as opposed to the usual round shape, the handles are straight. I feel it's a fun take on the iconic bamboo. In addition, check out how subtle the logo is which is a breath of fresh air with this whole logomania phase going on in the fashion world. The bag comes with a colourful cotton-linen lining and one interior zip pocket. I suggest using a purse organiser because if you dump all your stuff in it, you might just end up fumbling for your essentials.

Now, my only issue is with the size, I wish it were a little smaller. I attached the shoulder strap and walked around with it and felt it might be a little too big for a daily bag. The length is 40 cm, and with the strap on it comes up to my knees which can get a bit annoying if I'm running errands.

Check out the bag at your local Gucci boutique.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Top Six Must Have Backpacks - Bringing Sexy Back!

Whoever said backpacks are for school going kids can now easily take a hike! As you may have witnessed from street style photos, these babies are now equally essential to those who aren't in school anymore. Okay so I'm not talking about Chanel's 3,400 USD canvas graffiti backpack that was seen on every bigwig blogger, model and pretty much most of the fashion flock. For this fall, these bags come in various price ranges, materials and funky designs. Furthermore, as I gear up for motherhood (10 weeks to go!!) I constantly find myself worrying about how I'm going to manage a stroller, baby bag and my own handbag whilst staying fabulous at the same time. Enter backpacks! I can safely say, I now have the most trendy solution to my "getting around town with a new born" problems. I can hold the bag on both my shoulders, or casually sling it on one arm - whatever the case, here are some of the coolest rucksacks you need to invest in.

1. Alexander Wang Dumbo Textured Leather Backpack - I've always been a fan of the brand's Rocco handbag with the studded base and now to see the same on a backpack. It's like I'm smitten all over again. I absolutely adore the textured leather and the colour, well, we all know how much I love blue. Click here to purchase or check with Le Mill India for availability.

2.  Saint Laurent Paris Backpack - Whilst this may be from the label's men's collection, I didn't see any reason why girls cant wear it too. I like the black and white take on the classic leopard print along with how lightweight it is. Made from nylon with splashes of leather here and there and of course a price tag of only 895 USD, this bag is too good to give up! Click here to check it out or check at your local Kitsch boutique for availability.

3. Karl Lagerfeld K Kuilted Leather Backpack - King of narcissism, Karl Lagerfeld's quilted bag features numerous Ks (I did mention he's a narcissist) on the quilting along with a squarish shape made from soft leather. The flap closure over the drawstring ensures all your essentials are safe and I really like how the black is contrasted with a colourful interior. Although, it could do without the hefty price tag. My suggestion, as cool as the bag is, is to buy it on sale. Click here to purchase.

4. Perrin Paris Flap Backpack - Ever since I discovered Perrin Paris, I have been a huge fan. Their glove clutches are to die for! Anyways, this bag is another hit from the brand. The chocolate brown leather is soft but not slouchy and if you're a winged bag fan then the two side pockets will bode well for you. Not to mention a little extra storage space for convenience never really hurts. I also like the old school buckle used as a closure. Aren't you a fan already? Click here to purchase.

5. Elizabeth & James Cynnie Sling Leather Tassel Backpack - Don't you just love it when there's more than one way to wear a bag? I know I do! I love how you can hold it on your shoulder as a bucket bag (they're so HOT right now) or simply take the detachable strap off and use it at as a rucksack if you change your mood. The khaki green leather is perfect for the winter and the fringed tassel is so playful. Finally, at INR 37,000 you really can't go wrong. Click here to purchase.

6. Jerome Dreyfuss Leopard Print Calf Hair Backpack - This baby is just so chic with it's luxurious calf hair, the suede and chain shoulder strap and sexy leopard print. The bag features a drawstring closure and black canvas lining. Furthermore, it comes with it's own flashlight so you never need to use your iPhone light anymore! I love clever bag accessories (like the Bulgari bag raincoat that came with the bag). Oh and the shoulder straps are detachable so you can change the way you wear the bag too. Yay, more than one way to wear it! Isn't it such a cool bag? Click here to purchase.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bag Review - Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Medium Flap Bag With Two Gussets

For the last few months I was determined. Determined NOT to buy anything but another Chanel 2.55 that I've been attempting to save up for since the summer. I was more than halfway with my savings till I walked into Harvey Nichols in Dubai a few days ago and there it was, the serpent's head, staring right at me. Remember Kaa the snake from jungle book who goes around hypnotising everyone? Well, that's exactly what this bag did to me! Okay I know I'm being a little dramatic, but the truth was that I had admired the Serpenti Forever bag for a few months now, but for some reason never checked it out at a Bulgari boutique.  This time we just happened to cross paths when strolling through the department store and I'm ever so thankful for that interaction. I played around with it a bit then spent the rest of the evening followed by a sleepless night contemplating emptying all my Chanel savings on this purse.

As a bag lover, I often fall in love with a lot of bags, but every now and then there's that one special piece, that takes your breath away and sweeps you off your feet. Almost like finding THE ONE (except in the bag world, there are multiple the one's). 4pm the next day, I was inside the Bvlgari boutique at Dubai Mall, husband and BFF in tow, paying for a classic black in a medium size. I couldn't have been happier. I was in love. I had after all found the one. Well, for the rest of this year at least!

Moving on to the actual review after all the incessant blabbing! Inspired by the iconic wraparound watch, the bag features a stunning serpent's head closure made from enamel (black & white in my case) with either malachite or jade eyes. The shoulder straps or chain handles are gold and made to resemble a snake's body. I love the purse's minimalist silhouette and the gorgeous detailing of the lines of top stitching on the body. Because of its formal nature, I chose to buy this in a medium size simply because if I'm spending 180,000 INR, I need it to have enough space for me to carry it around during the day as well. The dimensions are 12"width x8.7" height and it can comfortably fit my wallet, sunglasses along with other basic essentials. The double gussets on this model gives it a little more room to expand.

Various internal pockets make it easy to organise your things and the middle zip compartment also has a serpent's head closure. It comes with a cute Bvlgari mirror and even a raincoat that fits the bag like a glove. Honestly, the raincoat is such a smart accessory. I cant tell you how frustrating it is when it starts pouring on that expensive leather. Now the only thing missing is an external pocket for added convenience. Finally, the leather scratches really easily, so please avoid using it roughly (I need to tell myself that more often).

If you happen to be interested in buying this model, the closest country you can purchase it from is Dubai. Unless someone can order it from the states from the Bvlgari website itself. There is merely a 100 dollar difference between the price in Dubai and the US (the American price doesn't include taxes). Click here to check out various models, prices and availability and click here to check out the making.

And on that note, I shall go back to staring at my new love (see photos below). Till the next time..

Crazy bag lady

My Baby!

The back of the bag

Double Gussets

Serpent's head on the zip closure

Raincoat and Mirror :)


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bag Review: Burberry Bloomsbury Tote - Too Big To Handle


Christopher Bailey sent down one of his best collections for Burberry till date for the Fall. Hand painted clothes and accessories were the style du jour for the fall at Burberry. Who wouldn't want a revamped Burberry trench coat, a sheep skin jacket, or gorgeous ankle boots with hand painted motifs on them. Bailey has certainly revived the brand that was on the brink of being written off as old and boring. I mean lets face it, eventually one will get bored of seeing the checks. I like how Bailey has mixed the old with the new.

Now when it comes to Burberry hand bags, I've still got my reservations. The Bloomsbury is the brand's newest bag for the fall and has already been said to be the IT / MUST HAVE bag for the season. I beg to differ.

The bags are really beautiful to look and are crafted out of a combination of some interesting materials like wool, cashmere and leather or jute, viscose linen and so on and feature unique artwork (done by hand) on each bag. Agreed these are all very special qualities and will definitely make the person carrying it feel special. But have you seen the size of the tote? I can make do with the medium sized tote and find the hand painted ones really nice but the large one is about 16.9 inches in height! I mean I have enough trouble with the size of my Givenchy Antigona, the Bloomsbury is another level of big. Not to mention structured. So you've got this giant, structured tote, now what? Apart from the artwork, in terms of functionality its saving grace is the optional shoulder strap which might make it easier to lug around. Also, I'm not really caring for the whole tapestry/blanket theme. Furthermore, I'm not feeling very inspired with the shape either. It reminds me terribly of the Louis Vuitton Alma, just a more elongated version of it.

Louis Vuitton Alma
The artsy Bloomsbury bags start at USD 3,195 on their website. A little pricey for a shape that isn't that appealing. Truth be told, if I really wanted to spend that much on a bag that reminds me of tapestry, I might as well go to Jaipur and buy a Persian inspired rug that is handmade in Kashmir. With respect to the painted totes, I can instead buy myself MF Husain serigraphs for that much money too. Sometimes, artistic handbags just don't work. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem in spending that kind of money a on a bag, but just not this one. Click here to check out the bags.

Images via: Burberry & Louis Vuitton