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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

An Organza Jacket For The Summer, Why Not??

As you have seen from my previous shoots, I have a strong obsession with jackets. Even in Delhi's 46 degrees, I can manage to find an appropriate piece to wear over an outfit. This shoot was quite hectic as Surbhi (from and I had literally two hours of daylight left to photograph each other. I rushed home from the airport, lay all the clothes on the bed and scratched my head in confusion as to what to wear. Luckily, Surbhi, who is a pro at layering helped me out a bit. We selected a boxy bi-colour mini dress with little pleats on the bust and rust coloured jacket. The problem for me is because of my body type, boxy silhouettes make me look slightly bigger. So to give the look a little bit of a shape, we added this gorgeous, sheer organza trench with oversized pockets and lovely detailing on the lapels. Instead of tying the belt around my body, we tied it up at the back so the dress doesn't stay hidden.  We didn't want to accessorise too much so I chose a simple gold cuff on my wrist and nothing else.

So instead of avoiding layering all together this summer, try hunting for lightweight pieces. The best part about this jacket was that it was so thin, I didn't feel the heat at all. It was almost like I was wearing nothing! Also, it's something I can wear through the summer and also during the fall.

Dress - Selvage by Chandini Mohan
Jacket - Quo by Ishita Mangal (Click here to purchase)
Shoes - Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquière
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Photography - Surbhi Sethi