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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Desihighstyle X Headtilt : Featuring DLF Emporio - Part 1

Surbhi (from Headtilt ) and I have now been friends for a while. From our personal lives, to discussing blog posts, to shooting each other numerous times, to shopping; somehow we managed to become good friends despite being bloggers. In the fashion industry, it's rare to actually find friends from the same world. Between the back biting, exchanging air kisses, fake pleasantries, etc. where's the time???

Anyways, for a while now we had been planning to do a shoot together. Somehow, the timing wasn't right and there was always something coming up. However, this one time, as luck would have it, everything worked out. Well, it wasn't a smooth ride, because as I mentioned in the previous post, I  have a lot happening in my personal life. But we made it work.

DLF Emporio has always been one of my favourite malls for various reasons. Those who know me, know that as soon as I hit the luxury fashion retail space, something happens to me. I get a random and sudden burst of energy. Almost as if I'm ready to take over the world. Anyways, what I love about Emporio is that there's always a new boutique ready to open at the mall. Suddenly you'll walk in to the mall and you're like whoa, when did this store open up?? So obviously when my favourite crockery/cutlery brand, Villeroy & Boch opened it's doors there, I was over the moon. I mean from designer shoes to ready to wear, to fine jewellery & watches and even crockery, everything I love is under one roof. So why exactly would I want to shop anywhere else. In addition, their various dining options make sure you get whatever you're in the mood for. Be it the feta and apple salad at Cafe Emprio, absolutely delicious sushi at Cha-Shi, a sugar donut/ bhel puri/ cappuccino at On The Go or fine dining at Set'z. I've lost count on how many times I've gone to Emporio over the years just to have a quiet coffee with the husband or a friend just because it's much less crowded than the other malls.

For our first look, we wanted to do a slightly glamorous look that would easily transition from day to night. We checked out Missoni's newly launched SS17 collection and it fit the bill. We decided we wanted to do something metallic and they had exactly what we needed. Surbhi chose a lovely and sparkling colourful dress and I selected a blush pink shiny top to wear over a knitted skirt. I threw on a fabulous Fendi winter coat because the nights are still nippy in Delhi and what better than a gorgeous, long black coat with big lapels and white piping on the inside.

It was a really sunny afternoon and we were shooting at patio of Set'z in Emporio so we settled on some playful Fendi sunglasses (which will be available in stores really soon if they're not already there). I love statement eye wear so their Round Wave glasses in red and white were just perfect. Plus, I loved the whole 90's vibe they had going on!  For our jewellery, we knew exactly where to go. Roberto Cavalli of course! Surbhi and I were a big fan of their Circus series which featured a Lion (a symbol of the brand) on the pieces from that collection so it worked very well for us. Furthermore, it added just the right amount of bling. Because my look already had a lot going on, I wanted to go light with the earrings so I wore their delicate Circus earrings. Finally, Louboutin shoes completed our look.

The best part about everything we wore? You can shop all of it at DLF Emporio!

On Me

Jacket, Sunglasses & Purse - Fendi
Top & Skirt - Missoni
Earrings - Roberto Cavalli
Shoes - Christian Louboutin

On Surbhi

Dress - Missoni
Bag & Sunglasses - Fendi
Cuff & Earrings - Roberto Cavalli
Shoes - Christian Louboutin

Location - SETZ at DLF Emporio
Photography - Tarun Chawla 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Dior SS17 Review

The fashion world waited, with breath that is bated for Dior's SS17 collection. Not just because there's a new creative director on board, but because she's also the first ever female creative director at the couture house. Naturally, everyone was excited to see what Maria Grazia Chiuri had in store. However, it came as no surprise that it would be a beautiful collection given the years of experience she comes with and her spectacular work at Valentino.

The show opened with a sporty white segment consisting of twelve all white looks. Chiuri drew references from fencing uniforms which were prevalent throughout the show. Quilted cotton jackets that came in the form of gilets with buckles on either side or full sleeved with buttons or a zipper on the side were worn over cotton knit cropped pants and tulle skirts.  What was so special about this entire collection was that the creative head didn't only work with Monsieur Dior's codes. She turned to every designer who held the reigns at Dior in the past and worked with their codes too. The recurring bee motif for example, was used by Hedi Slimane during his tenure at Dior.

A lot of the silhouettes exuded a very effortless chic vibe. Almost as if they were just thrown on without much thought and looked fabulous. Case in point: A red leather jacket paired with a red tulle skirt or a black sleeveless leather vest worn over a white cotton shirt and black pants. There were Chiuri's version of the Bar jackets that were sharply tailored with less volume on the hips. More outerwear came in the form of a lustworthy and minimalist long black coat. Exposed lingerie worn under sheer clothing was another constant. Except bra straps and underwear bands were cream with J'Adior Christian Dior printed on them. And finally, came some ethereal evening gowns with imagery inspired by Christian Dior's superstitions. Tarot card images, zodiac signs, clover leaves, the number 8, insects and some fun motifs like a bat or a heart with an eye in it were intricately embroidered on dresses that were instant red carpet hits.

Accessories for this collection will be flying off the shelves with plenty of new handbags on the runway and some cool shoes. Rectangular shaped shoulder bags boasted DIOR or J'ADIOR in big metal letters on the clasp. Some of these came with an optional strap so you could hold them as a clutch or wear them on your shoulder. A saddle bag was seen too, with the same gold lettering. A black roomy tote in soft leather with its bee motif and CD embossed on the front looked divine. Another tote, brought back memories of their iconic 90's saddle bag (a la Galliano) with Dior printed all over the front flaps and the shoulder strap and a revamped CD logo. And finally, there were mianudiere style evening box bags with colourful tarot card imagery on them. I loved the Le Diable one in particular. Jewellery was understated and consisted of simple earrings and chokers. I've got my eye on the number 8 choker. Footwear was comfortable came in the form of floaters, sneakers, summer boots, etc. However, it was the pointy toe kitten heels with monogrammed ribbon on them that stole the show. Chiuri sure knows how to create covetable accessories.

Images via

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Saint Laurent Paris SS17 Review

Anthony vacarello's debut collection for was splendid, albeit a little restrained. The show focussed on ultra sexy looks with plunging sweetheart necklines, sheer fabrics on the bust, and short dresses. Silhouettes were mainly in black and leather was plenty. The whole collection had a very vamp-ish appeal. And in a good way. Cleavage bearing tops in leather/velvet were worn over low slung boyfriend jeans and looked effortlessly cool. The mutton leg sleeves added a dramatic flair and were a constant through the show. In sparkling silver as an accent to a tank top, in leopard print or plain black as part of a dress or embellished as part of a fancy top; these sleeves were attention grabbing and fabulous. Jackets were part of the offering too. Grunge and biker style in leather, tapestry inspired in velvet, beautifully tailored tuxedo style or just a single good ol' denim number. Elsewhere gold lamé was draped into a mini skirt and a full sleeved mini dress cinched at the waist with fabric gathered on one side creating a bit of a waterfall effect. 

The show wouldn't be complete without Vaccarello's interpretations on the classic Le Smoking tuxedo where blazers were worn over see through, lingerie style blouses. What i felt was an unnecessary addition was the single boob bearing dress. It wasn't shocking (come on, do you really get shocked when you see a boob nowadays???), it isn't convenient and who apart from Rihanna or Lady Gaga is going to even consider wearing it? A bit pointless in my opinion. Finally, what really stole the show were some of the accessories. The ear cuff, the lapel pin and stiletto heels all bearing the old YSL logo were brilliant. Be prepared to be on the wait list to get your hands on those once they hit the market. Although, I'm stills scratching my head about why there weren't any bags on the runway. Considering they are the bread and butter for most labels, I expected to see some. Maybe some other time!

An overall fun debut collection delivered by Anthony Vaccarello. The designer played it safe and I don't blame him considering he's just replaced Hedi, who took the label to new heights. With a positive response for this show, I have a good feeling about his future collections. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Victoria Beckham SS17 Review

At Victoria Beckham, it was all about casual elegance. “It’s effortless and everything is quite thrown on” quoted the designer of her collection. Beckham took a bit of a risk this time by creating silhouettes out of crushed velvet. There were skirts, some with a drawstring, some with knife pleats along with loose, deconstructed dresses in the most delicious colors. However, after you recover from absorbing the stunning colors, you’re left wondering how anyone can wear velvet in the summer. All I could think of was the heat and the clothes sticking to me. Some looks came with matching unstructured sling bags in the same fabric which I think the designer could have done without. For example, in the peppermint blue velvet dress look, the sling bag almost blends into the whole outfit making it slightly difficult to identify whether it is actually a bag or part of the dress.

However, the rest of the clothes were pretty damn good. There were slouchy satin pantsuits where jackets had flailing belt ties and were worn over structured bra tops. The gold one in particular was absolutely beautiful. The two oversized shirts she showcased were sure shot hits. Collarless and loosely cut, the beauty was in the lapel that was folded over to the other side. The linen slacks that the gold shirt was paired with were also equally beautiful.  Fun, kimono style, boxy leather tops with printed florals and matching skirts were playful and happy. Beckham injected some sexiness through fitted knit dresses. Some came with a cutaway fold on top revealing a contrast colored bra top. My eyes though were on a candy striped number, with swirls on the breasts.

Most of the looks were paired with summer riding boots that are bound to be the hit of the season. Apart from the fabric cross body and oversized shopper, Beckham introduced a single handled bag with a pouch like shape. Named “The Tissue Bag”, this unstructured purse looked fuss free and easy to carry.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Gucci Princetown Slides - Not Your Average Flats & A Solid Investment For Your Wardrobe

Most of you who know me, know that I am constantly on the hunt for the next fabulous purse. However, what most of you don't know, is that if I'm not looking for the handbag of my life (no pun intended), I'm on a search to find the perfect pair of flat shoes. Yes, I said it. FLAT shoes. Digest it and move on. With the sneaker trend still going strong, I've got quite a few stacked up. But what about those days when you're not in that sporty mood and feel like something a little different? Whilst my numerous Gucci flats that I have hoarded in the last seven years still continue to be a constant in my life, I needed something a little fresh. What do I do if I have almost every version of their GG thong sandals (sometimes in multiple colours of the same design)??? Be it the horse bit flats or the GG microguccisma thongs or even their super old Britt thong sandals; They're all chilling in my shoe closet. But like I said, I needed something new.

We all know that Alessandro Michele has been doing a killer job over at Gucci and has been giving us some insane accessories that are selling out at most places. When the Princetown slides first came out with their kangaroo fur lining, I wasn't sure what I felt. Living between Delhi and Dubai, where summer temperatures soar to their mid to late forties, I didn't think it made sense to me. But then when I saw the plain versions of the shoes, I was sold. The slip ons boast masculine features reminiscent of men's formal shoes and come with the label's signature horse bit hardware which instantly speaks to any Gucci lover. Furthermore, the variations in Princetown are plenty and have some pretty fun detailing. I ordered the GG Blooms pair because apart from the playful printed florals on top of the shoe, the embroidered leather insole makes quite the statement. *Casually slips shoe off whilst sipping on a cappuccino somewhere fabulous*  It was a tough choice between a plain black pair, an in your face red pair and the blooms. But in the end, the insole detailing of the florals won my vote.

Honestly, I'm a person who lives in my flats. I cannot wear heels during the day, and quite frankly, I choose not to. Which is why owning the perfect pair of comfortable shoes is extremely important to me. These new slides, fit the bill in every possible way and are a solid investment for my shoe wardrobe. I can wear them as easily with an off duty look as I could with a formal cropped pantsuit. Wear it with short shirt dress or with an ankle length slip dress, raw hemmed ankle length jeans or tiny shorts; the possibilities are endless giving you really good value for your money. More than anything else, they completely transform any outfit giving your look a very stylish and posh feel. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about once you put on a pair.

Despite it's slightly hefty price tag, I can safely say that a single pair will last you a while and I speak from years of experience of owning Gucci footwear. I wanted to test their comfort level, so I wore them for almost six hours one day and I didn't feel even the slightest pinch in my feet. I go on a holiday at the end of this month, and if there's one pair of shoes I plan to wear from morning to night, it's these ones. Don't be surprised if I come back with another pair (or two) because baby, these are what you need right now.

And as always, I've done a fair amount of research on the price and the best place to buy them is the United Kingdom. Even if you end up paying the VAT, it still works out cheaper than buying it at most places in the world. You can check their website to see if your choice is available in the duty free boutique at Terminal 3, or Terminal 5. Although, you'll be lucky if you can find them in your size.

Until then,

Monday, 29 August 2016

Silk Tunic, Skinny Jeans & Sneakers

Don't you just love that the sneaker trend is still going strong? I mean, I adore my high heels, but there are some days where I love nothing more than to walk into a party pairing sneakers with silk! And that's exactly what I did for this shoot. Sue Mue's latest collections have been quite a hit and some of their silhouettes are super fun. Like this silk, high low tunic I'm wearing for example. Whilst the tunic is simple, the bright orange hue and its embellished neckline make it a very playful separate. I wanted this look to be a little contemporary so I put on a pair of jeans and my favourite Longchamp sneakers and I was good to go. Sue Mue has just started a small jewellery line and I really liked the cuff and earrings you see me wearing. Finally, I threw on an oversized ring to complete the look.

Tunic, Earrings & Cuff - Sue Mue
Ring - Vaitaanika
Jeans - Zara
Sneakers - Longchamp
Location - Dusit Devrana

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bag Review - Prada Cahier Bag

For reasons that are unknown to me, I have never been a fan of Prada handbags. Clothes and shoes, yes yes yes. Purses, not so much. Since they came out with their limited edition Fairy bag all the way back in 2008, I never came across another bag from the fashion label that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me faint with desire. That was until I saw their Cahier bag on the FW 16 runway show. I am back to counting pennies in my bank account and thinking of how to move my money around so I can get my hands on it. No. I am not a money launderer. Just a desperate bag hag.

What's so special about this bag? Honestly, if you have to even ask me that question, it means you don't deserve it! Reminiscent of antique, gilded hardcover books, (hence it's name, which translates to notebook in French), the Cahier is a structured purse and comes with the most exquisite detailing which really make it stand out despite it's overall simplicity. Featuring lots of bronze hardware, especially the design on the bottom of the front flap and at the rear of the bag and the embellishment on the shoulder strap, this baby is definitely going to be the IT bag of the Fall. What I find really cool is if you flip the bag, where the top part is now on your left, the bag looks like an actual book with ornate corners. And where the flap that goes inside the buckle, it reminds you of those old school diaries with a flap closure. Such interesting details right?

The double gussets make it roomy and it comes with two internal pockets. Its boxy shape is in line with the current box bags trend and the size makes it versatile enough for you to carry it from day to night. Finally, it comes in leather and velvet versions giving you more choice. Click here to see more details on availability, price, etc.

Honestly, this isn't the only bag from their FW16 collection that I have been going crazy over. Even their Pionniere bag is just beautiful. You have to check it out on their website. I'm so glad Prada has finally upped their handbag game. I'm so bored of seeing those classic Prada purses everywhere. Even their flower tote from a few seasons ago didn't hit the spot. It could really do them some good by adding more shapes to their collection. I have big expectations from the label after seeing the two new launches.

Now, back to counting pennies it is.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dhoti & A White Jacket

My love affair with a dhoti began in 2013, when my mother picked up a pair of malmal dhotis from Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla for Eid. The tailoring was exceptional and I loved how the fabric had a little stiffness so it didn't have a fall in it. I've seen a lot flowy dhotis but was never a fan of those. And after we bought that pair, I never found one remotely similar to it until I came across these black ones from Sue Mue. One thing about this garment is despite how traditional it is, it's extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything. I wore my old pair with a nehru jacket,  a tank top, a denim jacket, a formal shirt; the possibilities are endless! For this particular shoot, I paired it with a long, ivory coloured silk jacket with some embroidery on the side and buttons featuring Rajasthani mirror work on them. . I am a huge fan of Sue Mue's cuts and the jacket fit like a glove. Again, the silhouette of the jacket is such that it can worn formally, or casually with jeans or a pair of tights or even a mini skirt thereby adding a bit of a contemporary touch to an Indian look.

In terms of accessories, in my previous post, I talked about a jewellery label, Vaitaanika that I have recently discovered. I've been so obsessed with their jewels that I have shot four looks wearing Vaitaanika! Such fun suff with gorgeous craftsmanship. I urge you to check out the boutique in Shapurjat.

Jacket, Dhoti & Choker - Sue Mue
Earrings & Ring - Vaitaanika by Ageerika Hari
Location - Dusit Devrana

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Black Anarkali With Printed Pants

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend Sue Mue's new ready to wear collection launch and it was a real treat. Inspired by Rajasthan, the collection featured some beautiful clothes. What I loved about the clothes was how Rajasthani embroidery had been given a contemporary twist, so nothing looked too traditional. The outfit I chose for this shoot was an anarkali style jacket in raw silk with gota patti work and resham thread embroidery worn over a pair of printed pants. What I really liked was how the entire outfit was so light and how easy it was to move around in it. Furthermore, The printed pants gave the entire look a really modern touch. The structured high collar immediately attracted me to the jacket because I feel that gives out a very regal vibe. Shooting Indian outfits is a new territory for me, so I decided to go all out with the accessories. I recently discovered a jewellery label called Vaitaanika located in Shapurjaat, which boasts some stunning ethnic jewellery. The designer's cocktail ring collection is exquisite and features some fine craftsmanship. I selected this pretty maang teeka (which was a huge deal for me because the last time I wore one was when I got married), with delicate earrings and an oversized, green statement ring.

Shooting this look was tricky because the weather was constantly misbehaving. One minute it was sunny, the next, cloudy before starting to rain for a few minutes. So it turned out to be a mix of an indoor/outdoor shoot! Anyways, I was just relieved we managed to get some nice shots because the Dusit Devrana is just such a pretty hotel and it would have been a shame to come back without taking photographs in their property.

What did you think of my full blown Indian look?

Jacket & Pants - Sue Mue
Maang Teeka, Earrings & Cocktail Ring - Vaitaanika
Shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood
Location - Dusit Devrana