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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Dior Cruise 2017 Review

For Cruise 2017, the couture house chose the stunning and historic Blenheim palace to stage the show. The palace is embedded amongst Dior's history books with two previous shows held there. One in 1954, designed by Monsieur Dior himself and the other in 1958 when Yves Saint Laurent was the creative director. Both were attended and loved by Princess Margaret.

The duo managing the design team took to the English country life and posh post war wardrobes as inspiration. The collection consisted of quirky and young silhouettes as opposed to the elegant ones we had been seeing in the past. Rounded puffy sleeved dresses were layered with slightly flared pants, skirts or worn on their own. Whilst there was lots of floral embellishment, I adored the way flowers were embroidered on to printed fabric. Case in point: The black cotton embroidered printed shirt. There were blazers with a thin silk scarf like fabric flowing through from one side to the other. Whilst the blazers were nice, the flailing fabric seemed unnecessary.The bar jacket was reworked and instead of a peplum, they came with a soft U-shaped drape on the waist. The same draping technique was seen on dresses and tops too. Amongst the outerwear, an off white crepe and wool jacket that folded over below the waist with oversized buttons was a favourite and so was a powder blue tweed number. Hunting imagery was depicted on casual jacquard knits and there were lovely English style tea dresses. Accessories included fun bangles made from wood, leather and metal. A flap bag brought in the old Christian Dior logo and was reminiscent of their iconic saddle bags from more than a decade ago. There were also these oversized shopping bag kind of purses which I wasn't a fan of.

Overall, it was a nice collection that worked on revamping the house's codes, but I wasn't bowled over by it. There needs to be the guidance of a solid creative director to get that WOW factor we have been used to by geniuses like Simons and Galliano. However, having said that, hats off to the design team for still putting in a solid effort because Dior loyalists will still be queuing up to buy their favourite pieces.


Friday, 22 January 2016

Diorissimo Revamped

Well, this isn't really a bag review, as I'm talking about one of the house's classic bags that has been given a bit of an update. But because the Diorrisimo has always been my favourite of all Dior bags, and truth be told, this one is absolutely to die for, I felt I must share the updated version on my blog.
The Diorrisimo has always been a very curvy and slightly slouchy bag. The new shape however, comes with a bit of a structure and has more straight/pointy edges. When the gussets are closed (with the magnetic closure) the side of bag forms a very pointed triangle. The one I shot with was absolutely delicious with a rich blue suede body, chocolate brown top handles and suede coated charms. And as you can see from the photo below, the bag can easily hold itself up even without putting anything inside it. Which shape do you prefer.. Curvy or straight? I think from this post you know exactly where my heart is. J'adore.


Thursday, 21 January 2016

For The Love Of White & Blue

Whoever knows me, knows that I like fuss free dressing on a daily basis. I don't like being uncomfortable in what I wear, but at the same time, I try and put looks together that still look fabulous. My focus on most times is on accessorising. I feel that the right accessories can make even the simplest outfits look stylish. For my next few looks, I will be shooting very streamlined and casual chic looks that are very easy to put together.

My friends have brought up the question as to why I don't get my hair done at the salon for my shoots. Honestly, I prefer keeping it as real as possible during shoots. How many people end up having the time to get a blow dry on a daily basis?? Even if you notice, my make up is always minimal. Just some blush and lipstick. No foundation or anything. Finally, since I don't know how to use photoshop, most my photos are as raw as possible. Because you can't photoshop real life can you?!

For this look, I chose a dark green, low cut body suit over black skinny pants. I like wearing body suits inside jackets or vests because the fabric sticks to your skin and doesn't bunch up. The only sad part is that if you don't have a flat tummy (which I DON'T), you kind of have to suck your tummy in. On the bright side, your abdominal muscles get a good workout. I wore my favourite white coat with my sleeves rolled up to complete my outfit. That brings me to jackets. I always feel it's important to have one or two beautifully cut, statement coats in my closet. I end up buying most of mine from Zara because their cuts for jackets almost always work well for my body. This white one is almost five years old and what I love about it is that I can still use it for a few more years because it's such a classic piece.

Now, as I mentioned before, my focus was on accessories, which for this look were all Dior (cruise collection). A blue Diorrisimo (revamped and breathtakingly beautiful) with chocolate brown top handles and suede coated Dior charms worked so well against the white coat. I couldn't have chosen a more perfect bag for this look! I added a little blue Lady Dior bag charm on the bag because it was so cute. White oversized sunglasses, a thin chain with a big pendant, a pair of delicate earrings and my bright orange sneakers fine tuned my look.

Jacket & Pants - Zara
Bodysuit - Forever 21
Bag, Bag Charm, Earrings, Sunglasses & Necklace - Dior
Shoes - Raf Simons X Adidas
Location - Sainik Farms