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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Handbag Review - Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring Bag

Although the Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring isn't a brand spanking new model, I recently got my hands on it and have been dying to talk about it ever since. A fun reinterpretation of their iconic Ricky bag, the Drawstring is luxurious, utilitarian, fabulous and just plain gorgeous. I've used numerous bucket bags in the past, and I have to say, none of them come close to being as comfortable as the Ralph Lauren one. 

I used it for two days back to back at fashion week and I was amazed at how easy it was to get stuff out of the bag. It comes with a very easy to use and NON-FUSSY drawstring closure (my Kenzo bag's drawstring is the most annoying one till date) so it doesn't take forever to open it and dig into it whenever your need to. And interestingly enough, the closure is at the back of the bag giving the front a very clean look.  I've experienced my share of inconvenient and hard purse zippers. If not the zipper then the weight of the bag is good enough to give me a shoulder ache. Whilst the purse comes in various leathers including calfskin, alligator and python, my favourite has been the Nappa leather version because of the leather's buttery soft texture and lightweight properties which makes the purse really light to carry.  Plus, I love how nappa leather rarely creases. 

In addition, both, the top handle and the cross body strap are removable giving you more than one way to carry the bag without the added weight of the handle/ strap when not in use. Unless you want to leave them both on like I did! Of the two internal pockets, one of them is specifically designed for your mobile phone giving you easy access to it when you're in a rush. At fashion week, whilst Surbhi and were shooting each other, I needed to be as hands free as possible but I also needed to be able to get to my phone without digging all the way into the bag. This pocket made organising my phone really convenient. And finally, it's the signature Ricky push lock that I am totally smitten with on the external front pocket which comes in various finishes like antique brass, silver tone or gold depending on which model of the bag you choose. 

Overall, it fits the bill for the perfect everyday handbag. Minimalist, light and easy to move around with, the Ricky Drawstring is a bag every girl needs in her closet. 

Official bag images via
My Images  - Surbhi Sethi

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Amazon India Fashion Week Day 2 Look

For day two of fashion week, it seemed like yet another trip down memory lane outfit wise! I chose a very thick denim dress, that was reminiscent of the 90's button down denim jackets. This mid calf length dress with long sleeves (I chose to roll them up for an effortless feel) was cinched at the waist giving it a nice cut. Also, I loved how it fit on my bum and accentuated it. For once my rear end had a nice curvy feel!

For my jewellery, I made a quick trip to Olivia Dar's boutique in Shahpur Jat. I had heard so much about her stuff so I thought why not try it out for fashion week. I picked a pair of very tribal looking earrings with strands of dangling beads. What was really cool about this pair was that the top part of the earring had a suede backing. So some of the beads were actually sown into the suede giving it a very luxurious feel. I love stacking bracelets so that's exactly what I did at her boutique. I chose a really fun black bracelet with a very cleopatra feel to it with all the dull gold sequins that were embroidered on it, a multi layer wrap bracelet with metal beads that had silver polish on them and a simple crystal bracelet and just put them on all at once. I loved the way it looked. Affinity Salon's killer hair and make up completely my look.

Dress - H&M
Earrings & Bracelets - Olivia Dar
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Bag - Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring
Hair & Make Up - Affinity Salons GK2
Photography - Surbhi Sethi