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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

January 2015 Covers: Who Did It Best From Vogue India, Elle India, Harper's Bazaar India,?

And the best cover for the first issue of 2015 goes to..... *drumroll* ...... Not to fast people! Let's break it down a bit shall we?

Vogue India: Anushka Sharma wearing a trench coat from Burberry Resort 2015 (look 15). Other than the pretty outerwear, nothing exciting happening there. An excessively smiley Anushka sits on what looks like a tree trunk against a blurred background. Her face is used to spell the G in VOGUE. What fun! Apparently, she's going to tell us everything in this issue. Yaaaay for us. I guess Sonam Kapoor ran out of stuff to say or covers to grace.

Elle India: I have recently become a devout Elle India fan. They changed things around a while ago, and quite frankly I prefer Elle India over Vogue India any day. Sadly though, this cover really didn't impress me. The results were the same for the pilot test I conducted. My examinees were my sister and a boy BFF in the fashion industry (two sources I rely on heavily) in case you were wondering. A very bland cover with Kalki wearing Burberry Resort 2015 (look 10) against a not so nice purple background. Hmm, a second magazine cover with Burberry on it.... Dull. I was kind of hoping for a JW Anderson for Loewe cover. Oh well, next time I hope. Till then I'll just reminisce about their Dries Van Noten issue.

Harper's Bazaar India: Ah, finally I get to the best of the lot. A model... yes, a MODEL!! Hallelujah. It's becoming somewhat of a rarity to see fashion models on magazine covers in India. Sonam Kapoor covers on the other hand are dime a dozen. Moving on, Archana Akil Kumar looks fierce in look 36 from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 collection. This will probably be the last of the resort clothes you'll see as SS15 has started hitting stores. The white background, the cover girl, the catty expression, the hair and the outfit all make this cover the best January 2015 cover from the three contestants.

And with that being said, I wish you all a very happy and fashionable new year!

Crazy Bag Lady

Images via the magazines' official instagram accounts