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Monday, 17 October 2016

Walking Around Èze In A Blue Jumpsuit

Another must see destination in the French Riviera is the prettiest little medieval village Èze. Roughly about 1,400 feet above the Mediterranean, this charming village offers some of the best views of the ocean and is just so romantic. You can just keep walking and walking in the little lanes, and checking out random art galleries, perfume shops and various other local boutiques. For me, the real attraction was the 13th century architecture that the village boasts and the old world charm that comes with it like uneven cobbled streets, low archways, ancient stairs. And imagine hearing church bells ringing whilst you're lunching. Doesn't it sound dreamy?

Getting there is fairly easy whether you're in Cannes or Nice. There are busses and trains that can get you there but we rented a car for our stay so we just drove. Only tricky bit is you really have to make sure you follow the GPS extremely accurately as once you start going through the tunnels and miss an exit, it'll be a while till you get back on track. We missed the exit for Monaco (which is what you need to take for Èze, and next the thing we see is a board saying"Thank you for visiting, come back again" which left us very confused. Moments later we see another board saying "Welcome to Italy"! We had crossed the border and ended up in the Italian riviera and we had to drive for about fifteen minutes to get to the exit that would take us back into France. It was still fun though.

Now, for my outfit. So as I mentioned in my previous post, I've developed a new thing for jumpsuits lately. And I discovered this blue one just a few days before my holiday. I loved the fabric it was made from and this one in particular just screamed holiday with its loose and wide flared bottoms. It also had multiple straps criss crossing at the back making it very playful. I threw on a blue, sleeveless jacket  that came with a brooch to add a little drama to the look.

Jacket & Jumpsuit -Nitya Bajaj (Click here to buy the jumpsuit and here for the jacket)
Shoes - Gucci
Bag & Sunglasses - Dior
Necklace - H&M
Location - Èze, France

Monday, 10 October 2016

Exploring Old Antibes

Choopy's Coffee Shop for the best coffee in town!

Exploring Vieil Antibes was first on my to do list in the South of France. More than the seaside part of Antibes, I was more keen on taking a long leisurely stroll through its narrow, cobbled streets filled with pastel coloured buildings and the cutest window shutters. The husband and I are not too hyper about sight seeing. We always pick really historic spots in a city with interesting architecture and just walk around aimlessly or sit and sip on cappuccinos in small coffee shops and people watch.

If you liked the photos above, and want to know how to get there, then read on! Whether you're staying in Nice or Cannes, Antibes is relatively easy to get to and is just a 30 minute drive from either cities. We didn't visit the sea side part of the old town, but more towards the inside of the city. If you're driving, then you need to think of parking. The good thing about all these cities is that they have huge public parking spaces with a name so it's easy to find on your GPS. The closest one a friend told us to park was Parking LACAN 2 and we got to it without any issues. Once you've parked and paid, you can just keep walking till your heart desires. Inside one of the lanes, we discovered this amazing shop selling dried lavender, essential oils and soaps. The French Riviera is known for it's enormous lavender fields and I was in dire need to restock all my dried lavender that little Rania pretty much destroyed. So I grabbed a whole bunch of those gorgeous, fragrant, dried blooms to take back home along with soaps that were handmade in Marseille. If visiting cute little villages is your thing, then Antibes is a must see in this region.

Finally, I'm going to talk about my outfit. Holiday dressing has to be fuss free, but stylish at the same time. I've been wearing my Gucci Princetown slides non stop since I got them because they instantly change the look of any outfit and are also so comfortable at the same time. I've realised, nothing is more effortless on a vacation than a jumpsuit. I bought this white in Dubai a few weeks ago and thought it was really cute with it's playful straps and the raw looking drawstring. I paired it with a pale tank top and threw on an old denim jacket (which we all have in our closets) just in case it got a little nippy. I kept the accessories light so nothing felt too heavy on me and I was free to explore in ease.

A holiday handbag is also of equal importance. It has to meet all my requirements. Not too big in size, easy to carry (shoulder strap is a must), fit my wallet, sunglasses case and a little make up, and of course has to be FABULOUS! The Diorever in red grained leather fit the bill in every possible way and looked amazing with all my outfits. It's been one of my favourites since I reviewed it a few months ago. The best feature is the front flap which can be folded to the back and basically it stays in place because of the magnetic buttons on both sides making it so convenient for me to dig into it whenever I need to.  Read the old review here.

There you have it, an effortless chic holiday outfit inspiration.

Jumpsuit - Mango (Click here to purchase)
Shoes - Gucci
Sunglasses & Bag - Dior
Location - Antibes, Côte d'Azur