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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 3 Outfit

For day 3 of fashion week, I wanted to wear something a little blingy. Not in your face kinds, but something with a little more embellishment on it. I had been eyeing this label called Sanchita by Sanchita Ajjampur for her easy to wear separates that were comfortable and made a statement at the same time. I chose a sporty dress with some really fun detailing. The bottom half of the sleeves had fun fur on it and the shoulders were embellished with stones. I felt a little empty with just the dress so I chose a letterman jacket from her collection to layer on to the dress. My whole look turned out to be really sparkly because both the border of the dress and the back of the jacket had lots of embroidered sequins. Funnily though, despite all the bling on my outfit, none of it looked tacky. It just looked playful. At least to me!

Jacket & Dress - Sanchita
Shoes & Bag - Gucci
Photography - Surbhi Sethi
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Monday, 10 October 2016

Exploring Old Antibes

Choopy's Coffee Shop for the best coffee in town!

Exploring Vieil Antibes was first on my to do list in the South of France. More than the seaside part of Antibes, I was more keen on taking a long leisurely stroll through its narrow, cobbled streets filled with pastel coloured buildings and the cutest window shutters. The husband and I are not too hyper about sight seeing. We always pick really historic spots in a city with interesting architecture and just walk around aimlessly or sit and sip on cappuccinos in small coffee shops and people watch.

If you liked the photos above, and want to know how to get there, then read on! Whether you're staying in Nice or Cannes, Antibes is relatively easy to get to and is just a 30 minute drive from either cities. We didn't visit the sea side part of the old town, but more towards the inside of the city. If you're driving, then you need to think of parking. The good thing about all these cities is that they have huge public parking spaces with a name so it's easy to find on your GPS. The closest one a friend told us to park was Parking LACAN 2 and we got to it without any issues. Once you've parked and paid, you can just keep walking till your heart desires. Inside one of the lanes, we discovered this amazing shop selling dried lavender, essential oils and soaps. The French Riviera is known for it's enormous lavender fields and I was in dire need to restock all my dried lavender that little Rania pretty much destroyed. So I grabbed a whole bunch of those gorgeous, fragrant, dried blooms to take back home along with soaps that were handmade in Marseille. If visiting cute little villages is your thing, then Antibes is a must see in this region.

Finally, I'm going to talk about my outfit. Holiday dressing has to be fuss free, but stylish at the same time. I've been wearing my Gucci Princetown slides non stop since I got them because they instantly change the look of any outfit and are also so comfortable at the same time. I've realised, nothing is more effortless on a vacation than a jumpsuit. I bought this white in Dubai a few weeks ago and thought it was really cute with it's playful straps and the raw looking drawstring. I paired it with a pale tank top and threw on an old denim jacket (which we all have in our closets) just in case it got a little nippy. I kept the accessories light so nothing felt too heavy on me and I was free to explore in ease.

A holiday handbag is also of equal importance. It has to meet all my requirements. Not too big in size, easy to carry (shoulder strap is a must), fit my wallet, sunglasses case and a little make up, and of course has to be FABULOUS! The Diorever in red grained leather fit the bill in every possible way and looked amazing with all my outfits. It's been one of my favourites since I reviewed it a few months ago. The best feature is the front flap which can be folded to the back and basically it stays in place because of the magnetic buttons on both sides making it so convenient for me to dig into it whenever I need to.  Read the old review here.

There you have it, an effortless chic holiday outfit inspiration.

Jumpsuit - Mango (Click here to purchase)
Shoes - Gucci
Sunglasses & Bag - Dior
Location - Antibes, Côte d'Azur

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Gucci Princetown Slides - Not Your Average Flats & A Solid Investment For Your Wardrobe

Most of you who know me, know that I am constantly on the hunt for the next fabulous purse. However, what most of you don't know, is that if I'm not looking for the handbag of my life (no pun intended), I'm on a search to find the perfect pair of flat shoes. Yes, I said it. FLAT shoes. Digest it and move on. With the sneaker trend still going strong, I've got quite a few stacked up. But what about those days when you're not in that sporty mood and feel like something a little different? Whilst my numerous Gucci flats that I have hoarded in the last seven years still continue to be a constant in my life, I needed something a little fresh. What do I do if I have almost every version of their GG thong sandals (sometimes in multiple colours of the same design)??? Be it the horse bit flats or the GG microguccisma thongs or even their super old Britt thong sandals; They're all chilling in my shoe closet. But like I said, I needed something new.

We all know that Alessandro Michele has been doing a killer job over at Gucci and has been giving us some insane accessories that are selling out at most places. When the Princetown slides first came out with their kangaroo fur lining, I wasn't sure what I felt. Living between Delhi and Dubai, where summer temperatures soar to their mid to late forties, I didn't think it made sense to me. But then when I saw the plain versions of the shoes, I was sold. The slip ons boast masculine features reminiscent of men's formal shoes and come with the label's signature horse bit hardware which instantly speaks to any Gucci lover. Furthermore, the variations in Princetown are plenty and have some pretty fun detailing. I ordered the GG Blooms pair because apart from the playful printed florals on top of the shoe, the embroidered leather insole makes quite the statement. *Casually slips shoe off whilst sipping on a cappuccino somewhere fabulous*  It was a tough choice between a plain black pair, an in your face red pair and the blooms. But in the end, the insole detailing of the florals won my vote.

Honestly, I'm a person who lives in my flats. I cannot wear heels during the day, and quite frankly, I choose not to. Which is why owning the perfect pair of comfortable shoes is extremely important to me. These new slides, fit the bill in every possible way and are a solid investment for my shoe wardrobe. I can wear them as easily with an off duty look as I could with a formal cropped pantsuit. Wear it with short shirt dress or with an ankle length slip dress, raw hemmed ankle length jeans or tiny shorts; the possibilities are endless giving you really good value for your money. More than anything else, they completely transform any outfit giving your look a very stylish and posh feel. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about once you put on a pair.

Despite it's slightly hefty price tag, I can safely say that a single pair will last you a while and I speak from years of experience of owning Gucci footwear. I wanted to test their comfort level, so I wore them for almost six hours one day and I didn't feel even the slightest pinch in my feet. I go on a holiday at the end of this month, and if there's one pair of shoes I plan to wear from morning to night, it's these ones. Don't be surprised if I come back with another pair (or two) because baby, these are what you need right now.

And as always, I've done a fair amount of research on the price and the best place to buy them is the United Kingdom. Even if you end up paying the VAT, it still works out cheaper than buying it at most places in the world. You can check their website to see if your choice is available in the duty free boutique at Terminal 3, or Terminal 5. Although, you'll be lucky if you can find them in your size.

Until then,

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Summery Off Shoulder Dress

Rania has been going through a bit of a phase lately. She's become extremely clingy and if I so much as turn around, she screams bloody murder. I'm not sure if it's teething or just separation anxiety that's sprung up from nowhere, but what I do know is that it makes working extra tough! Mommy guilt almost never leaves me and if I leave the house for a shoot whilst she's howling, it makes it even tougher. On that particular day, Rania was having one of her 'mommy don't go' tantrums. So I decided to dress her up, and take her to the park with me for a shoot. Not only did we end up having a blast, but I was able to shoot a look without all the guilt.

Trying to maintain a career and motherhood isn't easy. One has to put in a great effort in striking a balance to be able to work and spend time with your children. If I feel I've been a little too busy and haven't been able to spend time with Rania, I let go of a few activities. Sometimes, I skip the gym during the day so I get to spend those two extra hours with my baby. I cancel any social gathering that isn't of immediate importance too. Every now and then I tell my nanny to take the afternoon off or the husband and I will take Rania out on a family date so we can get some alone time with her. At the end of the day, it all comes down to prioritising. But if you have been going through the mommy guilt, just remember as long as you make it a point to be there for your kids whenever you have some free time, you're already an amazing mom. Don't beat yourself up about it because that wont get you anywhere.

Anyways, for this look, I chose this super summery, and super short, off shoulder dress with blue and white stripes. The minute I saw this online, I was in love with it. It was so pretty and the floral embroidery added just the right touch. It felt so flirty and fun when I put it on. I love how there are endless ways to accessorise the dress. You can wear an oversized straw hat and layer thin necklaces, or you can wear one big chunky neck piece and tie your hair back. Pair it with knee high gladiator sandals, espadrille wedges or even androgynous brogues. For my purse, I chose the Gucci GG Marmont Leather shoulder bag that I bought a couple of months ago. You can read about it here. I felt the deep red would add a nice contrast to the blue and white. Plus, it's been my favourite purse and I haven't stopped using since I got it!

Dress - Mitali Wadhwa
Rania's Dress - Ralph Lauren
Handbag - Gucci
Earrings - Pankaj & Nidhi
Rania's Stuffed Toys - Good Earth

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Gucci Cruise 2017 Review

The first fashion house to ever host a show at London's Westminister Abbey, Gucci's Resort 2017 collection just took my breath away. The historic setting, followed by The Schola Cantorum of Oxford singing Scarborough Fair, (we used to sing that in Grade 4 music class) literally gave me goose bumps.Once I was done watching the show, I had to sit back for a few minutes just to absorb what I had witnessed.

There was a strong focus on separates, clashing prints and textures. This collection was Michele's version of various British cultures mixed with his philosophy of more is more. There were punk references throughout the show. A tartan ball gown with an embellished big cat across the bust, colourful kilts (one even came with an embroidered King Charles Spaniel) and a Union Jack sweater made to look glamorous with a bejewelled brooch were some of my favourites. A black leather dress with a laser cut bib and border and gold spikes around the collar paid a fashionable tribute to the eighties Goth subculture. I loved how despite the Anglophilia, the collection was every bit Italian too. The craftsmanship and the detailing was exquisite.

Michele loves to play around with animal motifs and so there were cats on sweaters and t-shirts, pooches on an astrakhan number, peacocks on a silk shift dress and king snakes on a shaved fur jacket. More British eccentricity came in the form of a printed granny skirt suit, complete with a wide brimmed hat, an oversized flower around the neck and gorgeous round toe shoes with tiger spur hardware. Over the top? Yes. But somehow, it worked. And beautifully at that. Overall, there was not one single theme that came with the looks. You had a Victorian collar peeping out from an androgynous and sporty sweatshirt and then something completely unexpected like a red pleated gown with ruffles and lace.

The accessories were equally important here and I cant think of a single piece I didn't like. A bamboo top handle Sylvie, in exotic skin featuring a King Snake on the border of the flap and it's head on the closure was enough to make any bag lover drool. The embellished oversized hobos were an instant hit and so were the painted cross body bags. More reinterpretations of the Dionysus, especially the one in blue, red and white is a piece I would like to get my hands on. Apart from the bags, I couldn't get my eyes off the studded leather hand harnesses, the oversized statement earrings worn over the silk shift dress and of course the embellished shoes. I could seriously go on and on, but I'll have to stop myself now.

In all honestly, words cannot describe the beauty that this show was. All I know is that Alessandro Michele is steering Gucci in a new direction. And we are all on board.


Monday, 30 May 2016

Gucci X Net-A-Porter

For a while now, I had been getting push notifications on my phone from the net-a-porter app about a special, 20 piece capsule collection Gucci was doing for the popular online shopping portal. Today, I sat down and finally checked it out. Albeit a little late in the day (it went live on the 12th of May) as most of the stuff is sold out especially the bags,  I still got a glimpse of what this special collection was all about. And it is exquisite. Alessandro Michele played around with floral motifs inspired from vintage tapestries, and released some fresh reinterpretations of the Dionysus bag, Ace sneakers along with some super fun ready to wear. If you have been converted into a Gucci girl in the last one year like I have, then a piece of this collection is a must have for your closet. Here are some of my favourites.

1. Floral Appliqued Wool Blend Skirt - Ever since I saw Kangana Ranaut wearing one of their pleated mini skirts, I was instantly a fan. Very kilt like in appearance, with flirty pleats, this blue piece is too pretty not to have. The little embroidered flower and the striped waist band add the perfect finishing touch. Click here to purchase.

2. Adonis Floral Print Silk Twill Scarf - If your savings account is on the lower side and you still want a piece of the action, then this scarf is exactly what you need. Featuring beautiful romantic florals and the signature stripes on the border, the scarf will be the focal point of any outfit. Pair it with a simple silhouette so it can stand out. Click here to purchase.

3. Horsebit Detailed Floral Print Canvas Slippers - The Princetown slippers have been quite the rage since they were launched. Especially in the fur variation. Comfortable, stylish and easy to slip on, at least one pair of these are an important addition to your closet for those days where heels aren't your friends. However, more than the fur ones, I like this pair the most! The vintage tapestry inspired roses, the horsebit and the quirky mouth printed on the inside of the shoe all make this a serious MUST HAVE! Click here to purchase.

4. Embellished Wool Sweater - There's nothing better than a well fitted, statement sweater that can be paired with virtually anything. Click here to be added to the wish list.